Dinosaur Plus Size Bathing Suit

Plus Size Fantasy Swimsuits

Spring Break Try-On (2) | Rosegal Swimwear | Plus Size

Mermaid Tankini Here’s another version of a mermaid swimsuit. I like this one more than the Ariel two-piece above. Mostly because it has a little more modesty.

Castle Guardian Swimsuit I love the design of this suit because it’s like a costume. Can someone tell me in the comments if this is for a particular fandom? Zelda?

Floral Skulls Tankini I don’t think skulls really count as fantasy, but I didn’t know where else to put this plus size swimsuit. The asymmetrical line of this tankini set and the wide straps make it very flattering to a plus size figure.

Wicca / Pagan Swimsuit Call it Supernatural or call it Wicca or call it Pagan. It’s a fun design for anyone whose a fan of the Winchester brothers or a practitioner of the spiritual arts.

Sloth Donut Swimsuit It’s not just sloths. It’s not just donuts. It’s sloths and donuts. I mean, c’mon! There are TONS of designs on CowCow with donuts. Again, just go search.

to get ideas about what to wear, how to save money and how to feel awesome about being a plus size nerd.

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The Good Dinosaur : Tankinis

Whether youre planning a beach vacation or going out for a pool party, a tankini is a must-have! A tankini combines the comfort of a tank top and the freedom of a bikini bottom all in one swimsuit. If you want to skip wearing a bikini and need more coverage, a tankini is a must-try. At Target, find a wide range of tankini bathing suits that you can choose from. Amp up your swimwear style with a collection of eye-catching tankini silhouettes. Choose from a wide range of tankini top styles like the racerback, high neck, blouson, keyhole and more. Look through tankini top designs with cups or choose an underwire tankini top to maximize your curve appeal. Bring a breezy style to your next pool party with a lovely ruffle tankini. Pick a suit that has slimming and control features and showcase your figure while you relax and swim. Find the right size for you thanks to the size-inclusive Tankini collection. Browse through a large collection of tankini swimsuits and find the right pick for you.

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Hottest Plus Size Swimwear For Nerds

March 19, 2019 by Nancy Basile

Looking for plus size swimwear? Swimsuit season shouldn’t cause anyone anxiety, least of all a hot plus size nerd like yourself. Don’t be afraid to hit the beach or lounge poolside just because you’ve got generous curves. This gorgeous and geeky plus size swimwear and cover ups are flattering and nerdy. Some of them are downright sexy!

Depending on when you’re looking at this blog post, there may be limited sizes available in the style you want. Click the link or the picture and check on the shop’s website. CowCow is a great place to shop because they make items on demand. You just need to make sure your size is offered in the plus size swimsuit you want.

P.S. Don’t let some of these pictures fool you. The model might not be a plus size, but I only listed swimsuits that have plus sizes available to buy.

In the video below, I tried on Torrid plus size swimsuits in their dressing room. I don’t think any of these are available anymore, except perhaps on Poshmark. You can at least get a sense for the style of their one-piece and two-piece bathing suits.

Busy? for later.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you. However, I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to the lives of my readers.

Plus Size Disney Swimsuits

Women Bikini Set Swimsuit High Waist Dinosaur Print Bathing Suit Beach ...

Ursula One-Piece Ursula is finally getting her due when it comes to plus size apparel. This beautiful Ursula swimsuit with a skirt will be flattering with the shapely top.

Minnie Mouse Two-Piece This bathing suit is super cute, but I wouldn’t be able to wear something strapless . However, if you’re more pear-shaped, this might be perfect for you.

Belle Swimsuit This plus size Disney two piece looks more like an outfit than swimwear. It’s definitely the right shade. Just looking at the swim skirt, however, makes me think they’ll ride up every time you get up or sit down.

Hot Topic Minnie Mouse Here’s another version of a Minnie Mouse two-piece. Again, watch out for that swim top that tends to spill over, although it does have a bit of underwire.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Ah, Sally. She’s really popular in clothing lately, like this patchwork swim dress. It’s also very slimming.

Moana Swim Top Talk about that island vibe! Very cute plus size swimsuit for fans of Disney’s Moana. I think you can get the Moana swim bottoms here. Although the words say swim top the photo shows the bottoms.

Disney Villains The villains have been stealing the spotlight for years. It’s only in the last few years that clothing companies are catching on how much we love to hate them. LOVE this plus size swimsuit.

Little Mermaid Swimsuit This isn’t an official plus size swimsuit based on Ariel, but it’s pretty darn close. And it comes from DressLily, so you’ll be saving some cash.

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Dinosaur : Swimsuit Coverups

Glam up for your next warm-weather getaway with a chic cover-up to match your favorite swimsuit. From a short dress to a breezy kimoni cover-up, the choices are endless. Check out Target.com or go for a Target run to explore the latest assortment of cover-ups for all body types. Whether youre going for a swim followed by brunch with the girls or just heading out for a stroll on the beach, a cover-up is the perfect outfit idea. A romper cover-up can add a modest touch to your pool-side look, or a flowy caftan can be the perfect piece to help you achieve a flirty and playful look. With so many styles, from chiffon and lace to crochet, finding your perfect form and fit should not be a problem. Drape a sarong skirt over your bikini bottom, or style a smocked blouse on top of your one-piece bathing suit, and youre all set to rock this trend. All you got to do is find a flattering silhouette, accessorize with a bit of bling and a cover-up dress can even be your choice of attire for a sunset beach wedding.

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Plus Size Dc And Marvel Swimwear

Harley Quinn Two-Piece I like the modesty of this plus size swimsuit, which is ironic, considering that Harley Quinn has very little modesty. The high-neck top and modest shorts are fun while providing plenty of coverage.

Iron Man Swimsuit This two-piece from Hot Topic is really cute. They also had a version for Captain America but it sold out way too fast. #teamcap

Superehero Two-Piece This gorgeous plus size swim dress isn’t officially a Wonder Woman or Captain America design, but it could pass for either. There are blue and stars bottoms to match.

// Combat & Abilities

Amazon Bathing Suits Under $40 – Plus Size Swimwear Try On

Each dinosaur species has unique abilities and skills that allow it to carve out a niche in the ecosystem. Carnivores can team up in a pack to hunt larger dinosaurs, and herbivores must defend themselves and their food sources by gathering in herds. Whether you are a fishing Spinosaurus or a charging Eotriceratops, make the most of your abilities to survive!

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Sci Fi Plus Size Swimwear

Planets Tankini I refuse to make some kind of comment about how this plus size swimsuit is out of this world. I refuse. So you won’t hear me say it’s out of this world. I promise.

Dinosaur One-Piece Get prehistoric at the pool. These cute dinosaurs will keep you company while the rest of the pool is checking out that sexy, low-slung belt as you sashay away.

Dark Galaxy You can get this dark galaxy design made into just about any style plus size swimsuit you want on CowCow.

Pastel Galaxy Here’s a lighter version of the galaxy. Very Jem-ish.

Circuit Board Circuit boards aren’t fiction, but they fall under the category of science, so I listed it here. Like the galaxy design, you can find lots of circuit designs on CowCow.

R2-D2 Swim Dress The OG sarcastic droid gets his own design on CowCow. It’s not officially licensed, but the design is unmistakable in this plus size swim dress.

Darth Vader One-Piece Here’s a Day of the Dead take on Darth Vader. I really like this design. There are other Darth Vader swimsuits on CowCow too. You can also check out the Darth Vader Cat swimsuit, whatever that is.

Alien One-Piece This swimsuit’s design is titled the most ugly alien ever. Is it though? Have you seen Alien? Doesn’t get uglier than that. This cartoon guy is kinda cute.

// Swimming Diving & Fishing

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Cute Swimsuits & Swimwear In Plus Sizes

Ladies, meet the Hot Topic Plus Size Collectiona paradise of pieces that are perfect for you, no matter what you love to rock. At Hot Topic, our plus size swim collection is all about merging fashion with function, bringing you the pieces you want to wear with the pop-culture references you cant live without.

No matter what type of suit you love to rocka girly two-piece with frill details, a goth glam skirted swim bottom, an irresistibly adorable high-waisted swim bottom, a kickass one piece with a killer printHot Topics got the swimsuit your heart truly desires.

Whether youre looking for a classic staple you can wear over and overlike our plus size cherry blossom printed one-piece or our plus size crochet skull swim bottomor a cosplay cut thats guaranteed to kill it with your fellow pop-culture fanaticslike our Her Universe Marvel Loki Helmet Top Plus Size or our The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Halter Swim Top Plus Sizetheres a swimsuit favorite for every lady out there.

So stop stocking up on sub-par swimwear and start getting serious about your summer swim styles. Start scrolling ASAP through Hot Topics Plus Size Swimwear collection to find the fashionable, functional, never-gonna-top it swim styles your wardrobe wantsnope, scratch that, needs this summer season.

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