St Louis Science Center Dinosaur Exhibit

Dinoroarus Returns To The Zoo

New T. rex exhibit opens at St. Louis Science Center Saturday

Open Daily Through Sunday, November 6, 2022

Colossal creatures and bumpy behemoths have returned to the Zoo! Throughout Dinoroarus, in this land before time, discover the amazing connections between dinosaurs and modern-day living animals while walking among 14 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs. Guests of all ages will learn about what scientists can gather from fossils, theories of the dinosaurs’ mass extinction and ways we all can support wildlife today! Information on ticketing can be found below tickets to this exhibit must be purchased in-person at the Zoo.

Saint Louis Science Center Opening Special Exhibit Tyrannosaurs: Meet The Family This Saturday

You might think you know all about T. rexbut wait until you meet his cousins.

An exhibition opening this Saturday, October 30, at the Saint Louis Science Center provides a fascinating look back through time at how T. rex got to be T. rexmega jaws and silly little micro-arms and all.

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family is an immersive, multimedia exhibition featuring fossils, a life-size T. rex, examples of the evolving technology used in paleontology, and more. It provides new insights about the evolutionary path leading up to arguably the best-known of all the dinosaurs.

When they first discovered him, no one had seen anything like him, says Neville Crenshaw, manager of special exhibitions at the Science Center. They named him the king of the tyrant lizards!

The massive predator was discovered in 1902, at just the right moment to become a star, Crenshaw explains. It would be another 50 years or so before the next significant discoveries were made, and the terrifyingly photogenic creature served as excellent inspiration for villains in the nascent movie industry.

But T.rex didnt just climb out of the primordial ooze. There were plenty of steps along the way.

He didnt exist in a vacuum, says Crenshaw. Hes just, like, the ultimate version of the Tyrannosaur family.

Timed tickets are $14.95 for ages 1359, $12.95 for seniors ages 60-plus, $10.95 for ages 512 and military, $7.50 for members, and free for ages 4 and under.

St Louis Science Center Insider Tips

  • General admission is free. This includes access to more than ten various exhibition spaces, including the Life Science Lab, Human Adventure, Structures, Ecology and Environment, Dana Brown Paleo Lab and Dig Site, CybervilleTM, Ira and Judy Gall Amazing Science Demonstrations at CenterStage and the new Experience Energy attraction.
  • Things you’ll pay for: For the general public, there are fees for parking, tickets to shows in the OMNIMAX® Theater and the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, tickets for the flight simulators, admission to the Discovery Room and LEGO MINDSTORMS and admission to special exhibitions in Boeing Hall. Members of the Science Center receive free and discounted tickets.
  • How Long to Stay: You can see many of the activities in just a few hours. However, if your family wanted to see the entire Science Center and experience all of the ticketed venues, plan to spend the entire day. Most paid venues take an average of 30 – 45 minutes.

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Zoo Reservations Still Required To Visit

All Zoo guests, including those who wish to experience Dinoroarus, must make a free, timed reservation online in advance to enter the Zoo. Daily attendance is limited to help maintain social distancing within the Zoo. make areservationup toseven days priortothedate of visit. Zoo reservations do not include tickets to Dinoroarus.

About the Dinoroarus Experience

Is The St Louis Dinosaur Exhibit Free

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While the zoo itself is free, the Emerson Dinoroarus does cost to get into it . That said, it comes in at a very reasonable rate of $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up free for kids under the age of 2. It is one visit per ticket, but youre free to wander at your own pace. It was very well spaced out over a 3.5 acre area and again very much worth the cost.

You can also pick up an Adventure Pass, which is $14.95 per person. This will not only include admission to the dino exhibit, but also to other fun attractions like the zooline railroad, sea lion show, and the 4D theater!

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St Louis Zoo Dinosaur Exhibit

The Saint Louis Zoo has brought us something that has made my 7 year olds dreams come true dinosaurs!! Now dont tell my kid this, but we had actually planned our trip to the St. Louis zoo before we even realized it would happen right after the exhibit opened. Despite living only 90 minutes from St. Louis, my kids had never been. Now Im not sure how well ever top a trip that included dinosaurs!

What Happened To The Animals Who Lived In The Childrens Zoo

The zoo has kept some live animals that they can tie into dinosaurs for example domesticated guinea fowl will soon be added because scientists believe dinosaurs are directly related to modern birds. The guinea fowl will be allowed to roam free through the exabit.

Some animals have remained with signage added to explain what river otters and Tasmanian devils have in common with the dinosaurs. Other habitats have been hidden behind privacy fences hopefully this means animals will return to the area as the zoo figures out what they are doing with the space long term.

The petting goats remain behind the scenes in their barn perhaps theyre return with the new set up??

Other animals have been rehomed to other zoos.

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How Many Dinosaurs Are In The Exhibit

There are 16 dinosaurs stationed throughout this outdoor walking exhibit. I probably should have taken more notes and less pictures, but luckily my kids have photographic memories when it comes to dinosaurs! Of all the dinosaurs we saw, the Quetzalcoatlus was personally my favorite. And yes I had to Google how to spell that correctly.

Dinosaurs Come Alive At The Saint Louis Science Center

St. Louis Science Center & Planetarium Part 1: Dinosaurs, Omnimax, Energy, Mind Ball, Vein Viewer

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Those are the words that inspired artist and kinetic sculptor John Payne. His work is the focus at the Saint Louis Science Centers latest exhibition, DINOSAURS IN MOTION, which offers both the wonders of science and the beauty of art.

This one-of-a-kind exhibition in Forest Park teaches about many different areas of science, from robotics to fossilization, as the 14 dinosaurs on display keep you fully engaged and learning as you make your way from one amazing sculpture to another.

From the moment you walk in the door, Paynes work takes you on a journey. The first area of the exhibition displays his earliest work. The dinosaurs on display in the Beginner Studio are inspired by actual fossils, and they demonstrate basic concepts of biomechanics and balance. From the jaw down to the shoulder, Payne replicates the science of anatomy to show how the creatures joints enable them to move. Along with the displays, there are Innovation Stations that show what it takes for an idea to become a reality, teaching the importance of sketching and planning.

The next stop is the Advanced Studio, where the dinosaurs evolve into robots. Here, you can move the dinosaurs by activating motion sensors as you approach the display, or with a remote control that provides full control over movement, lights and sounds. The dinosaurs movements are shockingly smooth and realistic, as the animatronics truly bring the display to life.

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Do You Need A Reservation

At the time of writing this, we are still in a worldwide health crisis. Fortunately the St. Louis zoo cares deeply about the health and safety of their guests. The dinosaur exhibit itself does not require a reservation, but visiting the zoo does. You can book your visit up to a week in advance. We went on a Tuesday afternoon and there was zero wait to purchase the exhibit tickets or enter the attraction itself.

A T Rex Named Sue Stomping Into St Louis Science Center

Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found, is shown in this 2000 file photo from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. By Diane Toroian Keaggy


The St. Louis Science Center Exploradome will welcome “A T. rex Named Sue,” one of the worlds most popular dinosaur exhibits. The touring show features a 42-foot-long life-sized skeleton cast of Sue, the Tyrannosaurus rex that lords over the lobby of Chicagos Field Museum. The show also features videos, touchable casts of teeth and bones, and movable models of dinosaur jaws and forearms.

The exhibit runs from Jan. 17 to April 12. Tickets are $6, $5 for children.

Sue is named for Sue Hendrickson, who unearthed the dinosaur near Faith, S.D. Never before had paleontologists collected a complete set of bones. Sues discovery has lead to more detailed studies of the biology, growth and behavior of the T. rex.

“Since she is almost complete and so well-preserved, Sue has enlightened us to additional anatomical features of T. rex,” said Stephanie Kuster, paleontologist at Washington University in St. Louis. “Shes the equivalent of a supermodel in the fossil world. Its such an anomaly for a specimen to be preserved as Sue was it requires the most perfect conditions possible.”

For T.rex fossils and T.rex cast replicas please visit: Taylor Made Fossils

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Stand Over The Highway

The way the Science Center is designed, you cross a bridge right over the highway to get from the Planetarium area to the majority of the rest of the museum. I dont know why this is so cool and appealing, but it is for all of us! There are even parts of the floor cut out and replaced with clear material so you can see the cars zooming under you.

St Louis Science Center

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The Saint Louis Science Center offers more than 700 exhibits and special on-site activities. The Science Center is a three-building complex with more than 700 hands-on exhibits. In the Science Center galleries you can:

  • Visit a life-sized animated Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops in the Ecology and Environment Galleries
  • Unravel the mysteries of genetics in DNA Zone®
  • Climb in a giant kaleidoscope in the Human Adventure Galleries
  • Play a laser harp or create a virtual fish in Cyberville
  • Explore the science of engineering in Structures
  • Cross over the interstate and watch the cars go by on the Bridge
  • Visit the new Flight! Gallery in the tunnel between the main building and the Planetarium
  • Enjoy innovative, live Amazing Science presentations

And, while youre at the Science Center, there are a ton of other amazing exhibits to check out. The largest Dinosaur exhibition ever hosted in St. Louis is currently at the Science Center and includes life-like sculptures, actual fossils, animatronic dinosaur models, life-size skeletons, and more. But, this exhibit only runs through March 12, 2010, so if youre interested, you will need to get there in the next couple of weeks.

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Saint Louis Science Center

Saint Louis Science Center Entrance
Location within Forest Park

The Saint Louis Science Center, founded as a planetarium in 1963, is a collection of buildings including a science museum and planetarium in St. Louis, Missouri, on the southeastern corner of Forest Park. With over 750 exhibits in a complex of over 300,000 square feet , it is among the largest of its type in the United States.

What Can We See At Dinoroarus

The first thing a frequent visitor will notice is that the old Childrens Zoo space hasnt been rearranged TOO much. The dinos have been worked into existing landscape and there are no fences just clever bits of low stone walls so kids can get right up close and examine the scenes.

These dinosaurs are very kid friendly. I walked through the exhibit with a lot of preschooler kids, and only saw one little girl balk at the oversized statues. Theyre colorful, they move slowly and they make low dino grunts. A couple even shoot water.

Unlilke the St. Louis Science Centers dino battle scene, these giant beasties are shown grazing, peeking over logs and tending to nests full of babies. Even the giant T Rex looks like hes keep a protective watch over the visitors rather than eyeballing anyone for a tasty snack.

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The Childrens Zoo Building Is Now A Gift Shop

Keeping with the dont touch that theme of current exhibits, the old building that housed petable bunnies, naked mole rats and meerkats is now a big gift shop. The aquariums remain jellies lived during the dino age after all.

One really cool exhibit that youll want to see here is a small Dimetrodon model with the mechanical workings exposed. Theres a touch free control panel that allow kids to control its movement. If your kid always asks how does that work?? this is a great exhibit to check out.

Thisseasonalexhibitcontinues at the Zoo for the nextcouple ofyears while the Zoo works to reimagine, plan and redevelop the 3.5-acre area into a new, permanent family and childrens area, which will continue the Zoos mission of connecting families and children with animals.

Brand New Features This Year

Dinosaur at St Louis Science Center
  • A new, spikey dinosaur – the euoplocephalus
  • A massive area with new and old digging opportunities, including the Dino Dig. But be careful! There’s a dinosaur joining you in that space!
  • An exciting magnetic Dino Wall where guests can build dinosaurs!
  • More engaging educational activities!

Tickets to the attraction are not available in advance of your visit or online.

General Admission Ticket

  • A ticket to Dinoroarus is $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up, and children under age 2 can enter for free. General admission tickets may be purchased at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

Zoo Member Admission Tickets

  • Zoo members may use their member benefits for free admission to Dinoroarus. Members may pick up tickets to Dinoroarus at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

Adventure Pass

  • Dinoaroarus is included in the Adventure Pass. Guests who purchase the Adventure Pass may enter Dinoroarus at by showing their Adventure Pass wrist band. The passes can be purchased at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

Are you excited about the return of this popular exhibit? Share your excitement using #StlZooDinos on social media and follow the Zoo’s accounts: , and .


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Dana Brown Fossil Prep Lab And Dig Site

Explore, excavate and experience our realistic interactive dig site as you discover the world of paleontology. Pretend youre a paleontologist as you chip away at the dirt to uncover dinosaur fossils buried deep beneath the earth in a reconstruction of the Badlands of Montana.

Stop by the prep lab to watch staff and volunteers work on preparing real dinosaur fossils. The fossils in the dig site are casts from real fossils that can be seen on display in the prep lab!

Note that all children must be accompanied by an adult. Please no food or drink in the dig site.

Membership does more.

As a nonprofit, the Saint Louis Science Center relies on memberships, donations and ticket sales to support free galleries like Ecology & Environment, our education programs, community outreach and daily operation.

If youd like to support the Science Centers mission, learn more about membership, make a one-time gift in support of the Science Center, or get tickets to see a show.

Dinoroarus At The St Louis Zoo

Im still a little shocked that the St. Louis Zoo shut down its beloved Childrens Zoo in 2020. The space is now home to more than a dozen animatronic dinosaurs.

DinoRoarus is a temporary exhibit, meaning that it will occupy the old Childrens Zoo area for a few years while they work on brilliant new plan. The future exhibit promises to be another kid-friendly space that will connect the dots between families and animals.

I took a peak at the new/old space on media preview day heres what I learned.

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New T Rex Exhibit Opens At St Louis Science Center Saturday

ST. LOUIS Theres a new exhibit opening at the Saint Louis Science Center this weekend and it promises to introduce people to the many types of T. Rexs.

The new exhibit, Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family, opens Saturday. Visitors can see T. Rex fossils and casts of tyrannosaur specimens. There is also a virtual experience. Visitors will also learn what technology paleontologists are using now to make new discoveries, and how the Earth has changed over time.

to learn more and get tickets.

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James S Mcdonnell Planetarium

Play St. Louis: St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis City

Funding for the first structure of the current campus began in 1955, with $1 million of a $110 million city bond issue specified for the construction of a planetarium. Two years were spent surveying locations. The first proposed site, on the northern side of Forest Park near the Jefferson Memorial Building at Lindell and DeBaliviere, was scrapped because of restrictions on subdivisions. The location was changed to the southern part of the park, on the site of the old mounted police station, which was demolished in 1960. The plan was to build a planetarium, science museum, and natural history museum.

The Planetarium was designed by Gyo Obata of Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum with a unique shape . Architectural Forum magazine described it as, “Looking like some strange craft spun down to earth from outer space… St. Louis’s new planetarium perches gracefully on a rise in … Forest Park”.James Smith McDonnell , an aviation pioneer and co-founder of St. Louis-based McDonnell Douglas, an aerospace manufacturer, donated $200,000 for equipment such as the star projector. The facility was named after him in 1964.

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