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Creating The Trophy Shield

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I have the pleasure of running a laser for my day job. My boss is kind enough to allow my use of the laser during off hours, so I get to play with a bunch of ideas. You could actually create the shields with a drill, coping saw and a wood burner but where’s the fun in that. Haha. 1. Create your design in Adobe’s Illustrator program or use the file I have provided. 2. Mask the cutting area with masking paper as to not burn the wood while completing your vector cut. 3. Cut with a laser. I’m not providing a ton of details here because of the chance that if you have a laser, you already know what to do. If you would like me to cut these for you, write in the comments below and we can work something out. 4. Remove the shields while leaving the board on the laser bed and remove the masking paper. 5. Place the shields into the board they were cut from and set your laser for the raster etch. 6. Complete the raster process. 7. The video I posted shows the laser process.Out of irony, I added a bold wood grain pattern to a wooden shield.

How To Make Diy Drawer Pulls From Just About Anything

For the times that you just cant find that perfect drawer pull , knowing how to make your own is a great skill to have. So round up the troops, , gather your supplies and get to work!

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Plastic toys from the dollar store or thrift shop are great pieces to start with. The plastic is softer and very forgiving if you end up needing to take a few tries to get the hole drilled out. They are somewhat large for your basic door knob or drawer pull, but could work on the right piece. And um, theyre $1 each.

To prove you can make door/drawer knobs out of anything, check out the Salt & Pepper shakers above. I had them hanging around forever and never used them because the pepper shakers head was loose and didnt function properly. I glued the heads on to the bodies, followed the steps below, and bam! Totally cute, totally one of a kind knobs for my kitchen pantry!

Cabinet Table And Decor

Wall Art Trio: Amazon New design, set of 4Frames: Hobby LobbyDinosaur Drawer Pulls : Amazon

As far as completing our dinosaur nursery goes, there are a couple of things I still need to do. I plan to set up a reading corner on the wall to the left of his triceratops toy bin I have a couple of Ikea spice racks that need to be painted white and hung along with a dinosaur cork board and ABC print. I also need two more knobs for his dresser, but finding just the right ones is proving to be challenging. Lastly, the hamper will likely be moved to his closet, but its too cute not to show off!

UPDATE: Now that our sweet baby boy is here, you can read all about his crazy birth story! Lets just say I felt a lot of feelings, but overall it was the BEST birth I could have imagined.

What was your babys nursery theme?

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Deal Alert: Knobs At Hobby Lobby

For a long time, I always thought of Anthropologie first when I was looking to change out the hardware on a piece of furniture. But, Im glad to see that a lot of other stores are starting to carry a good selection of inexpensive drawer knobs and pulls. My new favorite find is the hardware aisle at Hobby Lobby:

Amazingly big selection, and as you probably know, they run 50% off sales every other week or so. Most of the knobs are also available online and are priced between $4 and $13 before the discount.

Kids Room And Nursery Decor

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Now that our kitchen remodel is done, Im starting to get the itch to fix up the bedrooms. Once I paint the walls, Ill be heading to Hobby Lobby for kids room decor. These are just a few of the displays that had me swooning.

Seriously though.Ha!

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Favorite Hobby Lobby Finds

Its no secret that I have a love affair with Hobby Lobby. Dont get me wrong, I love all craft stores. But theres just something about Hobby Lobby that makes my heart pitter patter. So today I thought it would be fun to take you shopping with me. I want to share all of my favorite Hobby Lobby finds with you. These are the things you dont want to miss next time you go. The best of the best at Hobby Lobby!

Thank you to my partners at Hobby Lobby for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine alone.

Dinosaur Trophy Drawer Pulls

In the ever increasing need to upgrade my visual space, I have decided to beautify my nightstand. It’s a pretty simple process that I added a few steps to. Changing out drawer pulls seems pretty easy until you actually do it. Items Needed:Drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby @ $2.50 each. +Don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon.Self Etching Primer Paint. Epilog Helix 60 watt laserHand drill

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Painting The Drawer Pulls

In this step, I decided to paint the handles rather than simply use the distressed paint look. After I prepped the Pulls for with the primer spray, I decided that I really liked the gray color and stuck with it

1. Choose a great color.

2. Tape the threads so that no paint is sprayed on them.

3. Shake that rattle can and spray.

4. Let dry.

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