Dinosaur Restaurant In Disney Springs

Dinosaur Restaurant At Disney Springs

T-Rex Restaurant Disney Springs (Downtown Disney), Orlando, Florida | Walking Tour

I tried to get a reservation for the night we arrive at the Dino restaurant at Disney Springs, but the only time available is at 10pm. I only wanted to eat there because I think my son would love it. Do they still allow will-call seating? So if we arrived a few hours early, could we put our name on the list and wait for a phone call to be seated? And is it worth the wait? I know the food is probably mediocre, but the experience is what we’d be gong for.

I heard that people get better luck by calling them directly

If I remember right t-rex isn’t actually owned by Disney so they only make so many reservations available online. If you call you might have better luck.

I didn’t even realize that – just assumed because it was located at Disney Springs, that would be the only reservation system – but thank you! I’m going to call them now! 🙂

None of the restaurants in Disney Springs are Disney owned. Call them directly. They only release a number of reservations to the Disney reservation system. We couldn’t get a time we like for Boathouse, but when we called directly we had our pick of times no problem.

The Trex and Rainforest café are almost always packed. If they even let you waitlist you are probably looking at an hour or more wait. Dinner is always busier so if you can dine at another time of the day you are more likely to get a reservation.

I got booked up contacting them direct online

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Florida Mother Gets Too Drunk At T

A child waited alone at a Disney Springs restaurant bar last month after his mother got drunk and abandoned her child. Restaurant employees became concerned about the child and contacted law enforcement, who tracked down his missing mother. She was so intoxicated that she had been taken to a nearby hospital, according to a new sheriffs report.

The mother, Rosanna Nancy Mezarina Meza, 42, of Clearwater, was arrested for child neglect.The report doesnt state the age of the child.

Mezarina and her son sat down together at the bar at the T-Rex Cafe around 8:45 p.m. on April 16. She ordered two Grey Goose vodka drinks that evening, her arrest report said.

Within 30 minutes of arriving at T-Rex, Mezarina asked the bars staff if she could leave her son there so she could go back to her car and get her credit card. She came back 10 minutes later. Then, she told the staff she was going back to her car a second time to get her credit card again. Only this time, she didnt return. It took about an hour to figure out where Mezarina was.

Mezarina left behind her fanny pack, which contained receipts showing she bought five double Grey Goose vodka drinks earlier in the day.

Eventually, authorities pieced together Mezarinas whereabouts. After leaving T-Rex Cafe the second time, she was severely intoxicated at the Lime parking garage. Reedy Creek first responders took her to the hospital in Celebration.

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What Is It Like Inside T

Our four-year-old boy was in his element. Apparently, its all hes talked about at school since. He loved it and for him, it was completely unique and like nothing hed ever seen before for his dinner. This kid has eaten out a lot so for him to be sat amongst moving dinosaurs he could not have been happier. He was so into it all roaring and talking back to the dinosaurs.

From an adult perspective, we were a little disappointed by the animatronics of the dinosaurs. They moved quite slowly and didnt appear very life-like. The sounds were good and the atmosphere was also good. We were both also a little disappointed by the meteor shower that happens a couple of times an hour. The lights changed colour a little and they played different noises. I think this could have been done a lot better.

Maybe thats the reason you cant film it? I loved the Woolly Mammoth and the Ice Cave. We wandered around a couple of times after we had finished our meal so that we could see what the rest of the restaurant was like.

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Let Us Know Your Experience

We hope you have an amazing dining experience at the T-REX Cafe. With the interactive activities, lively dinosaur animatronics, and yummy entrees and beverages, your visit will no about be roar-some!!

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Schedules Reservations And Prices

The restaurant currently opens at 11 am and closes at 9 pm . The operation, however, is divided into two moments: lunch and dinner.

Lunch takes place from its opening, at 11:00 am, until 3:55 pm . On the other hand, dinner starts at 4 pm and lasts until 9 pm .

Outside of the new coronavirus pandemic, the operating hours of the T-Rex Orlando were defined below:

  • Sunday to Thursday 11 am to 11 pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays 11 am to 12 am

To visit the T-Rex, in particular, as it is one of the most popular places for families, it is strongly recommended that you make a reservation in advance. After all, you don’t want to be down, do you?

Of course, you and your family can be on the walk in, that is, the waiting list. However, this means more wasted time.

However, booking is not a rule either, as other families, couples and the like are always given up. But you can’t rely on luck.

So be aware that the best way is to book a few weeks before your trip to Florida. So there is no risk of being left out of this experience.

Prices vary widely, but the average set by Disney itself is $15 to $34.99 per adult. Tips are not included.

American cuisine is present in this restaurant, that is, it has hamburgers, pretzels, nachos, seasoned fries, among others.

For more information, visit the restaurant website in Disney Springs.

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Dining Among The Dinosaurs

Disney Springs T-Rex Restaurant 2021 Full Themed Dining Experience – Dinner, Fun Facts & Tour!

Just past the Ice Caverns is where you will find the dinosaurs!

You will find different types of dinosaurs perched around the restaurant and at different points during your meal, they will come to life!

This Dinosaur restaurant does get dark when the dinosaurs come to life.

Children who are easily frightened might be caught off guard by this so be sure to prepare them in advance.

For most children, it is fun, but we know that there are kids out there who startle easily.

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Dads Disney Springs Page

A giant T-Rex greets you outside the entrance. Photo by Cliff Wang

This place is about dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and more dinosaurs. While youll find something you like on the menu, you dont come to T-Rex Cafe for the food, you come for the dinosaurs! More than likely, if you are planning to visit, you have someone in your group who is a huge fan of prehistoric lizards!

The Sounds Present In T

What you notice, as soon as you enter, are the sounds. In relation to them, well, it’s very high, lol. If you want to chat, maybe this is not the ideal place, as it is difficult to interpret what the other person is talking about.

With that, here is a negative point about the T-Rex.

The sound effects last around 20 minutes each.

So there’s no time for silence, that’s the truth. Be aware of this before setting your stop.

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The Environment Of The T

The tables, on the left side, are placed under jellyfish and octopuses, which give a marine atmosphere, with shades of blue and purple.

On the right side, the environment is darker, with red colored lights, and moving mammoths and dinosaurs.

Further to the center you will find the Ice Cave.

This area is dominated by the color blue, which makes you believe that it is a very cold environment, literally.

On the rocks, you can see a painting of a dinosaur, which is extremely beautiful.

One of the restaurant’s positive points, without a doubt, is the decor. It’s jaw-dropping. The details are very well designed and thought out, everything to create that feeling of belonging, you know?

For kids who LOVE this animal world, the T-Rex is definitely a good fit, as it is inclusive.

In other words, it’s not that place just for eating. You will be enchanted by the animals, the plants, the walls, everything.

In addition to being very detailed, the site is VERY LARGE.

Seriously, no kidding. There are many square meters of space and all the divisions are interconnected, although there is a difference in terms of theme and colors.

In addition, there is a store inside, the Dino Store, which sells various products related to the theme in question, the Mesozoic period, such as shirts and toys, for example.

What You Need To Know

5 Reasons To Love T

T-Rex only offers indoor seating. Guests looking to sit at the bar should know that seating is spaced out for social distancing however, no reservations for the bar area are required as its based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Guests looking to enjoy the main dining room should know that T-Rex can be a popular destination, especially for families. Be sure to book a reservation at least 60 days out. But if youre already within that window, consider using the TouringPlans Reservation Finder.

Tip: If youre an Annual Passholder, be sure to ask about T-Rexs AP discount!

Now lets get to T-Rexs menu and see if its as impressive as the restaurant itself.

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Appetizers Entrees And Dessert

We werent using the Disney Dining Plan during our visit, as the company doesnt offer it right now.

During our trip, we noticed that this impacted our standard ordering practices.

When something comes with the meal, we go ahead and get it. If were ordering for ourselves, were decidedly less gluttonous.


So, we only ordered one appetizer, my beloved Mozzarella Sticks, which cost about $12, a bit pricey for my area but on a par for Disney Springs.

The ones at T-REX are unexpectedly good and somehow better than Rainforest Cafés. Maybe they should share recipes.

For my meal, I had the Mes-O-Bones, which was waaaaaay too much food for lunch. A half-rack is $28, while a full one is $40.

If youre someone who can devour a full rack of ribs at lunch, youre made of sterner stuff than me. I left ribs on my plate even though I only ordered the half-rack.

Overall, I still prefer Memphis/Carolina ribs to Kansas City ones, which means T-REX doesnt serve my favorite.

Really, few places at Walt Disney World do. Whats that about?

My wife chose the Beyond Burger, almost out of necessity. Unfortunately, for all its many entrée options, T-REX isnt terrific for vegans.

At $20, this burger was on the expensive side for plant-based meals, too. But, thankfully, it tasted good enough that the missus didnt care.

I will say that she liked T-REX much better when she was still a meat-eater, though. The Beyond Burger is nothing special, Im told.

Dining Tips & Savings

  • You do not need a theme park ticket to visit Disney Springs and parking is FREE!
  • You can make your dining reservation up to 60 days in advance.
  • If you are unable to snag a reservation, ask for walk-up seating during non-peak meal times. Think a very early lunch or a late dinner.
  • Ask to sit at the Shark Bar. You can still walk around the restaurant and shop at the Dino Store.
  • Before you go, consider signing up for the Landrys Select Club. Its an initial $25 to sign-up, however, youll receive your card with a $25 credit. Youll also earn $25 for your birthday. Before your trip, you can dine at other Landry locations and earn dining points for your Disney visit.

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What To Expect

If youve ever been to the Rainforest Cafe then you know what to expect here. T-Rex Cafe is incredibly detailed with Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. These creatures are animatronic so they move around during your meal. Every so often there is a meteor shower and things can get pretty loud.

In fact, the meteor shower might frighten some of the younger ones in your group, so keep that in mind before planning an expedition to T-Rex Cafe.

One really cool thing in the restaurant is the Ice Cave. It looks exactly like it sounds, a cave made of ice . During the meteor shower, the Ice Cave changes colors and its just a really cool vibe.

T-Rex Cafe is also more than just a place to get some prehistoric grub. You can also visit the Paleo Zone and dig for dinosaur bones, and pan for treasure. Kids will have a great time!

If those options arent enough, theres also a Build-A-Dino store. Its operated by Build-A-Bear-Workshop. Kids can build their own stuffed souvenir!

Another way T-Rex Cafe is like Rainforest Cafe is that it has a large gift shop where you can purchase prehistoric items. Your little paleontologists will definitely want to look around!

Inside, youll find all sorts of creatures will be joining you while you dine. Photo by Cliff Wang

Is Going To T

Dine with Dinos at TRex Cafe in Disney Springs!

As said above, the sound part, for sure, can turn out to be a negative and fundamental point for your experience not to be very good.

That way, it’s imperative that you know where you’re stepping.

At some point, the noise can cause some discomfort.

More than just enjoying the cuisine, the T-Rex is, practically, the environment as a whole.

There are several better and cheaper options in Orlando, but not as incredible as what the restaurant offers: visit a very old time, with animatronic animals and unforgettable details.

For those who want to know what it’s like to be surrounded by particularities, register moments and have something to tell, the T-Rex allows it all.

However, if you don’t mind the things listed above, it might not be the ideal choice.

We reiterate, therefore, that it depends on each one and what each person seeks to experience. For some people, the high values mean that the T-Rex doesn’t come in as a priority.

The theme, for others, is not advantageous for adults, being more suitable for those individuals who have children.

Ultimately, the decision is entirely yours. Opinions vary, so there is no way to reach a common denominator, without bumping into other issues. Like any restaurant or attraction, there are positive points to be highlighted and negative points to be placed on the scale.

Otherwise, that’s it. For those who choose to go to the T-Rex, at Disney Springs, enjoy a lot and have fun like never before!

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T Rex Restaurant Opens At Downtown Disney

This restaurant opened at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World in Florida on October 14th. This restaurant has a prime location in DTD. It is the first thing you see when you pull into the parking lot. It is located near McDonalds and Fultons.

They are owned by Landry that also owns Rainforest Café.For the next several months they will not be accepting reservations.I arrived about 4:20 PM and was amazed to see so many people standing outside.

There is a stroller parking area outside the restaurant.There is a fenced area where the kids can play in the sand and find some bones. With the crowd outside it was hard to find the area but it is to the right of where the safari car is located.

You check in at a podium outside and then when your expedition party is announced you are directed inside. Of course with everything at Disney there is a gift shop inside the restaurant.It is dinosaur themed and the table legs are dinosaur bones.Lots of t shirts, key chains, etc. to take home with you.There is also a Build a Dino shop in the back where you can create your own dino.

For all the people outside the restaurant was pretty empty.They have a number of rooms for dining.The Coral Reef bar area seemed very popular.

I plan on trying it out soon. I think this will be a very popular restaurant at Downtown Disney.

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