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Background And Production History

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Notable artists involved in the production include David Krentz ” rel=”nofollow”> John Carter of Mars and Disney‘s Dinosaur), Ricardo Delgado , Tom de Rosier ” rel=”nofollow”> Mulan), Mishi McCaig ” rel=”nofollow”> Iron Man), Pete Von Sholly ” rel=”nofollow”> The Mask and Darkman), and Iain McCaig . Previous efforts which the creators cited as inspiration include Looney Tunes,Avatar, Up, and WALL-E.

The modeling, texturing, and painting of the various creatures featured in the episodes was done by Creative Differences in ZBrush, while animation and rendering were done in Maya by various other companies that had been employed by Creative Differences. These included Mokko in Montreal, Kinkajou in the UK, Sauce FX, and Hawaii Animation Studios. Hawaii Animation Studios also used a program known as Bakery Relight for rendering.

Miniature sets, along with physical special effects were designed and filmed by, Los Angeles based, Tindall Vision Laboratories by director John Tindall. The sets include the dramatic Troodon segment staged on a post asteroid-impacted world.

Plans have been made to incorporate the best footage from the series into a feature-length film directed by Werner Herzog. The film, if approved by Discovery Channel, would be released before the film adaptation of BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs.

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What Is This Wiki About

Dinosaur Revolution was a Discovery Channel documentary produced by Creative Differences. This series used CGI technology to portray extinct fauna from the Mesozoic era . The episodes depicted the lives of the dinosaurs and the other animals which lived alongside them. This series has often been criticised for its lack of seriousness and for its amateur quality of animation and has been praised for its educational value and its general energy. A film version of Dinosaur Revolution has been released on DVD called Dinotasia, a version which includes all the best parts of the series without any narration.

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Attenborough Series Sinks Teeth Into Fruits Of Dinosaur Revolution

Dinosaur Revolution

Makers of Prehistoric Planet say it was perfect time to make show as new species are found at rate of one a week

A dinosaur revolution is taking place with a new species being discovered every week, the makers of a groundbreaking new docuseries exploring life on Earth 66m years ago have said.

Prehistoric Planet, produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and premiering on Apple TV on Monday, is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and features original music composed by the multiple Oscar winner Hans Zimmer.

The show brings together huge names from across the industry including the executive producers Jon Favreau, who has been involved in a string of Hollywood blockbusters including the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and Mike Gunton, whose previous credits include the Bafta and Emmy-winning documentary Planet Earth II.

Gunton told the Guardian the five-part series combines wildlife film-making, the latest discoveries in palaeontology and cutting-edge CGI technology to recreate the dinosaurs that inhabited Earth, in a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

The late Cretaceous period is a whole extraordinary world we havent turned our natural history cameras on, he said. This was an incredibly diverse, rich time of life. We tend to be very focused on today, but the animals that lived during that period were complex, sophisticated creatures. They were marvellous and miraculous.

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Incomplete Segments And Errors

Stories which were cut or not completed during production were to have featured animals such as Spinosaurus, Megapnosaurus,Placodus, Mixosaurus, Nothosaurus,Iguanodon, Agilisaurus and Prenocephale. The Prenocephale model was re-used as a pachycephalosaur in the final episode . A segment featuring an unknown pterosaur was also planned but could not be prepared in time for the Discovery Channel airing. Artist Pete Von Sholly, who was involved in the production, expressed regret over the way the production was handled and cuts were made. In Von Sholly’s opinion, some of the best sequences were left unproduced cuts were made not based on the quality of the story, he claimed, but on how far along in the production process the segments were. However, director David Krentz has stated that sequences were cut based on story quality.

Additionally, some relevant scientific discoveries were published too late into production to have been incorporated into the program. For example, the mosasaur in the first episode lacked a tail fluke, the discovery of which came immediately after the CGI model was completed, according to director David Krentz.

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