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Pilot Episode And Funding

Walking with DinosaursCetiosaurusCetiosaurus

The BBC liked the concept of Walking with Dinosaurs but were nervous whether a series of its scale was actually achievable. After also pitching the idea to BBC Worldwide, Haines was granted £100,000 to produce a short pilot episode. In the spring of 1997, Haines, accompanied by a single cameraman, traveled to a national park near Paphos in Cyprus to shoot footage for the pilot. Milne then gathered a small team to produce models and animations. The resulting proof-of-concept pilot, finished by the summer of 1997, was six minutes long. The only consultant so far brought in for the project was the palaeontologist David Martill, who offered his services on the pilot for free if he could then stay on as a consultant should the pilot succeed and a series be made.

There was already considerable interest in the series by the time the pilot was shown owing to the trailer and stills produced by Framestore. Jana Bennett also championed the idea of the series to both Michael Jackson, controller of BBC One, and Mike Quattrone of the Discovery Channel. The pilot was then enough to persuade the BBC, BBC Worldwide, and the Discovery Channel to fund the production of Walking with Dinosaurs. Approximately third of the Walking with Dinosaurs budget came from BBC One, a third from the Discovery Channel, and a third from BBC Worldwide. There were also major investments from TV Asahi in Japan and ProSieben in Germany.

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Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

The gigantic voice talents of John Leguizamo and Justin Long lead you on a thrilling prehistoric adventure the whole family will enjoy! In a time when dinosaurs rule the Earth, the smallest of the pack a playful Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi must find his courage to become the leader of the herd…and a hero for the ages.

Release date:

Secrets Of The Dinosaur Mummy

Watch Walking with Dinosaurs (2013) Free Online

52 min|Documentary

After uncovering the mummified and fossilized ‘body of a dinosaur, scientists undertake a radiographic autopsy and make several astonishing discoveries including the creature’s last meal and never-before-seen internal organs.

Dinosaur expert Dr Phil Currie goes on a quest to prove that Tyrannosaurs were more intelligent and far more dangerous than we ever imagined, and they hunted in deadly, killer packs.

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Television And Popular Culture

Walking with Dinosaurs was recognised by several commentators as marking a watershed in television imagery and a scientifically and technologically significant benchmark in television history.Walking with Dinosaurs is often credited for inspiring modern interest in the distant geological past. Scientific papers have credited Jurassic Park and Walking with Dinosaurs as the two major productions inspiring increasing public interest in dinosaurs and other Mesozoic life in the 1990s and 2000s. The success of Walking with Dinosaurs led to the inception of an entirely new genre of documentaries that like Walking with Dinosaurs also recreated past life with computer graphics and were envisioned in the style of nature documentaries.

The success of the two special episodes The Giant Claw and Land of Giants led to the creation of the three-part miniseries Sea Monsters , once again starring Marven traveling back to prehistoric times, this time exploring the “seven deadliest seas of all time”.

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March Of The Dinosaurs

87 min|Documentary, Animation, Drama

Set 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous period in North America, this animated documentation/drama follows the journey of a young Edmontosaurus named Scar and his herd as they migrate … See full summary »

Dinosaurs were the ultimate prehistoric survival machines, ruling the earth for 120 Million years. Until now we’ve seen them as skeletons and robotic models. Dino Body takes a new look at … See full summary »

Jurassic Fight Club depicts how prehistoric beasts hunted their prey, dissecting these battles and uncovering a predatory world far more calculated and complex than originally thought.

A documentary series following various prehistoric creatures, depicting their way of lives as well as their lust for survival.

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Sea Monsters A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy

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Watch Walking with Dinosaurs 3D online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Walking with Dinosaurs 3D.Episode Title: 3D.Episode Description: Paleontologist Zack takes his nephew Ricky and niece Jade on a fossil hunt. While alone, Ricky is met by a talking rook, who turns into an Alexornis named Alex. He tells him of a story set in the Cretaceous period 70 million years ago. Patchi is the smallest in a litter of Pachyrhinosaurus hatchlings, and is often bullied by his older brother Scowler. Their father Bulldust is the leader of a Pachyrhinosaurus herd. Alex, who is Patchi’s mentor, tries to help Patchi impress a female Pachyrhinosaurus named Juniper, but her herd migrates south without him.
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Last Day Of The Dinosaurs

66 min|Documentary, Animation, History

Proposes a minute-by-minute chronology of the Chicxulub impact and its effect on the dinosaurs and other animals around the world.

30 min|Documentary, Animation, History

48 min|Documentary, Animation, Family

A four-episode animated series charting the adventures of four dinosaurs – each on a different continent in the prehistoric world: a lone female Velociraptor in Asia a young male … See full summary »

29 min|Documentary, Animation, Adventure

The first half of this special is a recreation of Al’s life, from birth through his death in adolescence.

If it weren’t for a series of cataclysmic events, a comet impact being first on the list, our planet could well still be the domain of dinosaurs. Following Pr Rodolfo Coria, a world-reknown… See full summary »

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