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Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands for Men | Jewelry by Johan

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What’s The History Of Dino Bone

History? Oh yeah Homer, these rings have history. 150,000,000 flippin years of it. Our Dino Bone Rings use fossils from Dinosaurs that roamed the Earth during the Jurassic Age, and more specifically, roamed the Four Corners region of the United States. Thats right Bro Even our Dinos are American Made

Now, we must turn the keyboard over to the Science Stuff department to lay out a few details:

Agatized dinosaur bone is a unique fossil where the original fossilized bone, typically permineralized with calcite, has been re-mineralized, or replaced, with silica-type compounds. This requires a particular type of environment, referred to as an aqueous intrusion, to replace the calcite in the original fossils with silicates. For an aqueous intrusion to occur, local strata layers must be uplifted during tertiary intrusions so that silica-rich, superheated groundwater can flood these layers and force water and aqueous solutions into the microporous fossilized bone. It is this rare process that transpired on the Colorado Plateau 35 million years ago that created the beautifully patterned agatized dinosaur bone we use.

You still awake? Good. Long story short, it took a metric ass-ton of time, under very specific circumstances, in a very specific environment, for these fossils to become the awesome material we now have. Thats, like, Super-Dino Bones dude!

This Is Not Your Typical Jewelry Store

In fact, its far from typical or ordinary. Our Rings of Relics, made from the highest quality dinosaur bone, lunar dust, meteorite, glow, and other relics from the past. They are the ultimate in unique custom rings and wedding bands. We offer a wide variety of tungsten, titanium, and ceramic wedding ring band types. Browse our standard options below or customize your ring with different inlay materials, colors, or even add a custom phosphorescent color! If you dont see what youre looking for, contact us, and one of our jewelers can work with you to create something truly unique.

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Collection: Dinosaur Bone Rings

The Mesozoic has come roaring back… in our amazing selection of durable tungsten carbide, precious 14K gold, and lightweight ceramic dino bone rings featuring real fossilized dinosaur gembone in black, red, brown, green, white, blue, and pink. While dinosaurs no longer roam the Earth, the fact that their bones were fossilizedhardened to rock and preserved by nature over 65 million yearsattests the their everlasting strength. Millions of yearsmuch longer than the entire human civilization has been aroundis more than enough to symbolize a lifetime of love… with millions of lifetimes to spare, and that’s no exaggeration!

Why not borrow even just the tiniest timelessness of these majestic prehistoric creatures, their remains having survived to this day, as a symbol of your commitment? Maybe if we wear a distinctive piece of million-year-old history on our finger every day, their enduring strength will rub off on us. Dinosaur bone wedding bands are the perfect way to emphasize your bond and devotion.

Not only that, these dino rings are extremely rare and unique. It’s not every day someone digs up a dinosaur bone that can be made into the fine jewelry you see before you, and as time goes on that’s just going to happen less and less, making your fossilized bone ring all the more special with each passing year.

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Red Dinosaur Bone Inlay Men

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Dinosaur Bone Wedding Band: The Most Unique Wedding Band

These rings make a perfect gift for an adventurous man who has a penchant for earthly jewelry that renders elegance to his personality. Explore the dazzling array of dinosaur bone wedding bands and make your big day more special. Starting from elite-looking white dinosaur bone inlay ring, black ceramic dinosaur bone ring, and Ceramic ring with White Dinosaur Bone Inlay to spiffing tungsten Ring with Red Dinosaur Bone Inlay, Ring with Black Dinosaur Bone Inlay, and more, you will option for every taste. Flaunt your smooth and glossy dinosaur bone wedding band on your wedding day.

Genuine Dinosaur Bone Ring & Wedding Bands

Representing millions of years of preserved perfection, dinosaur bone rings from feature beautiful and vibrant inlays of genuine dinosaur fossil. By utilizing the latest techniques, our skilled master jewelers are able to incorporate these rare prehistoric artifacts into truly wondrous rings for him and her.

Fossilized bones and coprolite are polished and cut to fit special channels carved directly into rings band for a smooth, seamless finish. Each inlay is hand-selected for its unique color and texture, from nature-inspired patterns that mimic bark and wood, to bold, blood-red bone inlays. Brown, red, blue, green, pink, whiteour fossils come in a variety of colors, so you have plenty of styles and shades to choose from. No two fossils are exactly the same, either, so the inlay embedded within your ring is as special as you are!

Dinosaur bone rings are a great way to blend history, tradition, and cutting-edge technology. You can highlight the myriad colors in your fossil with a bright, white tungsten band. For an even more modern look, juxtapose those vibrant colors with a black ceramic band.

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Make A Statement With Eye

Dinosaur rings are a great option for those who appreciate its unique flair and appearance. Featuring vibrant inlays of dinosaur fossils, dinosaur bone rings from Titanium-Buzz represent millions of years of preserved perfection. Our fossils come in a variety of colors so you have plenty of shades and styles to choose from brown, red, pink, blue, white, green.

Dinosaur bone rings offer a great way to blend tradition, history, and cutting-edge technology. We offer a broad range of contemporary materials that complement the texture of dinosaur bone rings. You can choose from tungsten, ceramic, black zirconium, and cobalt chrome rings that feature dinosaur bone inlay. Each dinosaur bone ring looks amazing and new alternative materials make each piece of jewelry extremely durable and stylish. If you are looking for a more modern look, choose Blue Dinosaur Bone Inlaid Black Ceramic Ring.

Browse our collection of unique fossil rings! Youll love the way these bands look. And just imagine how surprised and amazed people will be when they learn that you are wearing an authentic piece of ancient history! Select your dinosaur bone wedding band from our latest dinosaur bone ring collection!

Want to learn more about our rare and exotic options or need advice on how to choose meteorite dinosaur bone ring? Send an email or give us a call at 1-866-215-1861.

Featured Dinosaur Bone Rings

Making a Dinosaur Fossil Ring from REAL Dinosaur Bone!

Why Choose Our Dinosaur Bone Rings?

Our dinosaur bone ring designs are different. Our rings are not mass produced in a factory by faceless workers. We are not resellers- we are the makers! Your new dinosaur bone ring is built by hand by the Hileman family in our Phoenix, Arizona jewelry studio. Mark and John Hileman make a very knowledgeable team with a combined 73 years of experience in the jewelry and lapidary fields. Our expert craftsmanship and top quality materials are second to none. Our rings are not made with crushed bone like some of the dinosaur rings you will find on the internet. We use only solid pieces of genuine dinosaur bone for our inlay sections- not chips and epoxy filler! We do not inlay our rings all the way around the ring like some of our competitors. Our inlay ring designs only go half way around the ring which allows for the ring to be re-sized should your finger size change and also cuts down on repairs, which means your ring spends more time on your finger and not in the shop for repairs. This also increases the durability of our dinosaur bone rings since the metal on the bottom of the ring absorbs some of the blows rather than the bone.

Amazing Colors!

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Why Is Dino Bone Cool

Did we just ask that question? Seriously? How could anything Dinosaur-related NOT be the coolest thing ever?

Putting the Dino-Awesomeness factor aside, and the fact that your Dino Bone ring will be utterly unique, Dino Bone still has a lot to offer. The grinding and setting process still creates a very stylish pattern, which would be hard to replicate with most other materials. Yeah, using bone can make for a brittle and damage-prone product, but that same grinding/setting/sealing process solves most of the issues. As long as you treat your ring with respect, and keep it away from your more extreme activities, it will last you a lifetime.

And lets not forget just how versatile the process makes Dino Bone. You can have inlays of all widths and sizes, either centered or off-set. So, if you somehow cant find one of our pre-designed Dino Bone rings that fits you just right, the sky is the limit on designing your own custom ring!*

So that is it. If we havent riled up your inner-child enough to check out our line of Dino Bone Rings, go put on your footie-pajamas, grab a juice box, and put on Jurassic Park Then come back and read this again. Well see you next time for another edition of Know Your Ring.


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Dinosaur Bone Ring For A One

Each dinosaur bone ring is a unique piece of jewelry that features inlay made from 100% authentic dinosaur bone fossils. Dinosaurs were amazing creatures that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. Dinosaur bone used in our stunning selection of dinosaur rings is also known as gembone and is considered to be one of the most exotic and beautiful fossils in the world. If you are an enthusiast of dinosaurs and paleontology and are looking for a stylish dinosaur bone wedding band, this could be your winner. Each genuine dinosaur wedding ring from our collection is carefully crafted and made to be unique so you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Mens Wedding Bands Dinosaur Bone

Beveled Dinosaur Bone Inlay Men

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What Are Dinosaur Bone Rings

Our unique dinosaur bone rings are made using an inlay of 100% authentic, crushed, agatized dinosaur fossils. The fossils we use can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. Dinosaur bone is a fossil, fossil are rock, and rocks are brittle. This is why we inlay the dino bone as a crushed inlay to ensure a durable, wearable ring. The crushed pieces are inlaid into a groove on the band and sealed with a medical-grade resin.

Things You Must Know About Mens Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands

Do you have a penchant for fossil jewelry such as dinosaur bone wedding bands for men? Did you hear about dino bones, gem bone, or Jurassic jewelry? All these terms are associated with dinosaur bone jewelry like wedding bands, rings, as well as bracelets. Though dinosaur fossils or Jurassic deposits consisting of sandstones, limestones, siltstones, or mudstones do not look attractive in their raw form, however, when cut and polished, they can become stunning mens wedding jewelry such as bands or rings.

Men too are excited about their wedding day and jewelry like women. According to an article published in Huffington Post, the idea that men do not bother about their wedding day is not accurate.

In this article, we will walk you through the three most essential things that you must know about mens dinosaur bone wedding rings. Read on to learn more.

  • Dinosaur wedding bands aesthetics
  • Do you know how dinosaur bone rings look like? The look or appearance may differ based on the minerals combined with the gem bone. Then, it usually has earthly tones. The standard color of a dino bone wedding band is reddish-brown however, it also has orange, blue, purple, and green tones. Dinosaur bone wedding rings for men look stunning and their colorful patterns, as well as textures, make them one-off and historical.

  • Designed as inlays on metal
  • Dinosaur wedding band benefits
  • Care and maintenance
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