Where Can I See Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaur Footprints Wilderness Reservation Massachusetts

Why Dinosaur Footprints Don’t Erode Explained

This area features some of the oldest dinosaur tracks ever discovered within the United States. These real dinosaur tracks are from the early Jurassic period. Fortunately, it also entails tracks from different dinosaur species.

The Reservation has education programs for children, and hiking is required to reach some of the dinosaur tracks.

Getting To Staffin Bay

Staffin Bay is signposted from the road. But you can use the address below to find it. An Corran beach and Staffin Bay to my understanding are one of the same or if different right next to each other. The road down to the beach is narrow in places but not as bad as the Cornish lanes we have driven around. There are also signposted passing places that seem to make people more inclined to pull in. Do not panic if you do not see the beach straight away it is a little drive. I did wonder if we were going in the right direction initially.

Clayton Lake State Park

Sue Ruth / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Nearly 500 dinosaur prints make up the “Dinosaur Freeway” in Clayton Lake State Park, located 12 miles outside Clayton in the grasslands of northeastern New Mexico. The tracks, estimated at roughly 100 million years old, vary widely in size. There are small footprints formed by a baby iguanodon that was likely about a foot long, as well as larger tracks attributed to 30-foot adults of several species. In one case, there is fossilized evidence that a dinosaur slipped in the mud and used its tail to regain balance.

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Are There Any Dinosaur Footprints

It is a well-known fact that todays birds are avian descendants of dinosaurs, even though a great part of these prehistoric animals allure is their variety and size. The truth is, dinos are not around anymore, but their memories do live on.

All over the globe, there are nooks and crannies where you can find evidence of these grand creatures existence. Fossilized dinosaur footprints and tracks abound, giving you a feel of the once kings in a classic blast from the past. Although most people are familiar with dinosaur footprints cartoon, these tracks are real and can be found.

Where To Find The Dinosaur Footprints On The Isle Of Skye

Dinosaur Tracks


The most well-known place to hunt for dinosaur footprints on Skye is at An Corran beach. This beach is located in Staffin and is easy to reach by car. Situated on the famous Trotternish Loop, head north out of Portree and follow the A855.

The dinosaur footprints located here are believed to have mainly been from Ornithopods. There are also prints from Megalosaurus, Cetiosaurus and Stegosaurus in this area.

There is a decent covering of footprints situated on a bed of sandstone at An Corran beach. These are only viewable at low tide and are sometimes covered by sand in the summer. The main prints are located fairly close to the beach ramp.

Staffin Ecomuseum

Established by Dugald Ross in 1976, this museum is home to an impressive, internally recognised collection of dinosaur fossils. Dont be fooled by its small size, this place is jam-packed full of dinosaur fossils and the curator is hugely knowledgeable. As well as many fossils, you can also see a dinosaur leg bone and the worlds smallest dino footprint here.

Be aware that the museum is not heated so youll need to wrap up warm on a cold day! If you are struggling to find the dinosaur prints, this is the place to go for tips. However, if youre short on time, you can take a tour of the prints from the Staffin Ecomuseum.

Brothers Point


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Places To See Dinosaur Tracks Around Colorado

Colorados richfossil presenceharkens back to an age when dinosaurs roamed long-gone waterways and the shores of an ancient sea found along what is now the Front Range. Here are a few spots around the Centennial State where visitors can see dinosaur footprints, bones, and historic discovery sites.

Dinosaur Footprints At Duntulum

We didnt go to Duntulum, but this is the second location and is said to have even larger footprints.

According to theSkyeguide.com, In 2015, there was a major discovery of fossilized dinosaur footprints on the shore near NG410738 just south of Duntulm Castle, at the north end of Trotternish. These prints, visible only at low tide, make up the biggest trackway in Scotland.

If youre traveling to the Isle of Skye, youll want to stay in portree. These hotels tend to book up fast, so dont wait until the last minute!

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World War Ii Seaplane Wrecks

On a very low tide, you can see seaplanes that were destroyed in World War II, says the guide. Theres also plenty of birdlife, and the occasional crocodile venturing from its preferred home territory.

After a blast across Roebuck Bay on the hovercrafts cushioned skirt, the pilot puts his trusty yellow steed into a spin designed to land the front on the beach. And what a beach it is, with staggeringly red cliffs towering over the sand.

But the pilot is more interested in the rocks on the beach. We walk over to them, and he gets us to stand in formation. He points to one roughly oval shape as the first guinea pigs position. Then the rest of us are shepherded into similar spots.

When we look around at each other, theres a clear pattern. Thats because youre standing in dinosaur footprints, he explains.

Dinosaur Fossils & Tracks

How Do Dinosaur Footprints Work?

The Hudsons Hope area is one of the richest sites of fossils and dinosaur footprints in the world. The Hudsons Hope Museum fossil display is one of the finest collections in the Peace River area.

In the summer of 2016, field work began on Hudsons Hopes newest attraction the Six Peaks Dinosaur Track Site. The site is located just west of Hudsons Hope and consists of nearly 1200 dinosaur tracks from at least 12 different types of dinosaurs, including two dinosaur track types that have not been observed at any other site in the Peace Region and 30 ton sauropod tracks!

You can get a unique prehistoric experience to view actual dinosaur footprints at Gething Creek! To get to this somewhat remote area, take Canyon Drive west to W.A.C. Bennett Dam across the dam crest, take main road . At about 6.5 km along, the road becomes the Table Road, continue on Table Road until you intersect with Johnson Creek Road, turn left. Continue 5.3 km to Gething Creek Forest Recreation Site. Access the creek where the tracks are viewed from both sides. Please be safe, rocks can be very slippery!

Great fossils and footprints can also be viewed at the Visitor Information Centre, WAC Bennett Dam and Peace Canyon Dam.

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Where To Find Dinosaur Footprints Around Australia

Trying to imagine a time when dinosaurs roamed and ruled the country is not too difficult with some of the best dinosaur footprints in the world right here in Australia.

While the Broome coastline is renowned for dinosaur footprints , prints like this were not previously known on the main tourist area of Cable Beach, directly in front of resorts and shops.

So where else can one go to follow in the footsteps of these fascinating beasts?

How Did Dinosaur Tracks Survive

Dinosaur tracks can only be seen where the ground that the dinosaur was walking on was sufficiently soft to make an impression but not so soft that the footprint collapses . Most tracks that have been found were thought to once be on a river bed or coastline.

In some cases, the impression made by the dinosaur will also be made below the track . This under tract may form a few centimetres add up to a metre below where the dinosaurs foot actually pressed into the ground.

Normally, the scorching sun will need to have baked the tracks until they harden if they are going to form a fossil. This may have taken days, or even months. Once hardened, a layer of mush ash, or similar covers and protects the prints. Over time, they fossilise.

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A Couple More Points Before We Get To The List

This is not an exhaustive list there are many other places to see dinosaur fossils. These are just the 14 best places to see real dinosaur tracks based on the number or quality of the tracks or the quality of the museum or park where they are found.

In most cases, the track locations are reasonably isolated, making getting there a problem if you do not have your own transport. In many cases, there are other dinosaur highlights to see in the area too, so that you can easily make a day of it.

These sites are not ranked in any order. For simplicity, we will look at them one region after another.

Many countries have imposed measures to fight the spread of COVID-19, which can even include closures. Make sure you check opening times and requirements before you go.

Some also have seasonal closures you may not be able to see the footprints at high tide or in certain weather conditions. Again, check the conditions before you go.

Honorable Mention Phu Faek Forest Park Thailand

Dinosaur Tracks

Thailand is not known for extensive dinosaur finds. While there have only been a few fossils found there, it has some of the best-preserved dinosaur footprints in the world in Phu Faek Forest Park. Unfortunately, only 21 tracks have been found all made by carnivorous theropods 140 MYA and only 4 of these can be accessed easily at present.

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What You Need To Make The Most Of Your Visit

Make the most of your visit! Remember to take these things with you:

A camera Take photos to remember the trip for years to come.

Tape measure See how big those ichnites actually are!

Hat Many of the tracksites are exposed to the weather and are short on shade. Wear a hat to prevent sunburn. You can even get a dinosaur hat.

A backpack Preferably a waterproof one .

Jurassic Coast Devon And Dorset

Tracing 95 miles of dramatic Devon and Dorset shoreline, the Jurassic Coast â the UKâs only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site â has no shortage of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Period spectacles, some revealing over 185 million years of natural history. Entire skeletons have been found here, including those of ichthyosaurs, pterosaurs and plesiosaurs.

Beachcombers should head to the stretches of sand between Lyme Regis and Charmouth for the best chances of spotting a freshly unearthed fossil. Ancient fragments of marine reptilesâ backbones and fossilised seashells, urchins and belemnites can all be glimpsed, as well as lumps of iron pyrite . Budding collectors can arrange a guided fossil-hunting walk at the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre.

From Lyme Regis in the west to Poole in the east, the South West Coast Path â a popular hiking and cycling route â traverses the regionâs geological highlights, including its most-photographed icons, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.

Latest discovery: In December 2020, a ‘sea dragon’ was discovered by palaeontologist Joe Davis, who was leading an excavation at the time. The ichthyosaur is the biggest and most complete skeleton of its kind found to date in the UK.

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How Do Fossil Footprints Form

The impression or print left behind when an animal’s hand or foot pushes into the ground is called a track. Where they directly impact the ground is referred to as a true track.

Ancient shorelines and mudflats are common locations to find preserved dinosaur tracks © Gerhard Boeggemann via Wikimedia Commons

As an animal takes a step, the ground below the hand or foot is compressed. This displacement forms features below the true track. These are known as undertracks, underprints, ghost prints or transmitted tracks.

Undertracks can extend anywhere from a few centimetres up to a metre below where the animal’s hand or foot pressed into the ground. In prints that are preserved – for millions of years in the case of dinosaurs – sometimes you’ll find both tracks and associated underprints, and in other places only one or the other will survive.

Tracks can also survive as natural casts. These are made by the material that filled the original track.

A trackway is more than one consecutive footfall from the same animal.

A single hand or footprint is called a track. More than one consecutive step by the same animal is known as a trackway. This dinosaur trackway was found in the Moenave Formation in Arizona, USA. © U.S. Geological Survey via Flickr

What Are Outies And Innies

Dinosaur footprints found in Rajasthan

Outies or innies normally refer to belly buttons and how the navel sits in relation to the belly skin. An innie is like a dent in your belly, while an outie will look like a little knot sitting on top of the stomach.

Likewise, an innie footprint will be a footprint shaped dent in the rock. An outie will be a low footprint shaped mound in the rock. the fossil formation and rock movement will determine whether a footprint is an outie or innie, though innies are more common.

Take the two-mile-long Dinosaur Ridge Trail, which has around 250 innie fossilised dinosaur footprints from three different types of dinosaur and a crocodilian. Stop off to see the bone bed with its rust-coloured bone shapes in the sandstone this is where the very first Stegosaurus fossils were found.

The Triceratops trail starts a short drive up the road. It winds between vertical walls of sandstone to reclaimed clay pits. It has a number of fossilized footprints that you can see, including four-toed Triceratops tracks and a fossilised Tyrannosaur track.

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Dinosaur Coast North Yorkshire

Brooding cliffs and golden sand form a dramatic backdrop for fruitful beach wanders. Whitby, Port Mulgrave and Robin Hoodâs Bay are popular spots for fossil-hunters, with the Jurassic Period relics found here matching those of Dorsetâs Jurassic Coast. Among the more unusual finds are the regionâs well-preserved fossilised plants, scatterings of which are most numerous on the bays of Filey Brigg, Gristhorpe, Hayburn Wyke and Cloughton Wyke.

Scarboroughâs Rotunda Museum, founded by âfather of geologyâ William Smith in 1829, is a must-visit when in the region â the Ancient Seas of the Yorkshire Coast exhibition showcases local fossils to paint a picture of ancient marine life. Down the coast, Robin Hood Bay offers a more intimate gallery experience at the diminutive Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, which is free to enter.

Latest discovery: In April 2021, the largest dinosaur footprint ever found in Yorkshire was unearthed by archaeologists Marie Woods, who was collecting shellfish at the time. It’s thought to be the footprint of a large meat-eating dinosaur of up to 9 metres in length.

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Serra Daire Dinosaur Traceway Portugal

The oldest sauropod tracks

Approximately 90 km north of Lisbon is the dinosaur tracksite of Serra dAire. Aged at 175 MYA, the site claims to have the oldest and longest sauropod tracksite in the world . About 115km from Lisbon, entry only costs a few euro.

Around 20 trackways can be discerned from hundreds of dinosaur tracks. The most significant is the 147m trackway that is excellently preserved and quite astounding to see. From the footprints, some of the dinosaurs have been estimated to be around 30m long.

The park can be a little difficult to find and is often overlooked, but the trip is worth it. Take a hat there is no shade! Please also be prepared to leave any strollers up the top and to carry/piggy-back/coerce small children back up the hill afterwards.

Dinosaur fans can find the Dino Park Lourinhã and its 180 life-sized dinosaurs about 85 km away. You could easily do both in a day trip from Lisbon.

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Broome Hovercraft Tour On Roebuck Bay

As the pilot struggles to steer, it quickly becomes clear why hovercrafts were such a short-lived fad. Piloting one is not quite as simple as driving a car.

It has the steering capability of supermarket shopping trolley, says the pilot. Its all about the centre of gravity.

Broome is one of the few places in the world where hovercrafts still have a role to play. The remote resort town in north-western Australia gets 10.4 metre tides, with the Indian Ocean retreating around a mile at low tide. In such circumstances, its handy to have something capable of travelling on soggy flats as well as sea.

When Rt Bird Drew Sketches Of The Trackways This Is What He Thought About:

Museum Quality Dinosaur Fossil Footprint Grallator Track for

1. “A wounded or age-feebled sauropod trailing rest of escaping ‘herd’ is singled out for attack by two carnosaurs, one of which seizes the monster by tail near body and attempts restraining action.”

2. The resisting sauropod is ⦓pulled slightly off course to the left as second carnosaur circles, intending a throat hold.”

3. The first carnosaur keeps his grip on the sauropod while the second carnosaur fails to reach the victim’s neck.

4. “â¦after a few steps the sauropod pulls free.” The carnosaur ⦔ receives slashing blow from sauropod’s tail just before both trackways disappear.”

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Dinosaur Valley State Park In Texas

Dinosaur Valley State Parks expansive area has dinosaur tracks on its 1,500 acres, and its full of tracks made by carnivorous theropods. The park supports activities such as camping, swimming, and hiking. If you transported through time to this area, youd probably be trampled by the numerous four-legged plant-eating sauropods. The footprints in this park are dated to about 113 million years ago and are visible when water levels are low.

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