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What Is The Best Age For Islands Of Adventure

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Unlike the best age for Universal Studios, you may be worried that the best age for Islands of Adventure may be different! Luckily, there are still plenty of things to do in this thrilling sister park of Universal Studios.

Islands of Adventure is a thrilling park, with plenty of modern pop culture for even the youngest of fans to enjoy. Islands of Adventure is home to the original Hogsmeade, for the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the cult classic Jurassic Park, with many rides and activities for all. Unfortunately, this park is aimed more toward adults, but can still be plenty of fun for kids, as well.

What Are The Universal Studios Kiddie Rides

  • Caro-Seuss-El
  • Hogwarts Express Kings Cross Station
  • Kang and Kodos Twirl n Hurl

As discussed there are also plenty of other rides with minimum height requirements which kids will love that we will cover below. Many families can also look into activities such as the interactive Harry Potter Wands to keep little ones occupied in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And dont forget FREE Early Park Admission is included with all of our Universal Orlando discount tickets! Plus you can hop on line for Olivanders wand shop or some of the other Universal kids rides were about to cover in this article as soon as the parks open for regular guests.

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Silly Swirly Fun Ride

Silly Swirly Fun Ride targets the younger kids even though nothing adults from joining the fun.

While on this ride, you will soar, spin around, and take in a 360-degree view of Super Silly Fun Land below.

The attraction contains 12 uniquely-styled ride vehicles.

Location: Upper LotType: CarouselMinimum Height: NASupervising Companion: Children under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult

The World Famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood is a 60-minute tram ride tour where you explore a real working movie studio behind the scenes.

You will visit 13 city blocks of the studio lot, built with creative consultation from Steven Spielberg.

Some of the highlights of the studio tour which happens in the Upper Lot are

  • Wreckage of the Boeing 747 from War of the Worlds
  • Jaws, Amity Islands most famous resident
  • An Earthquake simulation that feels real
  • Re-creating of a flood scenario
  • Bates House and Motel from Psycho

Two of the most popular 360-degree immersive rides Fast & Furious Supercharged and King Kong 360 are part of the studio tour.

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Kang & Kodoss Twirl N Hurl

One of the other kid friendly rides at Universal Studios Orlando is also located in Springfield: Home of the Simpsons. Spin in flying saucers and soar above the crowds on this fun ride with no height requirement. Each flying saucer can fit an average adult with one or two kids, making this one of the fun Universal Studios rides for little ones.

Visiting Universal Studios With Kids

Ride Height Requirements at Universal

While Universal Studios Hollywood is certainly family-friendly, those traveling with small children may find that the majority of the rides are too intense for the little ones. There are also some rides with height restrictions that may exclude your younger ones from riding.

Never fear! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Universal. Many of the rides offer the opportunity to use Child Switch, which allows one parent to wait with the child while the other parent and family members ride, and then switch when they depart, without having to wait in line again.

Park maps indicate which rides are appropriate for your children and also list spots where you kids can enjoy photo-taking with their favorite characters. You’ll find that restrooms, changing stations, and other things that families with kids need frequently are readily available and easy to find.

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Consider An Express Pass

If you are visiting during a really busy period, it would be well worth considering anExpress Pass. Unless you are visiting at the peak times like Christmas and Easter, or busy Holiday weekends, wait until you are inside the park to check the wait times. Express Passes are available throughout the parks at many locations. Prices fluctuate depending on demand.There are two types available: Express Pass and Express Pass Unlimited.See full details here: Universal Express Pass

Locker Rental Information At Universal Orlando Resort

Lockers are available within each of the theme parks for guest rental for $8.00 per day, with family size lockers available at Universal Studios Florida for $10.00 per day. Guests have unlimited access to these lockers during the course of the day. Additional lockers are available at Universals Islands of Adventure for $2.00 per hour, with a $14.00 per day maximum.

These lockers are available at the entrance of the following attractions:

  • Incredible Hulk Coaster

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Universal Orlando Rider Switch

If any of your tadpoles are too tiny for a fun coaster the rest of the gang wants to try, theres still hope. Universal Orlando offers child swap, a lifesaver for those parents who still want to ride even if their little tadpole doesn’t measure up to the height requirements. Child swap is available on all Universal Orlando attractions. All you have to do is let the team member at the entrance know that you wish to use the child switch service. Everyone in your party will go through the line. Then, while the first party rides, up to two adults can wait with the child in the child switch area. When the others are back, the remaining adults can ride the attraction without having to get back in line.

Theres still plenty of fun to be had for tadpoles who arent quite leapin enough to meet all of the height requirements at Universal Orlando. Enjoy shows, characters and more across both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Q: Which Universal Park Is Better For Toddlers

Jurassic Park Rapids Ride! Universal Studios Singapore Onride POV

So which Universal park is better for toddlers? Very simply we still feel like Universal Studios would be the best option when visiting Universal with small kids. Overall it has more rides, shows and characters. We also feel like it has a more laid back vibe as well when compared to Islands of Adventure.

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Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the main ride of Universal Studios Harry Potter section called Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

You will enter through the towering castle gates and walk past the corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

On the way, you will see locations from your favorite Harry Potter books Dumbledores office, the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, the Gryffindor room, the Room of Requirement, etc.

Finally, you will get a seat on the ride and soar above the castle grounds on a thrilling adventure, coming face-to-face with magical creatures.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is not a roller coaster but a scenic dark ride.

During the experience, the riders are taken through real sets that use wrap-around projection screens to create magic.

Location: Upper LotType: Scenic dark rideMinimum Height: 48 inches Physical Restrictions Guests whose waistline is 100 cm or more should try the test seat provided at the attraction entrance to ensure their ability to ride.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is a simulation ride where you join Gru, his daughters, and the mischievous Minions on a thrilling ride.

The story starts in Grus home, who wants to make the guests an actual Minion and initiates their Minion training.

As one can expect, things dont go as planned, and the visitor gets launched into an unforgettable trip through Grus super-villain laboratory.

Location: Upper LotType: Motion SimulationMinimum Height: 40 inches Supervising Companion: Children under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult

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The Ride Youll Get Most Wet On Is Popeye & Blutos Bilge

While youll get wet on all the rides at Universals Islands of Adventure Ive found that the one I get consistently soaked on no matter where I sit is Popeye & Blutos Bilge-Rat Barges.

When it comes to Jurassic Park River Adventure and Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls how wet you get really depends more on where you sit since both of these rides are based around a large and sudden drop.

To avoid getting wet on either of these rides consider sitting in the middle rather than at the edge since the water goes up and then back down over the edges on impact.

Rides For Kids 39 Inches Or Taller

Universal Studios Hollywood på Instagram: It

Flight of the Hippogriff is the second ride of Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the most family-friendly of the two.

Kids who are 39 inches tall can go on the ride, but children 39-48 inches must be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years or older.

If your child is 39 inches tall, they can go on two rides at Universal Studios Hollywood Secret Life of Pets ride and Flight of the Hippogriff.

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Universal Studios Height Requirements

  • Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: 40, children between 40 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion, anyone under 40 must experience this attraction from an adjacent stationary seat
  • E.T. Adventure: 34, children between 34 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion
  • Fast & Furious Supercharged: 40, children between 40 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion
  • Fear Factor Live: supervising companion required for guests under 48
  • Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts: 42, children between 42 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion
  • Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit: 51 and no more than 79
  • Kang & Kodos Twirl n Hurl: None, but supervising companion required for guests under 48
  • MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack: 42, children between 42 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion
  • Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon: 40, children between 40 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion
  • Revenge of the Mummy: 48
  • The Simpsons Ride: 40, children between 40 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion
  • TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D: 40, children between 40 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion
  • Woody Woodpeckers Nuthouse Coaster: 36, children between 36 and 48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion

Range Of Height Requirements

Universal Studios Hollywoods minimum height requirements range from 34 inches to 48 inches .

The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash 34 *
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 48
Revenge of the Mummy The Ride 48

*All children under 48 must be accompanied by an adult .

The average height of a four-year-old American child is around 40 inches , which means most four year olds will qualify for some of the rides at Universal.

On an average nine-year-old kids in the US are 50 inches tall, making them tall enough to go on all rides.

These height restrictions apply to all ticket holders the General Admission ticket , the Express ticket , and the VIP Ticket .

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Rides With No Minimum Height Requirements

Universal Studios Hollywood height requirements dont exist for two rides DreamWorks Theatre Featuring Kung Fu Panda and Silly Swirly Fun Ride.

On the Silly Swirly Fun Ride, children under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult 14 years or older. While on the Kung Fu Panda ride, there is no such requirement.

King Kong 360 and Fast & Furious Supercharged, which are two 3D/4D experiences you encounter as part of the World Famous Studio Tour, also dont have any mandatory height requirements.

WaterWorld and Universals Animal Actors, the two shows at the theme park, dont consider how tall the visitor is.

So which ticket will it be?The cheapest General Admission ticket, the Universal Express Pass, which helps skip queues at the rides, or the VIP Experience Tour, which gets you a royal treatment. If you are on a budget holiday, find out everything about Universal Studio Hollywood ticket discounts.

The Amazing Adventures Of Spider

NEW Ride Finale! Jurassic World The Ride – Universal Studios Hollywood 2021

Another kid friendly ride at Universal is located in Marvel Island. If you have a little superhero in your family, they will love this ride. As an honorary guest of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, you travel through the streets of NYC and fight off our favorite villains. This ride is 4D and a ton of fun, making it a great kid friendly Universal Orlando ride.

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Universal Orlando Resort App Confirms Jurassic World Velocicoaster Physical Requirements

Jurassic World VelociCoaster will finally be opening at Universals Islands of Adventure on June 10, 2021. The Universal Orlando Resort has now been updated to include the attraction and lists physical requirements.

According to the app, guests with a waistline of 40 or greater may not be accommodated on Jurassic World VelociCoaster. This is a relatively standard measurement for Universal Orlando Resort rides. There will be a test seat available at the rides entrance for guests to try out before getting in line. Trying out the test seat is strongly recommended to determine the ability to ride. The height requirement is 51.

How do you feel about these requirements? Let us know in the comments.

Rides At Universal Studios Hollywood Minimum Height Restrictions And What To Expect

Universal Studios Hollywood has twelve exciting rides, one studio tour, and two shows.

These attractions and rides are distributed between the Upper and Lower lots of Universal Studios Hollywood, connected by an escalator.

The Lower Lot has three rides Jurassic World, Revenge of the Mummy, and 3D Transformers.

The Upper Lot has the rest of the rides, the Studio Tour, and two exciting shows.

Most of these rides at Universal Hollywood have minimum height requirements for the safety of the riders.

In this article, we explain all the Universal Studios Hollywood rides.

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Ollivanders Wand Shop And Interactive Wands

A very popular attraction, for kids and adults, in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley is Ollivanders Wand Shop. Small groups are allowed into Olivanders, and one guest is chosen to experience the coveted wand selection. An Ollivanders Wand Specialist brings to life what every witch or wizard is waiting to experience: the wand choosing the wizard! Just know that only one individual is chosen to choose their wand, but the experience is very magical for all of those involved.

Whether or not you are chosen, you have the option to purchase an interactive wand from Ollivanders and participate in spellcasting experiences. There is a special map with all the locations in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley where you are able to try out your spells. You can only enjoy this experience if you purchase an interactive want through Universal, starting at $55 per wand.

Animal Actors On Location

Universal Studios Orlando Rides List

The large open-air theater hosts a live show featuring Hollywoods famous animal performers, including pigs, birds, chickens, roosters, dogs, cats, and even a skunk! Kids also may be selected to volunteer to be in the production. After the show, you get the chance to take a photo with some of the trainers and animals.

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Universal Studios Hollywood Child Switch

Universal Studios Hollywood offers Child Switch, a lifesaver for those parents who still want to ride even if their little tadpole doesn’t quite measure up to the height requirements . Child Switch is available on all Universal Studios Hollywood attractions.

To use Child Switch, all you have to do is let the team member at the entrance know that you wish to use Child Switch. The entire party will go to the entrance of the line. When it is time to board, up to two adults can wait with the child in the Child Switch room while the rest of the party rides. When the others return, the remaining adults can ride the attraction without having to get back in line.

We hope you find this post outlining Universal Studios height requirements and Child Switch service helpful. Planning your next trip to Universal Studios Hollywood? Purchase discount theme park tickets and hotel rooms!

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Diagon Alley

This super immersive land starts with the London Embankment. Diagon Alley is hidden from the prying eyes of Muggles by a secret walled entrance.

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts This a supremely clever 4D dark roller coaster and one of our absolute favorite Universal Rides.

As you enter the grand marbled lobby of Gringotts Bank, the splendor of the chandeliers is probably the first thing youll notice. Then youll pass by goblins hard at work. These guys are so life-like, its hard to remember theyre animatronics!

An elevator takes you miles underground to the depths of the subterranean vaults beneath Gringotts Bank. Youll need the help of Harry, Ron and Hermione to escape the wrath of malicious villains Voldemort and Bellatrix.

Wait times can be long, but the line is super fun.

Category: Motion Simulator with 3D/4DHeight: Must be at least 42 . Children between 42-48 must be accompanied by a supervising companion.Express Pass: YesVirtual Line: Yes

Hogwarts ExpressThe Hogwarts Express departs from Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross Station, next to Diagon Alley. It transports passengers to Hogsmeade Station in Islands of Adventure. Youll need a park-to-park ticket to board.

Dont Miss: When you reach the top of the stairs, watch passengers in front of you disappearing through the wall. Stop and film your family and friends pass through the wall.

Category: Train JourneyHeight: Under 48 : Supervising Companion RequiredExpress Pass: Yes

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Universal Height Requirements For Rides

There are a lot of thrill rides across Universal, so its best to know which attractions have height requirements, especially if youre traveling with little ones.

Dont worry, if you have people in your group who both meet and dont meet the height requirements, theres still a way for everyone in your party to enjoy these rides thanks to Child Swap!

With that, lets take a look at Universal height requirements for attractions at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay.

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