Largest Dinosaur Exhibit In Us

North Americas Biggest Dinosaur Event Migrates To Penticton This May

Giant dinosaur species found in Australia, among worlds largest

The largest and most realistic dinosaur exhibit in North America is BACK, BIGGER and BETTER than EVER! Their herd of photorealistic dinosaurs is ready to delight Okanagan families when Jurassic Quest® arrives in Penticton, spanning across the South Okanagan Events Centre Complex, for one weekend only on Friday, May 27 to Sunday, May 29, 2022.

Jurassic Quest will visit Canada for the first time since 2019 with its most beloved and unique experiences for the whole family including life-like dinosaurs, dinosaur rides, live dinosaur shows, interactive science and art activities, bounce houses, inflatable attractions and more. In addition to new dinos in the herd, new activities for 2022 include the Triceratots soft play area for our littlest explorers.

New for 2022, discover The Quest, their educational and entertaining journey through the Jurassic. The Quest is an interactive adventure where guests will meet dinos and prehistoric sea creatures, take a unique Dino Snap, search for fossils, watch a live Raptor Training Experience and more. Follow the ten clues to the Quest Spot signs and collect a prize at the end. The Quest is included with general admission.

Massive Titanosaur Biggest Dinosaur Ever Found Squeezes Into Museum Of Natural History

The biggest creature to ever walk the surface of the earth invaded New York Citys American Museum of Natural History on Friday.

The 122-foot-long dinosaur is a species so new that it has yet to be named and has a skeleton so big that it doesnt even fit inside one room.

The 122-foot-long dinosaur cast is too large to fit into the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Orientation Centerpart of its 39-foot-long neck extends out toward the elevator banks, welcoming visitors to the fossil halls. Photo courtesy of D. Finnin/AMNH.

The enormous titanosaur, part of a group of herbivores that roamed the earth some 100 million years ago, is the newest permanent exhibit to join the museum.

Scientists believe it weighed as much as 10 African elephants while its neck was long enough to peek into a five story building .

The display is so large it couldnt be contained to a single room in the museum. The titanosaurs head and a portion of its 39-foot neck poke out of the doorway of the main gallery, where the top of the skeleton barely grazes the 19-foot-4-inch ceiling.

This weeks unveiling marks the first time the behemoth has been displayed to the public.

Research Casting International scientists install the titanosaur cast in the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Orientation Center at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Photo courtesy of D.Finnin/AMNH.

Its really been a great time to be a paleontologist.

Miriam And Ira D Wallach Orientation Center

The introduces visitors to key concepts presented in the Museums fourth-floor fossil halls, which display 600 fossil specimensincluding more than 250 mammal fossil specimens and approximately 100 dinosaur fossil specimens. Eighty-five percent of specimens are actual fossils, as opposed to casts or reproductions. It is also home to the life-sized cast of a 122-foot-long sauropod dinosaur Patagotitan mayorum discovered in 2014.

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Dinosaur Museum In The Us Field Museum Chicago Illinois

Filed Museum is one of the most prominent natural history museums in the country. It has huge exhibition dedicated to dinosaurs located in Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet and Elizabeth Morse Genius Hall of Dinosaurs. Many exhibits here are similar to other great natural history museums in the world. But there are 2 exhibits that are unique to Filed that you absolutely should not miss:

Sue the T. Rex it is the largest and most complete T. Rex fossil in the world.

Maximo the Titanosaur the biggest dinosaur that has been discovered to date. And the best part? You can touch the cast!

Pro tip: Field Museum tickets are a bit on the expensive side. If you intend to visit other top attractions in Chicago, get a City Pass and save 50% on the price of tickets:

Here are my my additional tips for visiting the Windy City: Chicago Family Vacation Perspective of a Local.

Dinosaur Museum In The Us Museum Of Natural Sciences Raleigh North Carolina


North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh has 2 educational exhibits devoted to dinosaurs: Prehistoric North Carolina and Terror of the South.

A special feature of this museum is a 3D theater which typically has at least one movie about dinosaurs showing on a daily basis. At the time of this publication there were THREE 3D movies scheduled in the theater. I honestly could not choose which I would like to see more. Our family of dinosaur fans would probably want to see all three.

For other cool attractions in Raleigh check out my itinerary Things to Do in Raleigh with Kids.

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Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History

Its no surprise that youll see dinosaurs when you visit the 31,000-square-foot David H. Koch Hall of Fossils Deep Time fossil hall at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, but this exhibit has an even more important story to tell. In addition to fossil specimens, youll find educational videos and various interactive elements that demonstrate how humans are contributing to Earths changing climate and how the choices we make today could impact our planet far into the future.

The Field Museum Chicago Il

Think you know everything there is to know about the Tyrannosaurus rex? The Field Museum is home to one of Chicagos most famous residents, Sue, the largest and most complete T. rex skeleton in the world. At the Field Museum, youll get to find out even more fascinating facts about the Tyrannosaurus rex while admiring Sue. The museum is also home to the Evolving Planet exhibit, a comprehensive dinosaur exhibit in which you could spend hours.

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Best Dinosaur Exhibits In America 2022

Are you looking for the best dinosaur exhibits near you? Look no further because weve rounded up 16 dinosaur museums from 16 different states in this article. Whether youre flying across the country or simply traveling by car, theres a dinosaur world waiting to be discovered nearby.

Here are all the dinosaur exhibits you can visit from east coast to west coast:

Are you ready? Lets go.

Arizona Museum Of Natural History Arizona

Museum of Natural History cleans largest dinosaur

Go on an adventure in paleontology in Phoenixs sole natural history museum, the Arizona Museum of Natural History. This must-see dinosaur museums Dinosaur Mountain lets guests experience a realistic Mesozoic Era set-up with animatronic dinosaurs who are the stars of the show. It even has a waterfall and live-action flash flood effects every 30 minutes for a realistic dinosaur world experience!

Another one of its dinosaur exhibits is the Dinosaur Hall where fossils of a variety of dinosaurs like theropods and sauropods will grace you with their presence. You and your family will have fun in Arizona when you visit their museum of natural history.

  • Tickets: starts at $6.50 , $3.50
  • Operating Hours: 10 AM 4 PM, Thursday to Saturday 12 NN 4 PM Sunday
  • Location: 53 N. Macdonald, Mesa, AZ 85201
  • Phone Number: 408-644-2230

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Nation’s Biggest Dinosaur Attraction Makes Historic Move To Waco Mar 25

The largest and most realistic dinosaur exhibit in North America is back, bigger, and better than ever! The nation’s largest herd of photorealistic dinosaurs are ready to delight East Waco-area families when Jurassic Quest® heads to the Waco Convention Center for one weekend only Mar. 25-26 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Mar. 27 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Jurassic Quest is one of the first indoor family edutainment shows to re-launch since March 2020 due to the pandemic and will visit Amarillo with its most beloved and unique indoor experiences for the whole family including life-like dinosaurs, dinosaur themed rides and attractions, live dinosaur shows, interactive science and art activities, a Triceratots soft play area for the littlest explorers, bounce houses and inflatable attractions, photo opportunities, and more.

New for 2022, join the event for The Quest, their official educational and entertaining journey through the Jurassic. The Quest is an interactive adventure where guests will meet dinos and prehistoric sea creatures, take a unique Dino Snap, search for fossils, watch a live Raptor Training Experience, and more. Follow the 10 clues to the Quest Spot signs and collect a prize at the end. The Quest is included with general admission.

About Jurassic Quest

Courtesy of Jurassic Quest

Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles County Los Angeles California

They say nothing comes close to the golden coast and we agree! But one things better than the golden sandy beaches and thats LAs dinosaur exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. So if youre wondering, Are there dinosaur fossils in California?, this dinosaur museum answers yes.

Visitors are treated to three dinosaur exhibits that could make it the best dinosaur museum along the west coast. And these are:

  • The Jane G. Pisano Dinosaur Hall where guests can look at over 300 fossils and 20 mounted skeletons.
  • The Dinosaur Institute where the museums Mesozoic collection and real dinosaur bones are studied and safe-kept by scientists.
  • And the Dinosaur Encounters where visitors interact with life-sized dinosaur puppets.

Incredible, right? Make sure you come by this dinosaur attraction when youre in LA.

  • Tickets: starts at $6 , Free
  • Operating Hours: 9:40 AM 5 PM, Thursday to Sunday
  • Location: 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007
  • Phone Number: 702-384-346

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Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History Washington Dc

We cant talk about dinosaur museums without mentioning the famous Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. This famous museum is known for its 145 million specimens and unique exhibits that draw in 6 million visitors every year.

And did you know that over 30,808 people rated it 4.8 stars and up on Google? The museum is that good and shows that the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History just might be the best dinosaur museum in the world. But it still depends on your personal preference, so youll have to see it for yourself to believe it.

What makes each visit to the Smithsonian special are its unique exhibitions like the David H. Koch Hall of Fossils Deep Time. Its a dinosaur exhibit where dino enthusiasts will experience the dinosaur world and life on earth 4.6 billion years back.

They have fossils in dramatic poses too such as a T. rex eating a Triceratops and a fierce Saber-toothed cat with its jaw wide open. Other prehistoric creatures like the wooly mammoth and reptiles are on display too. Watch the video above to get a glimpse of what its like to go back in Deep Time at the Smithsonian

  • Tickets: Free admission

Dinosaur Attraction Ancient Plant Garden San Francisco Botanical Garden San Francisco California

Here Are The 5 Best Dinosaur Museums In Montana

Ancient Plant Garden at San Francisco Botanical Garden easily transports you to the time of dinosaurs. It features plants that were growing on our planet when the big lizards walked the Earth.

It is a very unique attraction. I have been to many botanical gardens and I have never seen an ancient plants collection. I strongly suggesting visiting San Francisco Botanical Garden to experience the world the dinosaurs lived in.

Pro Tip: If you travel on a budget, here is when you can get into San Francisco Botanical Garden for FREE:

1. Early morning 7.30-9.00 am entry each day

2. Second Tuesday of every month

3. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day

4. Any day if you are a San Francisco resident.

For more great things to do in San Francisco you may find my San Francisco Bay Area family travel ideas very helpful.

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Got Other Museums In Mind

From massive dinosaur bones showcased smack in the middle of museums to an entire exhibit of the Age of Dinosaurs, anyone interested in these fascinating creatures and prehistoric time should make a trip to the following museums a memorable one.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best dinosaur museums in the US.

But if youre still on a museum high and would love to continue checking off museums from your bucket list, make sure to read up on:

Dinosaur Attraction Cabazon Dinosaurs Cabazon California

Cabazon Dinosaurs is a fun roadside attraction off HW 10 in between Palm Springs and San Bernardino. It is not a paleontology museum but rather a collection of man-made dinosaurs of close to their natural size. T-rex and what looks like an Apatosaurus are the stars of the show. You can see them outside the main exhibit for free. And you can also get INSIDE the T-Rex, right into his head, and roar your lungs out!

Inside the paid exhibit you can see several replicas of smaller dinosaurs. They are set up in a garden-like area with blooming flowers. Kids can also mine for minerals on site.

Recently, Cabazon Dinosaurs established a new cute tradition they are re-painting the two main dinosaurs according to the up-coming holiday and add some holiday-specific decorations too. We v for additional photo opportunities. We visited the place during Christmas break and the T-Rex was dressed as Santa. In February the dinos were re-painted in St. Valentines appropriate colors with T-Rex wearing a tuxedo. And for Easter the T-Rex became a huge bunny!!

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Dinosaur Museum In The Us Smithsonian National Museum On Natural History Washington Dc

David H. Koch Hall of Fossils Deep Time exhibit is a must see for dinosaur fans if you are in Washington D.C. area. There are about 700 fossils on display here and though not all of them are dinosaur fossils, all are very interesting to see and learn about. Some of them are touchable too!

I visited the Smithsonian for the first time 8 years ago and back then it was just a collections skeletons. In the recent years the exhibition underwent complete renovation and it re-opened in 2019 with a totally new conceptual approach. It is a story of our planet from the past to the future. The exhibits are not static anymore, they are dynamic and they tell a compelling story.

If you have visited the museum in the past, you must come back to see this new fantastic exhibition. The only thing that the museum did not change is the entrance fee it is still FREE of charge.

Royal Tyrrell Museum Of Palaeontology Drumheller Alberta

Nation’s biggest dinosaur exhibit in Greenville

Best dinosaur museum

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta, is one of the worlds leading museums dedicated to the study of dinosaurs. The museum has a vast collection of fossils, including the only complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex ever found. The museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Houston Museum Of Natural Sciences

dinosaur museum

Were excited to see the animatronic dinosaurs at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences!

The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences Dinosaur Discovery exhibit is where youll find lifelike animatronic dinosaurs. You can also explore a 3D experience in the museums Dinosaurs Alive IMAX Theater. Theres plenty to do at this top dinosaur museum in Houston.

Tickets: starts at $25 , $16

Best Places To See Dinosaurs

From science museums to excavation sites to animatronic displays, would-be paleontologists can satisfy their curiosity at these sites across North America.

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

Located on the grounds of Drexel University in Philadelphia, the Academy of Natural Sciences is another of the world’s best natural history collection. Most of the dinosaur action takes place in the Dinosaur Hall, but the museum also features a hands-on nature center and several shows featuring live animals.

Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado/Utah

The mountains and canyons of the desert southwest were once the stomping grounds of the dinosaurs, and their remains can still be seen today embedded in the rocks of Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and Utah. When you’re not discovering fossils or pondering mysterious petroglyphs, enjoy some family camping or river rafting.

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Orlando

Fossils are great and all, but if you’d rather get up close with a more lively bunch of dinosaurs, you can do just that at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando. The Jurassic Park River Adventure ride takes you through the world of Jurassic Park, including a close encounter with a T-Rex and an 85-foot plunge.

Field Museum, Chicago

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Alberta, Canada

Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta

American Museum of Natural History, New York City

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.

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Final Tips For Visiting

  • If you are visiting with young kids you may want to take your own stroller as you will not be able to rent them at the moment.
  • Go early in the day as it gets busy. In the summer months it can also get very hot so it may be better to do the Badlands Interpretive Trail first to avoid the midday heat.
  • Discounts make sure to check here to see if you are eligible for discounted or free entry.

Main Exhibits In The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Dinosaur Museum

There are over 160,000 catalogued dinosaur fossils in the museum so you probably wont be able to see and do everything on your first visit.

For our kids, the Royal Tyrrell Museum dinosaurs that caused the biggest excitement were the big boys of the dinosaur world. These are all found in the main Dinosaur Hall.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

We love how they have created scenes with the dinosaur skeletons that tell a story. This was far more interesting for the kids than just looking at rows of dinosaur bones. We challenge you not to be blown away by what you see.

But the most fascinating of all of the dinosaur fossils for us was the Royal Tyrrell Museum Nodosaur. What it lacks in size, it makes up for with its uniqueness. This 110 million year old fossil is part of the armoured Ankylosaur family and is the best preserved dinosaur fossil ever found.

Dinosaur Exhibits at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

As well as the dinosaur exhibits there are interactive displays which the kids also loved. There was a really informative, short film on the history of the earth from the beginning of time and tells the story of the life and death of the dinosaurs. The timeline tunnel was also really cool taking you through every age of the dinosaurs.

Educational dinosaur displays

One of their favourite interactive exhibits was the Create your own dinosaur. You could select the head, body and legs from a variety of known dinosaur species and jumble them up to create your own dinosaur.

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