Melissa And Doug Giant Dinosaur

Factories In Which Eliminated Contestants Are Ejected Into

Melissa & Doug Land of Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle (48 pcs, 4 feet long) REVIEW

1) “Knights and Daze” – Sandpaper Factory

2) “Invasion” – Dentist’s Convention

3) “I Stink, Therefore I Am” – Manure Factory

4) “Pirates” – Sewage Factory

5) “Skeleton Crew in Da House” – Porcupine Sanctuary

6) “Xcquankly” – Mousetrap Factory

7) “To the Quiz Cave” – Really Hard Mattress Company

8) “Quizoo” – Africa, Australia, and The North Pole

9) “Hoo Loves Ya, Baby!” – 80’s Disco Nightclub

10) “Quiziatori Gladihost” – Secondhand Sock Depot

11) “Superheroes” – Broken Glass Factory

12) “Dinosaur” – Liver and Onion/Chopped Liver & Tripe Ice Cream Factory / Tar Pits

13) “Hooray for Bollywood” – Rat Perfume Factory

1) “Body Swap” – Concrete Pillow Factory

2) “Sports Academy” – Angry Pig World

3) “Space: The Final Souffle” – Planet Dung

4) “Pre-School Problem” – Used Nappy Dump / Dirty Diaper Factory

5) “Trash Talk” – Land o’ Trash

6) “Vikings” – Toenail Warehouse

7) “Stop the Pop” – Faulty Bagpipe Superstore

8) “Inside Eagle Eyes/La Puck” – Miniature Village

9) “It Could Be You!” – Compost World

10) “I Spy, You Quiz” – Spikey Spike Factory / Spikey Spike Shipping

11) “Out to Sea” – Super GassyGut Beans Shipping

12) “Freakshow” – Fernando Fernando Fernando and Xcquankly’s Freakshow Circus / Human-Animal Hybrid Genetics Lab

13) “Destination: Moon” – Galactic Garbage

1) “TJ/CJ’s Birthday” – Sweaty Footballer’s Pants Depot / Faulty Bagpipe Superstore

2) “Amusement Park” – Rejected Hot Dog Meat Factory

3) “Follow that Quizblock” – Leftover School Dinners Dump

Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit

The second I placed the Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit on the floor, my 9-month-old son giggled with glee. He really enjoys the Turtle Ball Pit and probably because he recently figured out how to play throw and catch. The plush green turtle features a zipper and velcro closure and inside are 60 easy to handle multi-coloured balls. My son liked sitting inside. He climbs in and out of it while discovering all sorts of engaging features. The only thing I wish it had were perhaps some different textured balls, maybe made out of fabric or in a spiky shape.

The balls come in 2 different sizes and 6 different colours and my son found them really easy to toss around. Other great features include silky fabric tags on the turtles head, teething ring on one end of the zipper, soft rattle ball on the other end, the turtles crinkly flippers, a squeaky button and a mirror. I prefer to place the turtle on the carpet but it has a skid-proof bottom that minimizes sliding if you decide to place it on a different type of surface. The turtle is a really good size to wrestle with, measuring approximately 3 feet long and 2 feet wide. I found that not only does it store all the balls it comes with there is plenty of extra room for storing some of my sons other toys.

For an up close look at all the Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit features, check out my video review below:

Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Toys

I believe some toys help develop my babys imagination because they are magical or just plain cool. Besides all the amazing educational toys, Melissa & Doug also has some fun giant plush toys that will win the hearts of any child. As I unpacked the big boxes these giant plush toys arrived in, my sons eyes widened with a bit of fear. Hes only 9 months old so the sight of a giant T-Rex and Unicorn plush toy seemed to be frightening for him. By day two, my son was smiling and reaching for them, giggling every time he touched their heads.

Both theMelissa & Doug T-Rex and Unicorn make great cuddle buddies. They can be quite scary to smaller children, as I discovered with my baby. It is suggested for children that are at least 3 years of age and older. Even though smaller infants may not be huge fans of the giant plush toys early on, they make great décor additions to any nursery. Both the T-Rex and the Unicorn are made with a sturdy wireframe to ensure they both stand tall.

T-Rex towers at almost 4 feet high and its almost as tall as me! It has some pretty cool markings and colors and the long tail makes for some fun huggable playtime. While the Unicorn stands at approximately 2 feet tall and 3.5 feet long, it has loads of shimmery details to discover. Please take note: Both the T-Rex and the Unicorn are not sturdy enough for your child to ride, so be safe when playing.

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What Customers Say About The Melissa & Doug Giant T

One reviewer stated that just got this for my 3 year old, who is currently crazy about everything dinosaur. My kid loves it so far, hes even taking it to bed with him!

Another reviewer mentioned my son loves to wrestle with it and drag it around the house. You dont often find high quality stuffed toys that are this large for such a reasonable price, and Id say its a great buy for any kid who likes dinosaurs.

Typical is this comment from a reviewer who said just got this in the mail and soooo cute! We own the dragon from Melissa and Doug as well, its been a HUGE hit with my two boys so I know this one will be too

Lots of people get the dinosaur as a gift including this reviewer who said got this for my son for his 4th birthday which was also around xmas so we opened it on the 25th. His expression was priceless. He didnt care about the rest of the presents. He sleeps with it every night. If he could take it to school he would.

And one reviewer said this is still one of the most popular toys in the house. The other day I was asked to put my sons rain jacket on the dinosaur so we could take him in the car with us on the ride to daycare. I kinda like the dinosaur myselfbut dont tell anyone.

Interested in dragon plush animals, . The Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Plush is for anyone who loves dinosaurs and will soon become a favorite.

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Melissa &  Doug Giant T

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What Is Good About The Melissa & Doug Giant T

Size colossal measuring more than two feet tall, this enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex is anything but threatening.

Realistic looking great attention to detail a colorful prehistoric plush in beautiful colors with well placed spots and stripes as you would expect to find on a T-Rex.

Excellent quality soft premium quality plush construction with the stitching nice and tight. Melissa and Doug have been making quality stuffed animals for over 23 years.

Melissa & Doug Gentle Jumbos Dinosaur Giant Stuffed Plush Animal

  • This product is not eligible for coupons. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohls Cash® and Kohl’s Rewards® on this product.

Add a unique decorative touch to any nursery, bedroom, or playroom with this Melissa & Doug Gentle Jumbos Dinosaur Giant Stuffed Plush Animal.


  • This Gentle Jumbos Dinosaur is the friendliest beast you’ll ever meet! Sitting nearly three feet tall, the oversized sweet stuffed dinosaur features soft teeth, floppy scales on its back and tail, soothing colors, and a friendly expression
  • The squishy three-toed feet and substantial body covered in ultra-soft green faux-fur with yellow accents encourage jumbo-sized hugs and make this plush pal great to snuggle with and lean against!
  • Melissa & Doug is proudly partnering with the American Academy of Pediatrics to foster early brain development and help children build important life skills through play
  • Helps families embrace the three principles of healthy play: prioritize hands-on play, enjoy screen-free time and interact and connect through play


  • Giant jumbo-sized stuffed plush green di saur with yellow accents sits nearly 3 feet tall


  • 33″ H x 28″ W x 36″ D
  • Age: 2 years & up
  • Polyester fabric, polyester stuffing, plastic

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