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Dinosaur Train follows the life of Buddy the Tyrannosaurus as he travels through the whole prehistoric world, crossing mountains, volcanos and oceans. The Dinosaur Train can even transport Buddy and his friends magically through time, exploring the entire Mesozoic Era, or the age of Dinosaurs.

The catchy theme tune explains that Buddy is a T-Rex adopted by a Pteranodon family. When Buddy knew of his origins, he set off on a journey to learn everything he can about his species. The Dinosaur Train is manned by a knowledgable Trodden Conductor, who helped supply dinosaur facts.

The dinosaurs in the show are real

Dinosaur species presented in the Dinosaur Train are all based on actual dinosaurs discovered by palaeontologists. The show also features an educational consultant and palaeontologist, Dr Scott D Sampson who comes on to the show at the end of each episode to explain the learnings from the episode in greater detail.

What does Dinosaur Train teach kids?

According to PBS, the program is designed to:

  • Stimulate childrens interest in science
  • Help children develop inquiry skills to think like a scientist
  • Provide core science knowledge
  • Inspire children to conduct their own explorations and investigations of the natural world, such as visiting local science and natural history museums and joining fossil hunts.

Highlights From The Series

Halloween Special

Dad takes the children on a special Night Train to Troodon Town, where the Troodons have decorated their Roundhouse into a spooky haunted house ready for a party. The children find themselves meeting a new creature hiding inside the roundhouse trying to catch some sleep. The Pteranodon family learns more about the customs of their neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family during Gourd Day celebration a sort of Mesozoic Halloween. The children finally see their first pumpkins, and Larry Lambeosaurus even shows the children a way to hollow them out and carve faces into them.

One hour of Dinosaur Train

A compilation of 6 episodes of Dinosaur Train, available on Dinosaur Train Official YouTube.

Where To Watch Or Stream Dinosaur Train

You can watch buy or rent Dinosaur Train on Netflix, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Vudu.

  • Amazon Prime , Amazon Videos

Dinosaur Train is on PBS Kids network.

Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island

The series is very popular among kids and the series has been subsequently made into a movie titled Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island , which is available on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.

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Is It Any Good

This delightful series combines typical preschool interests like trains, dinosaurs, and a healthy appetite for adventure — and the resulting tales feed kids’ vivid imaginations. Through Buddy’s travels within the Mesozoic era, young viewers learn about different species’ lifestyles, diets, and unique characteristics. Kids are also encouraged to think critically about the world around them comparing dinosaurs’ traits to those of modern animals, for example, and learning to classify different species by size, appearance, and lifestyle habits.

And Dinosaur Train‘s value isn’t limited to early paleontology education or its fun take on basic scientific processes. There are also plenty of positive messages about tolerance and respect for differences. Buddy’s adventures introduce him to a range of species with obvious differences, and his curiosity allows him to discover not only the unique traits that separate him from his new friends, but also the basic similarities that make them all alike.

Can I Somehow Rent The Series Dinosaur Train On Any Website To See It Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Watch Dinosaur Train Season 1 Episode 10: Petey the Peteinosaurus ...

It is difficult to be able to find where to watch the seasons just for a while as they are usually long, it is more popular to rent movies. But, in a few cases you will have a way: Enter the website to buy it and search for -rent- in the options.

Whether some links are no longer available or if you are aware of another option that is not there, we beg you to send us an e-mail to info@fiebreseries.com. We will end now, but not before posting some doubts that we had and have to do with the topic.

Emma, who dreams about TV shows, says to FiebreSeries:

Good afternoon to everyone, thanks very much for creating quality content, Ive been visiting you since relatively recently. Does HBO have on the site the series? Do I have to pay if I want to view this TV series, or on the contrary, are there free sites? Has HBO Dinosaur Train in its catalog? Thanks a lot and see you tomorrow.

Steven, who loves car series, asks FS:

Good afternoon TV shows fans, thanks very much for creating so much content, Ive been writing to you for a short time. Where is Dinosaur Train streaming? What would be your favourite mini-TV series? On which platforms is it available to rent this innovative series? Thx and take care.

David, who only likes TV shows in original version, wants to say:

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Where To Stream The Tv Series Dinosaur Train Online

We can say with complete certainty that we just list very safe APPS and webs where you can watch series and films trouble-free.

  • This series is available to view on Netflix, where you have 1 season. To see it whenever you want, it is sufficient to be subscribed to the platform Netflix.
  • This series is available to watch on streaming on the platform , where there is 1 season. To watch the TV series, you only need to subscribe to the platform Amazon Prime Video.
  • The series Dinosaur Train is now available to watch on streaming on Netflix Kids, with a total of 1 season. If you would like to see the series, you just have to be subscribed to Netflix Kids.
  • The series Dinosaur Train is now available to watch on streaming on Virgin TV Go, where there is a total of 1 season. If you would like to see it you just have to subscribe to Virgin TV Go.

Is The Series Dinosaur Train Available To Watch On The Rakuten Tv Website How And Where Can You Stream This Series In Physical Format Could I Enjoy This Tv Series For Free And Without Advertisements

The above and a few more questions are quite regular if you have not yet begun to see this series. We know how difficult it is to get answers in these times with your phone. But your search ends here, in this article we will tell you where to see the series Dinosaur Train on different existing platforms that have it available in their list.

First of all, if you want to know all the details about this series, we recommend our entry about it.

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What Age Is The Dinosaur Train Aimed At

Dinosaur Train is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds, the peak age in which kids are typically interested in this prehistoric creature. It is common for kids at this age to fall in love with dinosaurs and want to everything they have from clothes to entertainment with dinosaurs on them.

Thats why this program is a great gateway for preschoolers to life science, natural history and palaeontology.

More About Dinosaur Train

Welcome to Dinosaur Train Academy! | Dinosaur Train

Where else can you go to find more resources about Dinosaur Train? Here are a few YouTube channels, learning resources, and fan merchandizes you can buy for your little Dino fan.

YouTube Channel

Learning resources

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Talk To Your Kids About

  • Families can talk about how the dinosaurs lived and what we can learn about them in Dinosaur Train. Kids: How was the Earth different during their time? How did different species adapt to their surroundings? What traits differentiated the species?

  • How do scientists work to answer our questions about the past and the future? What tools do they use to uncover and piece together clues? How do modern inventions improve our lives?

  • Kids: What did you learn from this series? What questions do you still have about prehistoric creatures? What other shows have you seen that teach you something about science?

  • How does Dinosaur Train promote curiosity? Why is this an important character strength?

  • : December 18, 2022
  • Boy’s queries get kids curious about the world.

    age 4+

  • Girl’s magical travels teach about other cultures.

    age 3+

  • Sweet, if vapid, animated preschool fare.

    age 3+

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