Ring With Meteorite And Dinosaur Bone

Muonionalusta Meteorite Ring Inlay

DIY Jurassic Park Ring: Made From Dinosaur Bone, Meteorite, Petrified Wood, and Titanium

The Muonionalusta meteorite said to be the oldest known meteorite, impacted northern Scandinavia around one million years BCE. The first fragment was found in Kitkiöjärvi, Sweden in 1906. There are around 40 pieces of Muonionalusta meteorite known to exist. The ground meteorite produces a black dust with shimmers of silvery iron. We add silver flecks into each meteorite ring inlay to create a unique design reminiscent of the night sky and the space from which it came.

Custom Mens Wedding Band

We arrived at Jewelry by Johan to dream up Gavins custom designed ring.

Originally, Gavin really wanted a meteorite mens wedding band, and so we also looked at some of the mens two-tone wedding bands which were a combo of both dinosaur meteorite ring.

We realized that meteorite is very high in iron which means you need to be careful to not expose it to a lot of liquids or it could rust.

With the amount of cooking we do, we knew that meteorite wasnt a realistic option even though it was really cool.

Thus, we started to design a dinosaur bone ring, one of the most truly unique wedding bands for men.

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Production Method If you are looking for a Unique Custom Ring that screams individuality, then Renaissance is the place for you. We are proud to offer the largest selection of unique designs that cater to the most particular tastes. With new custom work being made daily for customers around the globe, we like to say âDream Itâ and Eric will make it. We are very honored to be entrusted with the task of creating your symbol of love and affection. We promise to make your jewelry buying and creation experience second to none! Thank you
  • Date First Available :October 10, 2019
  • ASIN :B07Z4FZ3F4

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What Are Dinosaur Bone Rings

Our unique dinosaur bone rings are made using an inlay of 100% authentic, crushed, agatized dinosaur fossils. The fossils we use can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. Dinosaur bone is a fossil, fossil are rock, and rocks are brittle. This is why we inlay the dino bone as a crushed inlay to ensure a durable, wearable ring. The crushed pieces are inlaid into a groove on the band and sealed with a medical-grade resin.

Meteorite Ring With Dinosaur Bone Inlay

Jewelry by Johan Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring

This meteorite ring features a dinosaur bone inlay. It is flat-topped, etched, and approximately 1.9mm thick. It is 7.5mm wide with 2.75mm of meteorite on each side of 2mm of dinosaur bone. The inner band is stainless steel.

  • Meteorite rings cannot be re-sized.
  • Removing the rings prior to any contact with water is recommended as they are composed of iron and have the potential to form rust.
  • Surface irregularities including divots and cracks are common.

*To avoid the possibility of damage to the stone, rings with inlay should be removed prior to activities such as: weightlifting, rock climbing, swimming, gardening, washing dishes, etc*

Each stone is unique. Color may vary.

Special Order Only – Allow 6 to 8 Weeks

  • 4 7.75, 8 11, 11.25 14

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    Genuine Dinosaur Bone Ring & Wedding Bands

    Representing millions of years of preserved perfection, dinosaur bone rings from Brilliance.com feature beautiful and vibrant inlays of genuine dinosaur fossil. By utilizing the latest techniques, our skilled master jewelers are able to incorporate these rare prehistoric artifacts into truly wondrous rings for him and her.

    Fossilized bones and coprolite are polished and cut to fit special channels carved directly into rings band for a smooth, seamless finish. Each inlay is hand-selected for its unique color and texture, from nature-inspired patterns that mimic bark and wood, to bold, blood-red bone inlays. Brown, red, blue, green, pink, whiteour fossils come in a variety of colors, so you have plenty of styles and shades to choose from. No two fossils are exactly the same, either, so the inlay embedded within your ring is as special as you are!

    Dinosaur bone rings are a great way to blend history, tradition, and cutting-edge technology. You can highlight the myriad colors in your fossil with a bright, white tungsten band. For an even more modern look, juxtapose those vibrant colors with a black ceramic band.

    Coolest Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas For A Jurassic Kid Party

    A dinosaur birthday party is such a roaring success, its popular with kids and so much fun to prepare! No wonder Dinosaurs are one of the most exciting topics taught at school!

    First off, check out these great Dinosaur birthday party packs and decorations with some really great items, including everything youll need to set the prehistoric scene and keep the kids from eating like barbaric cavemen.

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    Dinosaur Bone And Meteorite Ring

    What Is Dino Bone Like

    DIY Titanium Glowring made with Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone

    So, we cant exactly put huge hunks of Dino Bone on top of a ring and call it good. Well, we could, but it works a lot better when the small pieces of fossil we use are ground into very small fragments, and then coated with a water-resistant medical-grade resin. And yes, it is completely legal to own and use fossils for jewelry making. The pieces we use are too small and broken for use in a museum anyways.

    The cool thing about this process is that, while they are fossilized bones, they look a lot like standard rocks at first glance. But once they have been ground and placed into the grooves of their respective rings, these bones create a pattern that is totally unique to that ring. So, not only is your future Dino Bone ring made of freaking Dinosaur, it will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece. Its kinda like those specific Dinosaurs lived their lives, and died exactly where they did, just to become part of your unique ring Or at least, thats what our resident word-monkey likes to think.

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    Genuine Dinosaur Bone Wedding Band And Rings

    Looking for something extraordinary? Youll love our stylish Dinosaur Bone Inlaid Tungsten Carbide Ring. Dinosaur bone jewelry is one of the most unique types in the world. Actually, its not bone but a combination of minerals that replaced dinosaur bones over millions of years. Due to the unique and rare colors and patterns found in these fossils, gembone is often considered the worlds greatest treasure.

    We use agatized dinosaur fossil for our dinosaur wedding rings in which the original fossilized bone has been re-mineralized, or replaced, with silica-based compounds, such as chalcedony, jasper, agate or opal. This rare process in which the calcite in the original fossils for your dinosaur bone engagement ring is replaced with silicates requires a particular type of environment, referred to as an aqueous intrusion.

    Dinosaur bone is brittle, thats why our dinosaur bone rings are made from crushed up dino bones to ensure a durable, wearable ring. Fragments of dino bone are inlaid into the groove of your band and sealed with water-resistant medical-grade resin. After that, your dinosaur bone wedding ring is sanded smooth and polished to give it the final glossy appearance. And yes, its completely legal to own and use fossils for jewelry production.

    Style Number: Sgdb009jurassic Ring Series

    The T-rex lived at the end of the Late Cretaceous period and was one of the largest and most fearsome carnivores ever, a fearsome predator that once terrorized North America.This Damascus steel wedding band Inlaid with a 4 billion-year-old Gibeon meteorite and real 65 million-year-old T-rex bones brings this ring to life.Damascus Steel is made of 304 and 316L surgical steel from the world-famous Swedish Damascus Steel. It is hypoallergenic due to its inactive nickel content.Our dinosaur bone inlays are made from 100% authentic crushed dinosaur bone fossils.Each ring comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.Each dinosaur bone is sealed in a marine-grade waterproof coating. Saga Bands started in 2008 and has been making rings for more than 10 years, we have enough strength to make the most durable rings.This ring features a snug fit inside the ring, which means the center of the ring is true to size and slightly larger toward the edge of the ring. The tight fit makes the ring easier to put on and take off and more comfortable on the finger.

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    Dinosaur Party Favor Bags And Boxes

    Weve created these printable and foldable dinosaur-themed favor bags and favor boxes. They are blank and so the kids can decorate and fold them themselves. You can also print them out on different-colored paper.

    For the favor box and medium favor bags print, color if needed and cut out. Before you start gluing the favor box, fold along the dotted lines and assemble so that all the sides connect. Only then add glue and secure the folded flaps.

    To create the large favor bags youll need to print out TWO designs for one favor bag. First, cut along the lines and fold along the dotted lines. Then, connect the two so that the left side of one is glued to the right side of the other.

    Heres a Dinosaur certificate you can print out as a favor.

    • Printable Dinosaur Certificate

    You can make your own favor packs with inexpensive items such as:

    Growing dinosaurs, dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur gliders, mini dinosaurs, rock candy, pop rocks, small binoculars, dinosaur stickers, gummy and/or bone-shaped gummies, dino eggs , magnifying glasses, plastic dinosaurs, dinosaur erasers, dinosaur magnets, neon dinosaurs, pith helmets, binoculars, dinosaur wood craft kit, dinosaur key chains and every other imaginable dinosaur favor item.

    You can put all of the favors inside decorated Dino-eggs.

    Here are lots of printable Dinosaur birthday party thank-yous to send out after the party:

    Our Promise Of Prehistoric Ethics

    Black Zirconium Tan Dinosaur Bone and Gibeon Meteorite Ring with Deser ...

    Looking at something as mind-blowing as a real dinosaur bone ring, you may ask yourself is this practice legal and ethical?

    Here at Rings by Lux, we are fully committed to ensuring we make our rings from the best materials in a fully ethical way.

    The Gembone used in our rings and bands is never part of a large and scientifically/culturally valuable skeleton. They come instead from broken, fractured, or impossible to match bones that are not in the interests of museums or universities.

    In fact, Gembone is hard to tell apart from regular stone when in its raw and wild form. It will take a long process of cutting and polishing to create results that are rich in colors and details, like those you can order from our store.

    In terms of legality, fossils found outside of US state or federal lands are perfectly legal to both own and distribute. We know for sure that all of our Gembone items are found on private property close to or inside the four corners region in the USA where the four states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico touch.

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    Dinosaur Party Food And Drink

    Dinosaur Birthday Party Food

    Here are some ideas for your dinosaur birthday party carnivore and herbivore cuisine. Put small signs on each just to make sure everyone understands that they are munching on real Jurassic foods you can even mark a Carnivore section and a Herbivore section with all the non-meat items.

    • Brown spotted Dino eggs: hard-boil eggs in water with onion peels and tea-bags for atleast half an hour to an hour.
    • Cracked Dino eggs: Another idea is to create cracked dino eggs. Hard-boil some eggs. After they cool, gently crack the shell all over, but dont remove it. Place the cracked eggs in a small bowl containing 3 cups of cool water and kool-aid mix . Then cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator overnight. On the day of the party, remove the eggshells and lo and behold, the egg looks like they have cracks all over them!
    • PB& J-asaurus sandwiches
    • Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets
    • Brontosaurus Burgers
    • Dinosaur eggs in a nest
    • Pasta-Raptor Salad
    • Chicken wings for the meat eaters and a vegetable tray for the plant eaters.
    • Dino Dogs with Lava
    • Tyrannosaurus Mex-Dip with Fossil Fries
    • Hot lava and rocks

    Dinosaur Birthday Party Drinks:

    Tip: Add pop-rocks to the Swamp Water just as you serve to create an awesome bubbling effect!

    Dinosaur Birthday Party Treats:

    Green Meteorite Dinosaur Bone Ring


    This ring contains Campo Del Cielo meteorite shavings, Dinosaur Bone, and Dinosaur Tooth. The band is made from black ceramic and is 8mm thick.

    The ring inlay is sealed with Cyanoacrylate. This provides a durable, scratch resistant, and water-resistant finish.

    This rings are handmade with each piece of meteorite and opal being painstakingly placed. Therefore each ring is unique and may not exactly match the pictures above. If you would like us to go heavier/lighter on the opal or meteorite add it to the order notes and Ill be happy to customize it. This will not effect the price.

    The bands are made from ceramic and cannot be resized. It is important to get the correct size so visit a local jeweler and ask them to measure your finger.

    Each ring comes with a Certificate of Authenticity describing the inlay materials and where they are sourced.


    4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15

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    This Is Not Your Typical Jewelry Store

    In fact, its far from typical or ordinary. Our Rings of Relics, made from the highest quality dinosaur bone, lunar dust, meteorite, glow, and other relics from the past. They are the ultimate in unique custom rings and wedding bands. We offer a wide variety of tungsten, titanium, and ceramic wedding ring band types. Browse our standard options below or customize your ring with different inlay materials, colors, or even add a custom phosphorescent color! If you dont see what youre looking for, contact us, and one of our jewelers can work with you to create something truly unique.

    Meteorite And Dinosaur Bone Ring

    Making a Dinosaur Fossil Ring from REAL Dinosaur Bone!

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    Double Helix Dna Ring With Meteorite And Dinosaur Bone

    This ring cannot be resized.

    To ensure the perfect fit and be covered by our no-cost remake policy, order a custom ring sizer in your presumed ring size.

    No idea of your ring size? Use our free ring sizing app. We also offer a free sizing kit for determining your estimated size.

    View the Ring Size Conversion Chart for international sizes.

    If you dont see your desired ring size available for order, please contact us.

    Our laser Text Engraving is FREE. View all text engraving font options.

    We also offer Image Engraving for logos, icons, fingerprints and more.


    Please note: Non-metal materials cannot be engraved. This includes materials coated with Ring Armor and mokume gane. We also cannot engrave rings less than 4mm wide.

    A custom gemstone engagement ring or garnet wedding ring. This 10k white gold wedding band is designed to look like a DNA structure with gemstones and unique materials accenting the band. A green tsavorite garnet sits on top of the ring with crushed dinosaur bone on each side. Following the dino bone down the band are two round cut Forever One Moissanites , ending with an inlay of gibeon meteorite and crushed synthetic opal.

    RING LAYOUT Gemstone Engagement Ring, Unique DNA Ring With Meteorite And Dinosaur Bone-2623Ring Width: 5.25 mmRing Sleeve: 10k White GoldRing Profile: Custom DNARing Finish: Polished

    5.25 mm DNA Style with Crushed Dinosaur Bone , Gibeon Meteorite , And Crushed Synthetic Opal

    Meteorite Ring And Dinosaur Bone Ring Meteorite And Dinosaur Ring Mens Meteorite Ring

    Price: $250.75

    Star Seller. This seller consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received.


    The estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, the recipients location , the sellers processing time and location, and the shipping carrier. Other factorssuch as shipping carrier delays or placing an order on weekend/holidaymay push the arrival of your item beyond this date.

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