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Ultimate Dinosaurs Exhibition At Royal Ontario Museum Brought To Life By Hp Printer

MISSISSAUGA, CANADAJuly 19, 2012 HP Canada announced that floor-to-ceiling, life-like graphics produced on HP latex printing systems are helping visitors dive into the world of dinosaurs at an exciting new exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum . The exhibition creates a view of the world during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods through the use of scientific fossil evidence.

To transform the distant past into realistic, life-sized color images for its new Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana exhibition, the museum turned to Beyond Digital Imaging, a print service provider from Markham, Ontario.

Details of the eras and creatures of the time are accurately brought to life with more than 100 print panels covering approximately 10,000 square feet with rich colors and a size that lives up to the incredible grandeur of the dinosaur age. The longest single mural within the exhibit is more than 100 feet long. No matter where a visitor stands within the exhibition, the effect is an overall feeling of being transported to a lost world.

The ROM’s key criteria for a PSP extended beyond getting the best image quality and cost. The ROM also needed a product that will easily come off the walls, without damaging them, after the exhibition ends. The ROM also considered sustainability and environmental impact when making their choice.

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