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Where Is Kualoa Ranch

Jurassic Park Tour at Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch is on Oahu, the most populated island. If like me you managed to get a cheap flight to Hawaii then youll perhaps fly into Honolulu. The ranch is on the same island. Its about an hours drive from Honolulu, or Waikiki where we were staying. They do offer transfers for an additional cost, however we decided to take the day to drive around the island a bit in our own rental car.

If it werent for a rental car, I dont think wed have enjoyed Oahu as much as we did. We managed to get a cheap car rental at our hotel for our stay and it was a life saver. We booked our tour for mid afternoon so that we wouldnt be rushed to get there. Our day started with a drive up the middle of Oahu to the North Shore, exploring the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, before driving along the coast to Kualoa Ranch.

Jurassic Park Hawaii Tours For All Ages

Movie Sites Tour

Age Restrictions: None | Tour Length: 1.5 hours

The Movie Sites Tour is one of the ranchs most popular excursions and is highly recommended for movie buffs especially. The tour will stop at several movie locations including Jurassic World, Fifty First Dates, Hawaii Five-0, LOST, and a WWII Bunker that is filled with movie props from over 60 movies that have filmed on the property.

You can choose between the regular tour and the premium tourto view these sites. The benefits of the Premium tour are that you have more timeto explore the places that interest you rather than just stopping at a couple andviewing the rest out the jeep window. On hot days, the air-conditioned van willbe well appreciated on the Premium tour as well as the cold waters and snacks.

*Pro tip* Sitting on the right side will typically grant you with the best views.

Ocean Voyaging Catamaran Tour

Age Restrictions: None | Tour Length: 1.5 hours

*Pro tip* Keep your eye out for turtles in the bay- we spotted a few!

Taste of Kualoa Trolley Tour

Age Restrictions: None | Tour Length: 2.5 hours

Secret Island Beach Activities at Jurassic Park Hawaii

Age Restrictions: None | Tour Length: 2.5 hours

I first discovered this gem on my high school graduationtrip and upon visiting again recently, I can see why I hadsuch lovely memories of this place! A simple open air bus will drive youthrough gardens of green on a short ride to this private beach which can onlybe accessed on the Kualoa Ranch property.

Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour Vs Jungle Tour

We actually did both the movie tour and the jungle tour in the same morning. We started with the movie tour at 9:00 am and then did the jungle tour at 11:00 am.

If youre looking for a Kualoa Ranch bus tour, the movie tour is perfect. Its an open-air bus that stays on the paved road and goes past multiple filming sites, a Hawaiian fishpond, scenic viewpoints and more.

The Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour is really smooth and its great for grandparents, families with babies/toddlers, and anyone who would like to see Kualoa Ranch without doing an adventure. You can read my full Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour review.

The movie tour focuses on the Kaaawa Valley and the jungle expedition focuses on the Hakipuu Valley. They do not see the same attractions.

The Kualoa Ranch Jungle Expedition is a much bumpier ride and geared toward families looking for a medium-sized adventure or couples who want to explore the valley.

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Kualoa Ranch Jungle Expedition Tour

This jungle tour at Kualoa Ranch is yet another tour option! This time in a 16 passenger jungle Jeep. Ive done this one at least twice and recommend it, especially if you are looking for a more affordable option.

One unique thing about this tour is that it ventures down to the southern part of the ranch. This is where the Molii Pond, an 800 year old ancient Hawaiian fishpond, is located. Its even listed on the US National Register of Historic Places!

Tips For Visiting Kualoa Ranch Jurassic Park Hawaii

Jurassic Park Private Tour Kualoa Ranch Hawaii  Hawaii Private Tours ...

Definitely plan on booking in advance! I actually had to rearrange our itinerary to fit in our visit. The tours we took stared filling up about 3 weeks in advance. Also, I overheard one of the employees talking to a couple interested in taking a tour, and she said they were completely sold out for the day and that they only had two available for the next day.

On another note, give your self plenty of time to get to get to your tour. Kualoa Ranch is about 45 minutes from Waikiki, but theres often traffic, construction, and there was actually a one-way section that took us about 10 minutes to get through.

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History Of Hawaii’s Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch is a 4,000-acre working cattle ranch and private nature reserve located on the windward side of Oahu and boasts 500 heads. Established in 1850, it is still one of the relatively untouched parts of Hawaii and will help you imagine what Oahu looked like back in the day.

In 1850, Dr. Gerrit P. Judd, an American doctor, acquired 622 acres from King Kamehameha III for $1300. Later on, ten years to be precise, he added another 2,200 acres to his estate. In 1880, the doctors son acquired additional acres for a total area of about 4,000 acres today. The ranch is nowadays still owned by the Morgan family, descendants of Dr. Judd.

This part of Oahu has been considered sacred to Hawaiian people since the 13th century and was reserved solely for royalty who were learning how to rule Hawaii. In fact, the Kamehameha ancestry, successors of King Kamehameha the Great, resided here.

Today, it welcomes visitors from all around the world, and thanks to their support, Kualoa Ranch was able to stay away from the over-development.

The terrain is made up of dense, stunning, tropical rainforest surrounded by incredible green cliffs plunging into the sea. With so much beautiful space to admire, Kualoa is an excellent location for outdoor activities such as ATVing, horseback riding, ziplining, etc.

Today, it welcomes visitors from all around the world, and thanks to their support, Kualoa Ranch was able to stay away from the over-development.

Kualoa Ranch Movie Sites And Views

The rest of the tour was just as fun and interesting. We saw the golf course Hurley built in Lost. The road where Adam Sandler took out a penguin in 50 First Dates. The graveyard of Kongs predecessors including giant ape skull. Not something you see every day.

Taking a slow drive back through the ranch we saw some of the cattle and livestock that are housed there. We were constantly in awe of the beautiful views in the valley and around the ranch. The place was so unbelievably green, and we were surrounded by impressively imposing mountains whose peaks were lost in the clouds.

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Jurassic Valley Zipline Tour

Starting at $165.95, you get to explore the entire ranch via 7+ ziplines and 2 suspension bridges

If you love ziplines, you will love them at Kualoa Ranch. Ranging from 200 feet to a quarter mile in total length, you get a range of intensities that are sure to please any zipliner from first-time to seasoned veteran.

In addition to ziplines, you cross two suspension bridges and enjoy three small hikes to natural streams.

Cost of the tour: $165.95 per Adult, with height, age, and weight restrictions – Optional round trip bus from Waikiki is $15 per person.

Duration: 3 hours

Best way to book this tour? We recommend booking via TripAdvisor, as you can often get promotional discounts to save money or acquire more benefits.

Prefer a more active adventure than sitting on a tour bus through the ranch? The Electric Mountain Bike Tour is the perfect fit for you.

With electric-assist bikes, you wont need to fully exert yourself on this tour, while still enjoying an adventure.

This tour will get you hooked on mountain biking. Thankfully there are affordable ways to continue this passion after your vacation with a full suspension mountain bike under 2000. Mountain biking is the perfect way to get some exercise and explore the beauty of this world.

Cost of the tour: $74.95 per Adult / $59.95 per Child for 1 hour. $109.95 per Adult / $89.95 per Child for 2 hours – Optional round trip bus from Waikiki is $15 per person.

Duration: 1-hour or 2-hour tours are available

Duration: 90 minutes

About Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve

Jurassic World Dinosaur Jungle Adventure at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii!

Kualoa Ranch is a 4,000 acre private nature reserve and cattle ranch located on the windward coast of Oahu. Ancient Hawaiians consider it to be one of the most sacred places on the island.

In 1850, King Kamehameha III sold a chunk of land at Kualoa to Dr. Gerritt P. Judd. Over time a few more purchases were made, increasing the acreage to 4,000 eventually, and today the ranch is owned by The Morgans, decedents of Dr. Judd.

The property is split into two parts: the northern half which includes the Kaaawa Valley, and the southern half which includes Molii, an 800-year old ancient Hawaiian fishpond. The majority of the tours take place in the northern part, nicknamed Jurassic Valley because its a real life Jurassic Park!

Seeing either area is possible only via guided tour. The farthest you can get without a tour is the visitor center and gift shop.

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What You Need To Know About The Hollywood Movie Sites Tour

The main things you should know about this tour that may not be true of some of the others:

  • Great for those on a vacation budget
  • Family friendly tour
  • Easygoing and interactive
  • Perfect for movie fans

Hawaii is not the cheapest place to visit so this tour in particular is great if you are on a budget. The Hollywood Movie Sites tour is around $50 USD per person with an optional $15 per person roundtrip transfer from Waikiki.

The 90 minute tour takes place on what appears to be a re-purposed school bus. Your bus driver is your tour guide, and they are incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining. There were plenty of kids on the tour I did, but it was just as fun for the adults who remember the movies they filmed there.

There are stops throughout the tour to get out and take pictures, and the buses have no actual glass in the windows so you dont have any obstructions for your perfect shot. The bus takes a leisurely drive through the ranch around the various movies sites.

Speaking of movie sites, this is the tour you want if you love your movies. Its not just Jurassic Park, but Godzilla, King Kong, 50 First Dates and TV shows like Lost were all filmed here. Love movies? Then this Disneyland & Universal post is for you.

Brief History Of Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch was founded by Dr. Gerritt P. Judd back in 1850. He came to Hawaii from the East Coast to help treat Native Hawaiians who were battling diseases and new illnesses.

After seeing how Waikiki and Honolulu were quickly developing, he decided to purchase the 4,000 acre Kualoa Ranch property for $10,000 in order to preserve the sacred land.

Today, the land is still owned and managed by Dr. Judds descendants. They offer tours, event rentals, and commercial activities in order to keep the land at Kualoa undeveloped and pristine for future generations.

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The Jurassic Park Sign And Tree

Our next stop was the one I had been waiting for. Im not ashamed to say I wore my Jurassic Park t-shirt especially for this day. Fan girl much?! The Jurassic Park sign was set up next to, in Uncle Leonards words, possibly the most famous dead tree in Hawaii. That would be the tree that Dr. Grant and the kids hide behind during the flocking of the Gallimimus dinosaurs when running from the T-Rex. Thats right, I know all the dinosaur names. Surely you cant be surprised at this.

Our tour guide was happy to take pictures of us together, and I took a dozen more. We also took the time to take pictures of the valley itself all around us. We didnt get rushed back onto the bus, and Uncle Leonard made sure everyone got their photos. Its weird to think that a movie sign could be the highlight of the day but if youre a movie fan like me, I think youll understand.

Secret Island Beach Adventure

Pin on Bucket List

It is no secret that Secret Island Beach has lots of fun adventures to offer. Although it is one of the most secluded beaches in Hawaii, it remains one of the favorites. It is an ideal place for people who are looking for peace of mind and extreme recreation, altogether.

Theres a bunch of water sports you can try here while enjoying the stunning views of Kaneohe Bay and the overlooking Mokolii island. You can enjoy a beach day of canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and more.

You have half of the day to explore everything that Secret Island Beach has to offer. But if its still not enough to achieve your suntan skin, you can opt for a full-day exploration with a relatively higher price.

Secret Island Beach Rates:Half-Day Tour: $47.95 Adult | $36.95 Child

Full-Day Tour: $89.95 Adult | $69.95 Child

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Kualoa Ranch Activities & Tours

  • Good for adults and children
  • 8 guest capacity limit
  • Open air Jungle Jeep ride and some walking

The Jurassic Adventure is a recent addition to Kualoa Ranch tours. Advertised as a deluxe adventure, it truly lives up to the description! We loved this tour because it covered both valleys and we took our time exploring the movie sites.

We discovered that the Jurassic Adventure tour was the best of both the Hollywood Movie Sites tour and Jungle Jeep Expedition.

After a brief overlook of the Molii fishpond and Chinamans Hat, we cruised into the rainforest. The tour started off with checking out the Indominus Rex pen from Jurassic World!

Our guide also showed us the interior room where they filmed the viewing area for the Indominus Rex paddock. We checked the monitors for the thermal signature of the Indominus, but thankfully found no sign of her! -wink-

Following a quick stop at the WWII army bunker , the second half of the tour consisted of more in depth exploration of Kaaawa Valley.

The tour consisted of all the major filming spots for Jumanji, Jurassic Park, Fifty First Dates, Godzilla, Lost, Hawaii Five-O and, of course, Kong Skull Island!

Many of the other movie site activities at Kualoa Ranch simply drive by the Kong Skull Island boneyard, however, the Jurassic Adventure tour gave us the opportunity to walk around the skeletons.

Overall, Jurassic Adventure was our favorite Hollywood tour because it included all of the iconic film sites in both valleys of Kualoa Ranch.

An Amazing Jurassic Experience

Definitely recommend visiting Kualoa Ranch!! Not only so many options on the tours from the bus tours to horseback to ATV tours. But second to none of the beautiful ranch landscape with wonderful mountain and ocean views. For general tours, recommend the Hollywood Movie tours where you will see see all the stops from King Kong to Lost to Jumanji to Jurassic Park. Thank you for a great visit!!!

Thanks for the recommendation, Coach! We always try to go above and beyond expectations, and look forward to seeing you again in the future. Aloha!


This was the best value attraction I experienced on Oahu. Highly recommend. A great mix of nature, culture, and movie magic. Beautiful views everywhere, entertaining and informative commentary from the tour guide, a short hike with great photo ops. I really have no complaints. Just be advised the back of the truck provides a VERY bumpy ride.

Thanks for the recommendation! We hope to see you again on a future visit!

Our guide Stephanie made this tour special. Her knowledge, interactions with many of the guests, light hearted humor and the scenery all came together for a fun and memorable experience. Ty Stephanie

It is always great to hear that we are doing a good job. Mahalo for sharing your experience!

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Which Kualoa Ranch Tour Is Best

OUR PICK: The Premier Movie Site Tour – Our Favorite Tour at Kualoa Ranch. Starting at $134.95 per adult, this tour gives you a more complete filming location experience. The premier movie site tour at Kualoa Ranch was the tour we loved the most. It’s a big upgrade from the Hollywood tour in many ways.

The History Of Kualoa Ranch

Jurassic Park Tour at Kualoa Ranch/ Oahu, Hawaii

All seated on the bus, our tour guide who insisted we call him Uncle Leonard drove us towards the ranch, away from the visitor center. Uncle Leonard was delightful and informative with just the right amount of Dad jokes mixed into his tour. It kind of felt like a family road trip. He started by telling us how the Ranch became what it is today.

The 4000 acre ranch was originally a sacred place to the Hawaiian people. An American doctor, Dr. Gerritt P. Judd, purchased a piece of the land in 1850 from the King at the time. He and his family purchased more of the land since then and now the Ranch is still owned and managed by the family.

The condition the King set when selling the land was that it would not be sold or developed and as such the land is sustainably used even now. When a production company films on Kualoa Ranch, they always break down the set and take away whatever they brought in. The only exceptions are the few pieces the family choose to keep there as part of the tours which are not detrimental to the environment.

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