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Prehistoric Planet â Uncovered: Did Dinosaurs Hunt in Packs? | Apple TV+

Those who are sticklers for historical accuracy will find Prehistoric Planet makes a greater effort than previous dinosaur series to bring its stars to life just as they would have walked on Earth. The show promises to show a more nurturing side of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex than has been depicted in TV or film before, while anatomical accuracy, such as feathered youngsters and breathing-sack-reliant sauropods, are seen in the trailers.

Its interesting too that Apple is choosing a different release strategy for Prehistoric Planet its five night cadence suggests Apple is attempting to create a televisual event of the same kind once seen in traditional terrestrial broadcast. It shows the company has lots of faith in the material, looking to build up a sustained buzz that will have a halo effect over the rest of the streaming services output.

Prehistoric Planet is yet another feather in Apple TV Pluss cap for 2022. Its looking like a sterling year ahead for subscribers, who have the likes of Martin Scorseses Killers Of The Flower Moon and Taron Egertons Tetris to look forward to, as well as the Henry Cavill-starring spy thriller Argylle from Matthew Vaughn, and Ridley Scotts Napoleon, starring Jokers Joaquin Phoenix.

Prehistoric Planet Is Apple Tvs Updated Version Of Walking With Dinosaurs

Prehistoric Planet has only in the near past been launched on Apple TV and is already receiving reward for its CGI and storytelling. This nature documentary collection follows a day within the lifetime of dinosaurs as they attempt to survive throughout the Crustaceous interval. Before it got here alongside, and even earlier than Jurassic Park was launched, there was an earlier collection that furthered the recognition of those big reptiles, Walking with Dinosaurs.

Those who have been kids within the Nineties would doubtless nonetheless bear in mind the vastly in style collection, Walking with Dinosaurs. This collection used the most recent CGI know-how of the time to provide audiences a glance into how dinosaurs could have lived their lives on earth 66 million years in the past. The collection was such a success that it helped usher in a brand new style of documentary collection thats nonetheless in style to today. In 2022, Apple TV has adopted up with its personal model of this collection, Prehistoric Planet. This collection is totally different from its predecessor as a result of it makes use of in the present days technological developments and up to date scientific findings to inform a contemporary story about how dinosaurs lived. The CGI is so good that it goes toe-to-toe with the grownup animation anthology, Love, Death + Robots, which is on the forefront of in the present days CGI and animation.

Apple TV+ Streaming Shows for Free, Without a Subscription

Mandalorian Creator And David Attenborough Team Up For Apple Tv Plus Dino Epic Prehistoric Planet

Apple TV Plus has another potential hit on its hands

Life has found a way to allow natural historian extraordinaire Sir David Attenborough and The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau to team up for an all-new dinosaur-filled extravaganza on Apple TV Plus.

Apple has just released the first batch of trailers for Prehistoric Planet, a five-part documentary series set to be released on the Cupertino companys streaming platform over five successive nights from May 23 onwards.

Featuring the narration of Attenborough, and being a co-production between Favreau, Mike Gunton and BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Planet Earth, the Apple TV Plus exclusive promises to transport viewers over 66 million years in the past to discover our world and the dinosaurs that roamed it.”

If youre a fan of Jurassic Park or Walking With Dinosaurs, you look to be in for an audio-visual treat. With Hans Zimmer handling the score and special effects by MPC , the human talent involved is almost as gigantic as the lumbering lizards the series stars.

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When Is The Next David Attenborough Documentary Out

Prehistoric Planet is the second of three major projects for Attenborough this year.

In January, Attenborough documentary Green Planet which also boasted new and innovative filming techniques aired on BBC One.

Later this year, Attenborough will return for Planet Earth III as part of the BBC Centenary celebrations. While we dont have a specific release date for this confirmed just yet, its likely to air in or around October, when the BBCs 100th anniversary occurs.

Hes also recently appeared in documentaries about The Giant Mammoth and the Tannis Dinosaur graveyard site.

What Is Prehistoric Planet

Walking With Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs on Apple TV

As mentioned above, Prehistoric Planet’s main aim is to update our general understanding of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures from the late Cretaceous period. For example, we may think we have a clear image of the coloring that dinosaurs sported , but more recent investigations and discoveries support the idea that many non-avian dinosaurs were actually quite colorful.

The new documentary miniseries wants to answer major, ongoing questions as well, such as how the legendary T. rex truly behaved as a responsible parent. While it may be important to modernize certain ideas and concepts about these creatures, “Prehistoric Planet” also spends much of its runtime looking at corners of this world which are often overlooked.

Each of Prehistoric Planet’s five episodes focuses on a specific type of biome, starting out with the dangerous coasts and open waters of the late Cretaceous. The second episode moves on to the deserts of North Africa and the skies above, harsh environments filled with ferocious creatures and enduring survivors. The third part deals with wetland environments and the animals that stayed close to freshwater.

The most striking installment for general audiences might be the fourth, which visits snow-covered forests where feathered dinosaurs thrived against all expectations. And to cap things off, the fifth and final episode visits the perilous forests of North America.

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Who Was Involved In The Series

David Attenborough narrates the series, as he has done a number of other natural history and wildlife documentaries. Prehistoric Planet is his second dinosaur-focused series this year after Easters Dinosaurs: The Final Day, which was about the Tanis fossil graveyard and the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Jon Favreau was an executive producer on the series, contributing in his capacity as someone whos been heavily involved in advances in photorealistic CGI. You can read our interview with Favreau about the series here.

Mike Gunton, a producer at the BBC Natural History Unit, was an executive producer on this series also. Gunton has previously worked on a number of similar documentaries, from The Green Planet to Dynasties to Planet Earth II.

A number of paleontologists and scientific illustrators, such as Darren Naish , Stephen Brusatte , and Gabriel Ugueto , were involved as consultants on the series to ensure scientific rigour. Hans Zimmer has provided the score.

Official Trailer Of Prehistoric Planet

Apple TV Plus has also released a first-look trailer of Prehistoric Planet. This short takes viewers back in time 66 million years to show some of the incredible ecosystems that existed on the globe back then and additional information about the dinosaurs who inhabited those ecosystems.

The video begins on the coast of the ancient Tethys Sea, where a fully grown Tyrannosaurus rex is chasing after many baby turtles that have just hatched. Eek.

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How To Watch Prehistoric Planet In New Zealand On Apple Tv Plus

New users in New Zealand can use a 7-day free trial of Apple TV+. After the trial, its NZ$8.99/month. Theres no contract so that you can cancel at any moment.

  • Get a reliable VPN
  • Open the VPN app and select the location of the service you wish to access. For WeCrashed, you may want to choose U.K. for Apple TV+.
  • Then head to Apple TV+ on your device or browser and enjoy the Prehistoric Planet online.
  • How To Watch Prehistoric Planet In Ireland On Apple Tv Plus

    Prehistoric Planet â Uncovered: Could T.rex Really Swim? | Apple TV

    New users in Ireland can use a 7-day free trial of Apple TV+. After the trial, its 4.99/ month. Theres no contract so that you can cancel at any moment.

  • Get a reliable VPN
  • Open the VPN app and select the location of the service you wish to access. For WeCrashed, you may want to choose U.K. for Apple TV+.
  • Then head to Apple TV+ on your device or browser and enjoy the Prehistoric Planet online.
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    Dinosaur Docuseries Prehistoric Planet Arrives On Apple Tv+

    Apple TV+ today premiered its new docuseries Prehistoric Planet. Prehistoric Planet combines big-budget CGI with the latest scientific knowledge about dinosaurs to bring a wholly new five-part series.

    In the style of Planet Earth and similar nature documentaries, David Attenborough narrates the behavior of these stunning Cretaceous period species, as if they were actually being filmed.

    Apple TV+ is releasing the show as a documentary five-night event, which means one episode will be released every day this week.

    Each episode focuses on a different biome, from deserts to underwater to forestland. Prehistoric Planet features a wide variety of dinosaur species from the classic T-rex and Triceratops to lesser-known creatures like the Deinocheirus and Pachyrhinosaurus.

    Prehistoric Planet explores how these animals live, from hunting to food to finding a mate. Theres far less emphasis on fighting when compared to the depiction of dinosaurs in typical Hollywood content. These stories are brought to life using stunning visual effects and cinematography of the natural world.

    Heres a clip from one of the episodes:

    Prehistoric Planet joins the growing roster of premium Apple Original TV shows and movies available on Apples streaming service.

    How To Watch Prehistoric Planet In Australia On Apple Tv Plus Using A Vpn

    Australian new users can use a 7-day free trial of Apple TV+. After the trial, its AU$7.99 a month. Theres no contract so that you can cancel at any moment.

  • Get a reliable VPN
  • Open the VPN app and select the location of the service you wish to access. For We Crashed, you may want to choose U.K. for Apple TV+.
  • Then head to Apple TV+ on your device or browser and enjoy the Prehistoric Planet online.
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    Where To Stream Prehistoric Planet

    T. rex

    “Prehistoric Planet” is exclusively streaming on Apple TV+ and started airing on May 23, 2022. It was marketed as a special five-night event, so the four following episodes debuted on May 24, May 25, May 26 and May 27, respectively.

    The entirety of “Prehistoric Planets” first season is available to stream now. Each episode runs for around 40 minutes.

    New Apple Tv+ Dinosaur Show Has Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

    Death of a Dynasty

    Apple TV+ rolled out a major new TV series this week, Prehistoric Planet, which is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First of all, the series has been debuting a brand new episode every night throughout the entire week like a classic television event second, it’s a CG documentary about the life of dinosaurs on prehistoric Earth narrated by Sir David Attenborough, executive produced by Jon Favreau, and featuring music by Hans Zimmer and finally, it has a prefect score on Rotten Tomatoes. With fourteen critic reviews as of this writing the series maintains a 100% rating, and even holds a 97% Audience score.

    In their review, CNN called the series “a welcome reminder that the pop-culture vision of dinosaurs that has become magnified in the rear-view mirror goes beyond just the stuff of science fiction.” Daily Telegraph awarded it a 5 out of 5, writing: “Stunning feat of CGI. The dinosaurs look as real as any animal you see in a wildlife documentary. This is the point.” The Times also gave it a perfect score, adding: “Some of you may find the music a tad annoying, but for sheer creative effort and imagination it deserves five stars.”

    The first three episodes of the series have been released on the streamplatform with two more set to arrive by the end of the week. You cee the official episode descriptions and schedule below along with the trailer.

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    Prehistoric Planet Trailer: Walk With Dinosaurs In This Apple Tv+ Docuseries

    Did the five-minute prologue to “Jurassic World Dominion” leave you wishing you could simply watch an entire film or show about an ancient world populated by dinosaurs without all those pesky humans running amok? If so, you’re in luck! Executive producers Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton have teamed up with Apple TV+ to make “Prehistoric Planet,” a nature docuseries that explores precisely that.

    Reviews have already begun to drop for “Prehistoric Planet,” with /Film’s Sarah Bea Milner giving the show top marks, writing:

    This might be the most ambitious nature documentary to date: produced by Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton for BBC Studios Natural History Unit and narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the new docuseries is epic in every sense of the word. The visuals reflect the best available technology and the content, the most interesting and up-to-date theories from paleontologists. Heck, even the music is by Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer.

    Building on that early word-of mouth, Apple TV+ has dropped a new trailer that further highlights the show’s stunning CGI dinosaurs. Among the majestic sights on display here are Suropods protruding their neck sacks and dinos residing in every kind of environment our humble planet has to offer . Perhaps most excitingly for all the dino-geeks of the world, the trailer highlights several scientifically-accurate dinos with feathers featured on the series.

    Apple Tv+’s Prehistoric Planet Reviews Are In See What Critics Are Saying About Jon Favreau’s Dinosaur Docuseries

    The five-part series premiered May 23.

    Were still a couple of weeks away from the release of dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic World Dominion, and while the final chapter of that trilogy promises mayhem of epic proportions, showing a world where dinosaurs live alongside humans, Apple TV+ and executive producer Jon Favreau hope their dino offering is equally as thrilling. Prehistoric Planet is a series a decade in the making and uses up-to-date palaeontological research that will portray dinosaurs like never before. Critics had the opportunity to screen the series ahead of its release for those with Apple TV+ subscriptions, so what are they saying about the new docuseries?

    Moving Picture Company known for 2016s The Jungle Book and The Lion King employed photorealistic CGI to bring the prehistoric beasts to life. Narrated by renowned nature documentary presenter David Attenborough, the series also features an original soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. So lets travel back in time 66 million years and see what the critics think of Prehistoric Planet.

    Sarah Milner of SlashFilm rates the series 8 out of 10, calling the ultra-realistic CGI breathtaking. The attention to detail makes it easy for the audience to forget its not actual footage, and David Attenborough is a pro who can go from bemused to deadly serious with ease. There are, however, some minor annoyances with the scope and keeping track of what species were being shown and where in the world:

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    Apple Tvs Prehistoric Planet Looks So Good It Feels Like A Real Nature Documentary

    Finally, some feathered dinos are ready for their close-up

    From the moment the first Tyrannosaurus swam onto the screen in Prehistoric Planet I was a lost cause I giggled in delight. My thoughts instantly devolved from Im a science editor taking a serious look at this nature show to Holy crap, thats a dinosaur.

    Prehistoric Planet is Apples attempt at answering the question: what if we made Planet Earth but66 million years ago? The result is shockingly good-looking, especially since the producers have not, in fact, managed to invent time travel, nor have they pulled a Jurassic Park and brought dinosaurs back to life.

    Its a whole lot of movie magic that makes the five-episode series actually seem like a nature documentary, even though its main subjects havent been swimming the seas, soaring the skies, or stalking through forests since the end of the Cretaceous period. Its not perfect some heads looked animatronic, and some of the herds had a decidedly animated feel. But those few visual misses were drowned out by the films meticulous attention to detail. Snowflakes falling off a Nanuqsaurus after a blizzard or dappled sunlight hitting the cobalt feathers of a Corythoraptor in a forest make the dinosaurs seem real, even if every movement, every shadow, is engineered. This kind of leap forward in dino-realism was last achieved 29 years ago when the first Jurassic Park movie came out.

    We went with the floppy one

    Whats Prehistoric Planet About

    Walking with Dinosaurs trailer Prehistoric Planet style

    The inaugural episode of the planned nature documentary television series Prehistoric Planet, which will be about dinosaurs and consist of five parts, will air on Apple TV+ on May 23, 2022. The BBC Studios Natural History Unit produces it, and the Moving Picture Company is responsible for the visual effects. The natural historian David Attenborough provides the narration for the program.

    During the Late Cretaceous era, about 66 million years ago, the documentary follows dinosaurs that have been re-created using computer-generated graphics and traveled the world to do so. Its goal was to illustrate dinosaurs utilizing the most up-to-date palaeontological knowledge, such as discovering that certain dinosaurs had feathers. The shows theme song was written by Hans Zimmer, who also scored the shows original soundtrack. Since Planet Dinosaur aired in 2011, this is the first major dinosaur-focused documentary series to be produced by the BBC, and it is the third series of its kind overall .

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