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Jurassic Falls Landing Adventure Helicopter Tour Review

Kauai Helicopter Tour. GoPro HD Jurassic Falls, Waimea Canyon, Napali Coast & Mt. Waialeale

One of the most iconic scenes from Jurassic Park is when Dr. Alan Grant et al. first arrive on the island and they land a helicopter at the base of a huge waterfall known as Manawaiopuna Falls.

Today, the waterfall is also referred to as Jurassic Falls and you can actually book a tour that will take you right to the base of this magnificent waterfall.

Below, Ill give you a full review of the Jurassic Falls Landing Adventure. Ill also show you how to line up some of your photographs so that you can get exact replicas from scenes in the movie!

  • Final word
  • The Jurassic Falls Helicopter Tour

    Surprisingly, as I strapped on my life vest and put on my blue booties, I was nervous. Even as I took my front-row seat which meant totally unobstructed views in front and to my right, my stomach was filled with butterflies as I buckled in. No turning back!

    The pilot gave us a quick rundown of the next 80 minutes, the blades began to twirl and just like that we lifted gently off the ground as music began to play in the headphones.

    Immediately my nerves disappeared as I gazed out of the window on the east side of Kauai moving further and further away. The pilot expertly guided the helicopter through a narrow mountain pass as he pointed out his favorite white sandy beaches below.

    Manawaiopuna Jurassic Park Falls

    Before long we were flying into the Hanapepe Valley, owned by the Robinson family who also own the small island of Ni’ihau off the coast of Kauai. As the sight of Manawaiopuna Falls came into view, we were all reminded of the legendary opening scene from Jurassic Park that inspired the fall’s nickname.

    We touched down at a small landing area where Isaac shut down the helicopter and invited us all to exit the aircraft. As we took a short walk along the trail and across a footbridge to the base of the falls, Isaac explained a bit about the history of the area and identified the wide varieties of flora and fauna along the trail. Within a few minutes we reached the foot of the massive falls towering above us and pounding water into the pool. We had about 10 minutes to chat and take photos before it was time to head back to the helicopter to continue on with the rest of the flight.

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    Our Experience At Island Helicopters

    Soon after arriving at their Lihue Airport location, we did a check-in, which included getting on a scale due to weight limitations. We sat together with the 4 other guests for a briefing including safety and other instructions. There are restrooms available before departure. There are no beverages or snacks provided during the flight. Before boarding, we put on booties so protect the land wed be walking on at Manawaiopuna Falls.

    Some Notes On Our Experience

    Kauai Helicopter Rides

    We had a hard time finding availability to book, even in the off-season. Theres a waiting list if the flight is full. A credit card holds your seat and youll get a discount paying cash. We packed optical zoom cameras for this photography flight. Sunglasses are useful for sunny days. Our flight was mid-afternoon, and we cant say whether that may be the best time of day, since it is largely weather dependent. We were advised to wear dark clothing to reduce reflection that could be seen in photos. The pilot and ground crew were all professional and we felt safe.

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    Why Cant I Automatically Book My Tour Reservation Online

    With over 40 years in business, we have found that we can cater to our guests travel needs with much better success if our team personally reviews each booking request. Most companies choose to let an automated system place patrons on a predetermined calendar which can lead to complications in scheduling. At Island Helicopters, every booking is customized based on a number of factors and we know that by treating each booking with individualized attention, our customers end up with the highest level of satisfaction.

    Kauai Island Helicopter Circle Tour

    After leaving the falls, the helicopter continued a short distance west, heading into Waimea Canyon. While it was another spectacular experience, because we have both hiked the canyon extensively over a period of decades, it wasnt as special for us, as it may have been for others who hadnt had that time on the ground. When hiking, the Waipoo Falls trail, in particujlar, offers some of the most incredible views from Waimea Canyon. The easy Canyon Trail, also provides great interior views, which, being close up, are some of the nicest weve had.

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    Kauai Waterfall Helicopter Landing At Jurassic Falls

    Board one of Kauais most popular tours. Kauai waterfall helicopter landing at Jurassic Falls! Experience Kauais Hanapepe Valley open up with its many waterfalls and dense tropical forests. Many of you will recognize Manawaiopuna falls as this was the primary background for Speilbergs Jurassic Park. This is an exclusive tour for the first time ever this landing is permitted in the deep interior of Kauai. Discover Kauais hidden gem the Manawaiopuna waterfalls!

    Slowly descending to a landing area near the base of the 400 foot waterfalls the pilot will shut down the helicopter and all passengers will exit the aircraft. The pilot will guide you along an existing trail and footbridge while explaining facts related to the flora, fauna and history of this remote area. Once you reach the base of the waterfall, there will be time to take pictures and enjoy this unique opportunity. Upon returning back to the helicopter continue on with the remainder of the island tour. Highlights include Kauais famous Napali Coast sea cliffs, Waimea Canyon & one of the wettest places on earth Mt. Waialeale.

    Kauai Grand Deluxe Circle Island Tour

    Kauai Jurassic Falls Helicopter Ride 3

    Back securely in our seats, we took off. The remainder of the flight follows the standard flight path offered by most of the helicopter tours on Kauai. We flow over Olokele Canyon into Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” as dubbed by Mark Twain. After some fantastic views of the canyon it was on to the Na Pali Coast which features some of the highest sea cliffs in the world.

    At the northern end of the Na Pali Coast we had great views of Ke’e Beach, where numerous hikers begin their trek along the Na Pali Coast Trail. To our right we flew past Mount Makana, known by movie fans as Bali Hai from the movie South Pacific. The weather was perfect and we had great views of some of Kauai’s North Shore beaches, Tunnels Beach, Wainiha Bay and Lumaha’i Beach.

    Our flight then took us past Hanalei Bay, Princeville and into the lush Hanalei Valley as we headed towards the crater of Mt. Waialeale, one of the wettest places on earth.

    TripSavvy / Christopher Larson

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    Why Do You Fly Astar Helicopters

    There are several reasons why we choose to fly the Airbus AStar helicopter.

  • The AStar is the most widely used and the most popular tour helicopter in the world.
  • This aircraft gives a smoother ride than the EC-130 or Eco-Star helicopter, especially in windy weather.
  • Our AStars are equipped with custom floor-to-ceiling windows which assure safety, climate control, and excellent viewing from all seats.
  • All our AStars are AS-350B2 models equipped with a more powerful 1D1 turbine engine.
  • We custom retrofit our new helicopters for a left pilot seat which keeps the pilot position from obstructing views.
  • The AStar helicopter does not have a center console between the front and rear seats, while the Bell Jet Ranger and Hughes 500 both have a center console that blocks views for rear passengers.
  • What To Know Before You Fly

    When you check-in for your flight, they will weigh you. So hold anything that youre taking with you in the helicopter to get an accurate number so that they can properly seat you in the helicopter.

    You wont be able to take much with you in flight, so make sure youve got pockets to hold your car keys and phone.

    I brought my camera with me, but honestly, it wasnt necessary. I ended up using my phone the entire time to quickly snap photos and videos. However, its actually incredibly hard to take photos in a moving helicopter, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the views.

    For landing at the falls, youll walk down a short dirt path from the helicopter to the base of the falls. You dont need hiking boots for this, but sturdy walking shoes are a must. Youll be given super cute blue booties to cover your shoes to prevent tracking anything in or out of the area.

    If youre prone to motion sickness, I would suggest taking something for it before you fly. While the ride is beautiful, I wouldnt describe it as smooth and towards the end I was feeling a bit uneasy, even with my front-row seat. There were two people in the back who were definitely not feeling well when we landed.

    Be prepared to not sit next to your travel buddy. As a solo traveler, I knew Id be sitting next to a stranger, but the other four people in the group were couples. One of the couples was split up and the other got to sit next to each other.

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    Island Helicopter Tour Of Jurassic Falls

    Island Helicopters offers a 75-80 minute helicopter tour to the famous waterfall. After landing, passengers can get out of the helicopter and at the base of the Manawaiopuna Falls and walk around. There is a jungle path to the base of the falls.

    A post shared by Island Helicopters Kauai

    • Exclusive: Island Helicopters Has Exclusive Access To The Falls

    Visitors see why the native plants, geologic formations, and geologic history make the valley feel so exotic and why it was chosen for filming Jurassic Park. Narration is provided by the helicopter pilot.

    The tour also includes the Grand Skies Island Tour – so one will be seeing much more of the island than just the famous waterfall. This Jurassic Falls landing adventure is only offered five days a week. To learn more about the tour, one should contact Island Helicopters directly.

    A post shared by Island Helicopters Kauai

    The exact flight route around the island may vary on the day due to the weather. Sometimes if there is bad weather, landing at the waterfall may not be possible. On these occasions, the tour continues with the “Grand Skies Island Tour,” and the difference will be refunded.

    • Duration: 75-80 Minutes
    • Includes: Jurassic Falls Landing & Grand Skies Island Tour
    • Location: Kauai Island, Hawaii

    Before booking the tour, take the time to read the restrictions – like weight restrictions .

    If planning to take this tour, one should plan ahead because the tours may sell out.

    Best Helicopter Rides In Kauai

    Kauai Helicopter Rides

    BY Jade Eckardt

    Kaua`i is a gorgeous island with a lush interior , gorgeous tall waterfalls, secluded beaches, and vast valleys reaching from the ocean deep into the center of the island. One of the absolute best ways to see the Garden Island is from a bird’s eye views, and here at 10 Best, we’re providing a list of the top ten helicopter tours on the island to save you the trouble of deciding, but allowing you the opportunity for a memorable experience.

    If you’re looking for a truly memorable and one of a kind experience, hop aboard a flight with Ni`ihau Helicopters and explore a Forbidden Island in solitude. Here you will stroll along nearly untouched beaches, find shells, and eat lunch after a half hour aerial tour. This is a rare sight into the last undeveloped island in Hawaii, and gives a glimpse into the past.

    Movie buffs and waterfall lovers will surely get lucky with Safari Helicopters or Jack Harter Helicopters. Here you will view and/or land at the huge and romantic waterfall used in the blockbuster Jurassic Park. On one of these you can touch down and view rare and recovering native plant species.

    So whatever sort of aerial adventure you are looking for, 10 Best has you covered for the best helicopter rides on the island of Kaua`i. Look to us for the most reliable and exciting air experiences.

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    Hele To Jurassic Falls

    MANAWAIOPUNA FALLS is not only diffi cult to wrap your tongue around, but its also hard to fi nd. Located in the wild on private property, it is off limits to the ordinary person. Many are familiar with these falls from the 1993 blockbuster JURASSIC PARK the movie is how the nearly 400- foot gusher in the HANAPP VALLEY gained its worldly fame. Thankfully, ISLAND HELICOPTERS owner and experienced pilot Curt Lofstedt is no ordinary person. Hes been fl ying tours over Manawaiopuna Falls for decades.

    For over 150 years, Manawaiopuna has been inaccessible to the public. It took Curt and his wife, Bonnie, more than fi ve years of working with the County of Kauai to receive the authorization to land at the falls. Their permit is exclusive to Island Helicopters and includes restrictions that protect the environment which help to keep this area special.

    The landing is part of the companys JURASSIC FALLS LANDING helicopter tour. After touchdown, participants take a short, guided walk to the falls, during which they learn about fl ora, fauna and historical attributes of the area. Island Helicopters offi ce is conveniently based out of Kauais Lhue Airport at the heliport. They off er fl ights seven days a week. ISLAND HELICOPTERS 808-245-8588 OR 800-829-5999

    Do You Like Living On An Island

    Everyone lives on their own island, from work to the grocery store, days off doing chores and going to soccer games, etc. On our days off we have all of Kauai for playtime. We have the pleasure of meeting people from all around the world. So, to answer the question: YES, we love it here!

    Euphoria awaits. Since 1980, Island Helicopters provides safe, exhilarating experiences designed for adventure-seekers and families alike.

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    If You Are Interested In Seeing Manawaiopuna Falls There Is No Better Way Than An Air Kauai Helicopter Tour Experience The Magnificent Beauty Of The Movies With Us Here Is What Some Guests Have To Say About The Experience:

    My husband and six year old went on the tour and it was the highlight of their trip. All the staff was amazing and great with our son. Even called him by name and asked him is he saw any dinos. Our son is a huge Jurassic Park fan and loved the air tour. – CNWeber85

    Great experience. The pilot had flown close to mountains and shore lines to get the clear visibility of plantations, waterfalls. The ground staff was very friendly and nice. It is worth the money and highly recommend to others. – vijinara

    An absolute must if you visit Kauai! Best way to see the island, the waterfalls, and the Na Pali Coast! The Air Kauai pilot and people were very friendly and accommodating!!! I will do it next time we visit! – scottastaggs

    If you are interested in a helicopter tour with Air Kauai, book online through our tours page or call us at 246-4666 if you have any questions!

    Can We Take Pictures

    Kauai Helicopter Ride with Landing at the Jurassic Park Falls

    Yes, there are many photo opportunities throughout the flight. We do not allow tablets, selfie sticks, drones, or lenses over 4 inches to be used during the tours, due to possible interference with other passengers viewing. Please keep the camera lens away from the windows to prevent scratching and also so the vibration doesnt affect your pictures.

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    Why Does Island Helicopters Ask Where Im Staying On The Island

    It is important that you complete the form question, Where will you be staying on Kauai? for several reasons. We reconfirm all reservations with a courtesy reminder/call. If we are unable to personally speak with you on your cell phone and unable to leave a message, we will leave a message at your hotel. Our team knows Kauai well, and if we are aware of where you are staying, we may be able to advise you of a commute issue ahead of time so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly so you dont miss your tour.

    First Personal Video From The Flight

    Beat of Hawaii has a fast-growing library of YouTube videos for your enjoyment.

    Disclosure: We receive a small commission on purchases from some of the links on Beat of Hawaii. These links cost you nothing and provide income necessary to offer our website to you. Mahalo! Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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    Are You A Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 Or Part 91 Operator And Why Does It Matter

    Island Helicopters is a certified FAA Part 135 operator. This requires a higher standard of pilot qualifications and much more oversight for safety by the FAA in comparison to Part 91 operators. Companies that are designated as Part 91 operators are limited to a distance of only 25 miles from their home base, which would eliminate touring half of Kauais famous Na Pali Coast.

    Why Taking A Helicopter Ride Is The Best Way To See Kauai

    Several companies offer helicopter tours to the real Jurassic Falls on ...

    Hiking, road trips, and snorkeling are great ways to enjoy the scenic beauty that Kauai has to offer. But when is the last time you saw dramatic red canyons, lush green mountain sides, and a seemingly endless royal blue ocean from a birds eye view. Oh and dont forget about the hundreds of waterfalls youll see. This is such a unique way to experience the variety of landscapes on this tiny island. Im sure it will be the highlight of your trip to Kauai.

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