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Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands for Women | Jewelry by Johan

In every mans life, there is that moment when Um You know what? Screw the usual fancy-shmancy intro, with its flashy words and poetic language. You only need to read two words to know this one is going to be special, Bro: Dino. Bone.

Yeah, we know. We squealed a bit too when we got our hands on this kick-ass material to use in even more kick-ass rings. And why wouldnt we? Dinosaurs represent so much of what it means to be a Manly Man: Childlike wonder, respect for the past, animalistic power, and gigantic scaly tails What? You You dont have a tail too? I mean, right. Yes. We dont have enormous tails either. Glad we are all in agreement. Lets move on.

Anyways, for everything any of our other awesome materials can bring to the table, even our amazing wood and antler rings, or that sweeeeet Meteorite, Dino Bone rings just have something that cant be matched. Its the poster child for natural, older than almost anything we offer, and Dude Its made of freaking DINOSAUR! Imagine telling your 7 year-old self you could one day own a real Dino ring. You know how excited he would be? You see how excited Today-You is? So, lets do this! Its Time To Know Your Ring!

Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring Sets

Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring Sets

Dinosaur bone wedding ring sets are perfect for couples looking for a non-traditional symbol of their love. Dinosaur bone wedding rings are as unique as you are and guarantee your rings will set you apart from the plain band crowd. We offer our dinosaur bone wedding rings in matching his and hers, his and his and hers and hers ring sets. All of our rings may be customized by substituting the red dinosaur bone for gray bone or gray for the red. You may also mix and match colors and ring styles to create your own unique dinosaur bone wedding set. All of our dinosaur bone wedding rings are available in sterling silver, Continuum sterling silver, 14 karat gold and platinum. Contact us with your ring sizes for a price quote. Your new dinosaur bone wedding rings will be made to order in your ring sizes in 4 to 6 weeks.

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring

Despite the well-known âthree monthâs salaryâ rule, the truth is there is no set budget for buying an engagement ring. It depends entirely on you and your partnerâs personal tastes, goals, finances, and priorities. We recommend setting a low and high budget, so that you end up landing somewhere in between. The most important part of deciding how much you should spend on an engagement ring is being upfront and honest about your expectations â with yourselves and your jewelry consultant.

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Dinosaur Bone Ring For A One

Each dinosaur bone ring is a unique piece of jewelry that features inlay made from 100% authentic dinosaur bone fossils. Dinosaurs were amazing creatures that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. Dinosaur bone used in our stunning selection of dinosaur rings is also known as gembone and is considered to be one of the most exotic and beautiful fossils in the world. If you are an enthusiast of dinosaurs and paleontology and are looking for a stylish dinosaur bone wedding band, this could be your winner. Each genuine dinosaur wedding ring from our collection is carefully crafted and made to be unique so you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Engagement Ring

Red Dinosaur Bone Inlay Men

At Shane Co., all of our customers can take advantage of our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, upgrade program, and Free Lifetime Warranty, which includes the center stone of your custom ring. To ensure your diamond engagement ring continues to sparkle throughout the years, and to continue to take advantage of our warranty, please bring your ring in every six months for a free cleaning and inspection.

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The Rings By Lux Customer Service Promise

Next to creating distinctive and unrepeated jewelry, our main passion is creating the ideal shopping experience for our valued customer base.

That is why we adore it when you get in touch, whether you need help in your search for the perfect sort of ring, have questions about our stocking, or just need a little help working out your fiancée’s ring size. No matter what it is, no question is too big or small for our team.

To get in contact today, all you need to do is click on the ‘Contact Us’ button and sign your name, your email address and type out your message. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Dinosaur Bone Ring Care

Never put your dinosaur bone ring or any inlay jewelry in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Chemicals and heat from the ultrasonic cleaner may negatively affect the epoxy over a period of time. Also, avoid contact with household cleaners and solvents as these may break down the epoxy and could also oxidize the silver turning it black. Do not soak your ring in cleaner, water or oils overnight. Prolonged exposure to chemicals, water or oils may weaken the bond between the stones and the epoxy used to hold them in the inlay channel. You should remove your ring before swimming in a chlorine pool or hot tub. High levels of chlorine can cause tarnishing or slowly remove the finish on the dinosaur bone and the metal. If tarnishing occurs, you should be able to remove it with a polishing cloth but do not dip the ring in a tarnish removal liquid. If your dinosaur bone ring has gemstones accenting the inlay, you can clean the gemstones by brushing them with an old toothbrush and some soft soap. Simply brush the gemstones from the top and the bottom until all the build up is removed. Clean your ring regularly to remove sweat, lotions and body oils that can dull the sparkle and shine of your ring. The more often you do this, the easier it will be to get the gunk off and your gemstones will have much more sparkle.

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What’s The History Of Dino Bone

History? Oh yeah Homer, these rings have history. 150,000,000 flippin years of it. Our Dino Bone Rings use fossils from Dinosaurs that roamed the Earth during the Jurassic Age, and more specifically, roamed the Four Corners region of the United States. Thats right Bro Even our Dinos are American Made

Now, we must turn the keyboard over to the Science Stuff department to lay out a few details:

Agatized dinosaur bone is a unique fossil where the original fossilized bone, typically permineralized with calcite, has been re-mineralized, or replaced, with silica-type compounds. This requires a particular type of environment, referred to as an aqueous intrusion, to replace the calcite in the original fossils with silicates. For an aqueous intrusion to occur, local strata layers must be uplifted during tertiary intrusions so that silica-rich, superheated groundwater can flood these layers and force water and aqueous solutions into the microporous fossilized bone. It is this rare process that transpired on the Colorado Plateau 35 million years ago that created the beautifully patterned agatized dinosaur bone we use.

You still awake? Good. Long story short, it took a metric ass-ton of time, under very specific circumstances, in a very specific environment, for these fossils to become the awesome material we now have. Thats, like, Super-Dino Bones dude!

Collection: Dinosaur Bone Rings

I Have 24 Hours To Make An Engagement Ring

The Mesozoic has come roaring back… in our amazing selection of durable tungsten carbide, precious 14K gold, and lightweight ceramic dino bone rings featuring real fossilized dinosaur gembone in black, red, brown, green, white, blue, and pink. While dinosaurs no longer roam the Earth, the fact that their bones were fossilizedhardened to rock and preserved by nature over 65 million yearsattests the their everlasting strength. Millions of yearsmuch longer than the entire human civilization has been aroundis more than enough to symbolize a lifetime of love… with millions of lifetimes to spare, and that’s no exaggeration!

Why not borrow even just the tiniest timelessness of these majestic prehistoric creatures, their remains having survived to this day, as a symbol of your commitment? Maybe if we wear a distinctive piece of million-year-old history on our finger every day, their enduring strength will rub off on us. Dinosaur bone wedding bands are the perfect way to emphasize your bond and devotion.

Not only that, these dino rings are extremely rare and unique. It’s not every day someone digs up a dinosaur bone that can be made into the fine jewelry you see before you, and as time goes on that’s just going to happen less and less, making your fossilized bone ring all the more special with each passing year.

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The Lowdown On Dinosaur Bone

The fossil minerals used in dinosaur bone rings go by a few names. You may hear them referred to as Gembones, agatized fossil, silicified dinosaur bone, or mineralized dinosaur bone.

As with all fossils , you are not actually getting the dinosaur bone itself but the minerals that have replaced the cellular structure of the bone.

This is great news for the jewelry itself, as the various minerals in the Gembone fossil create something truly beautiful and unique. Many different minerals may replace the cellular structure of your dinosaur bone, including quartz, manganese, iron-oxide, chromium, chlorite, calcite, jasper, and agate! The possibilities really are staggering.

Dinosaur bone rings are amongst the most unique material options you could discover. Each fossil found will likely be from a different prehistoric creature and will definitely have a snowflake-level of uniqueness. This is because each dinosaur bone will differ in pattern and color, depending on the materials which were present at the time the fossilization process began all those millions of years ago.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Designing A Custom Engagement Ring

Pros of Designing a Custom Engagement Ring:

+ The engagement ring will be a one-of-a-kind piece.

+ Custom rings can fit any price range because there is flexibility with the setting and gemstones.

+ Designing a ring provides another opportunity to add more sentimental value.

+ Creating a custom ring can be a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

– Custom and engraved rings cannot be returned, but they can be resized.

– With endless customization options, some people can find the process overwhelming. This is why Shane Co.âs expert team of jewelry consultants is here to help you with design tips and walk you through the entire process.

Designing an engagement ring has never been easier, and with the help of the Shane Co. team, this has become a great option for many.

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Why Is Dino Bone Cool

Did we just ask that question? Seriously? How could anything Dinosaur-related NOT be the coolest thing ever?

Putting the Dino-Awesomeness factor aside, and the fact that your Dino Bone ring will be utterly unique, Dino Bone still has a lot to offer. The grinding and setting process still creates a very stylish pattern, which would be hard to replicate with most other materials. Yeah, using bone can make for a brittle and damage-prone product, but that same grinding/setting/sealing process solves most of the issues. As long as you treat your ring with respect, and keep it away from your more extreme activities, it will last you a lifetime.

And lets not forget just how versatile the process makes Dino Bone. You can have inlays of all widths and sizes, either centered or off-set. So, if you somehow cant find one of our pre-designed Dino Bone rings that fits you just right, the sky is the limit on designing your own custom ring!*

So that is it. If we havent riled up your inner-child enough to check out our line of Dino Bone Rings, go put on your footie-pajamas, grab a juice box, and put on Jurassic Park Then come back and read this again. Well see you next time for another edition of Know Your Ring.


Dinosaur Bone Rings For Women

Dinosaur Bone Ring

Our women’s dinosaur bone rings feature fossilized dinosaur bone inlay in a variety of colors and patterns. The varying cell size and colors create some truly unique patterns and virtually one of a kind dinosaur bone rings. Our dinosaur bone ring designs for women may be customized by substituting gray dinosaur bone where you see the red dinosaur bone or vice versa. These women’s dinosaur bone rings are made to order in ring sizes 4 to 8 in about 4 to 6 weeks. Women’s ring sizes over 8 will be an additional charge for wax work and metal. Most of our women’s dinosaur bone rings are also available in stainless steel or 14k gold for an additional charge. Contact us with your ring size for a price quote.

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Our Promise Of Prehistoric Ethics

Looking at something as mind-blowing as a real dinosaur bone ring, you may ask yourself – is this practice legal and ethical?

Here at Rings by Lux, we are fully committed to ensuring we make our rings from the best materials in a fully ethical way.

The Gembone used in our rings and bands is never part of a large and scientifically/culturally valuable skeleton. They come instead from broken, fractured, or impossible to match bones that are not in the interests of museums or universities.

In fact, Gembone is hard to tell apart from regular stone when in its raw and wild form. It will take a long process of cutting and polishing to create results that are rich in colors and details, like those you can order from our store.

In terms of legality, fossils found outside of US state or federal lands are perfectly legal to both own and distribute. We know for sure that all of our Gembone items are found on private property close to or inside the four corners region in the USA – where the four states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico touch.

What Are Dinosaur Bone Rings

Our unique dinosaur bone rings are made using an inlay of 100% authentic, crushed, agatized dinosaur fossils. The fossils we use can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. Dinosaur bone is a fossil, fossil are rock, and rocks are brittle. This is why we inlay the dino bone as a crushed inlay to ensure a durable, wearable ring. The crushed pieces are inlaid into a groove on the band and sealed with a medical-grade resin.

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This Is Not Your Typical Jewelry Store

In fact, its far from typical or ordinary. Our Rings of Relics, made from the highest quality dinosaur bone, lunar dust, meteorite, glow, and other relics from the past. They are the ultimate in unique custom rings and wedding bands. We offer a wide variety of tungsten, titanium, and ceramic wedding ring band types. Browse our standard options below or customize your ring with different inlay materials, colors, or even add a custom phosphorescent color! If you dont see what youre looking for, contact us, and one of our jewelers can work with you to create something truly unique.

Dinosaur Bone Inlay Rings

Why People Actually Wear Engagement Rings

These stunning dinosaur bone rings are made using authentic dinosaur bone. This fossilized bone took tens of millions of years before it hardened. Some of the bone, depending on the mineral concentration of the soil, became beautifully colorized. We offer a variety of colors from reds, to blues, and even pink. Each dinosaur bone ring is unique and no two rings will ever look exactly the same. Each ring is handmade by our expert craftsman who personally selects the best bone to suit your ring.


The DEVONIAN is made from ultra durable tungsten carbide, one of the most scratch resistant metals on Earth. For those that love the dark and sexy allure of black ceramic, we also offer a black ceramic version of this blue dinosaur bone inlay called the PERMIAN. The particular fossil used in this bevel edged tungsten wedding ring is blue tone. This coloring is created by the minerals that slowly replaced the bone over millions of years. This stunning and ancient fossil inlaid band creates a stunning ring when set into the center of this perfectly crafted tungsten carbide ring.




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Women’s Dinosaur Bone Engagement Ring

Dinosaur Bone Engagement Ring

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