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We see absolutely no problems with creating an amusement park full of gigantic cloned predators with killer teeth and gnarly strength, do you? Show a ton of appreciation for the totally iconic Steven Spielberg production with our official Jurassic Park T-Shirts and gifts. Whether your fave movie is Jurassic Park, The Lost World or the original hit back in ’93 – we have just the collection of 90s tshirts designed to show your love for the movies in style. From retro-inspired ringer T-Shirts to pyjamas, exclusive vests, sweaters, bags and more, there will be no denying your infatuation with T-Rex and co. With the amazing 2018 instalment, The Fallen Kingdom and now Jurassic World Dominion in 2022, it looks like theres no stopping this dino-mite blockbuster franchise! Our exclusive range of Jurassic Park merchandise, clothing and gifts means you wont get left behind

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With every year that passes, Steven Spielbergs dinosaur classic refuses to get older: Jurassic Park remains a total blockbuster ride, with incredible dinosaur effects, iconic characters, and some of the most nail-biting suspense set-pieces of all time. From the thrill of the T-rex break-out, to the climactic Raptors in the kitchen sequence, its endlessly rewatchable, capturing all-new generations of film fans as well as those who got to see it on the big screen back in 1993.

Its not just the dinosaurs themselves that still look great the 90s aesthetic of every part of the park has a real charm to it, and there are all kinds of t-shirts out there bearing that nostalgia-rushing Jurassic iconography. From long-sleeve logo shirts, to designs recreating famous scenes from the film, to t-shirts with niche references to please the die-hard fans, Empire has collected the greatest Jurassic Park t-shirts out there right now and you dont even have to travel through a living biological preserve filled with rampaging prehistoric clone creatures to get them. Take a look at our picks below.

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We wanted to show you something that wasn’t an illusion. Something that was real. Something that was real. Something you could see and touch.

And of course, in terms of the best-of-the-best Jurrasic World and Jurassic Park merch, that means bringing you a larger than life selection of very real Jurassic must-haves.

No, no, not that real. We can’t promise that a T-rex is gonna chase you through this collection, but we can guarantee you the best Jurassic Park and Jurassic World merch, accessories, apparel, collectibles, gifts, decor, and more.

One look at this assortment and you’ll be channeling your inner Dr. Ian Malcom . Hell yeah, we did. You know what they say in Jurassic World Dominion-creation is an act of sheer will -and it was our sheer will to bring you this can’t-beat collection of Jurrasic Park and Jurassic World merchandise. Whoever said humans and dinosaurs couldn’t coexist probably never took a scroll through this Hot Topic collection.

What? You don’t buy that we’re bringing the prehistoric heat when it comes to must-have fan favorites? You’re gonna want to take a look and see what we brought to the table. Peep our Funko Jurassic World Dominion Pop! Movies Velociraptors Vinyl Figures, our Jurassic World Dominion Danger T-Shirt, our Jurassic Park Logo Mug, our Jurassic Park Dominion Protect Your Pets T-shirt, or even our Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Giant Wall Decal.

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