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Rafting the Green River | Dinosaur National Monument

Adrift provides the highest quality specialized rafting equipment, experienced guides, all meals from first to last day lunch and transportation from your meeting place and back. Overnight guest will be given a large waterproof dry bag to use while on the river for your personal gear. A suggested equipment checklist of recommended items to bring will accompany your trip confirmation or can be found on this website via a link under the trip schedule and listing. We also have available 2 person tents, polarguard sleeping bags and Thermarest pads for a small rental fee.

Green River Whitewater Rafting Offers A Thrilling Getaway

A Don Hatch River Expeditions guide rowing a raft into a hole on the Green River along the Utah/Colorado border in Dinosaur National Monument. Photo by Craig McCarthy

Steamboat Rock looms high above a the Green River near its union with the Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument. This group of rafters on a Don Hatch River Expeditions trip is preparing to go for a hike in a side canyon. Photo by Craig McCarthy

Kimiko Martinez of Venice Beach, Ca., watches the sunrise from a beach deep in a canyon on the Green River. Photo by Craig McCarthy

VERNAL, Utah From our rocky perch above the ominously named Disaster Falls cascade on the Green River, , we watched as a trio of Adrift Adventure rafts maneuvered downstream. The first one slid through the rapids untouched, the oarsman deftly guiding his boat around boils, reversals and big rocks in the stream.

But the second raft guide took a line a bit too far to the right and hit a hole, tipped sideways and dumped three passengers unceremoniously into the drink. The last boat followed the same route and this time the results at least from our vantage point were even more entertaining.

Whitewater Raft The Gates Of Lodore In Dinosaur National Monument

Moffat County, Colorado

Added by John Sunich

Raft through the towering Gates of Lodore on the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument where you will find exhilarating whitewater, amazing campsites, as well as abundant wildlife. Take a side hike into rarely visited canyons to see waterfalls, pictographs, and amazing geological formations.

Starting from the Lodore Ranger Station in Colorado the trip begins as a mild float before the Green River abruptly cuts through the Uinta Mountains in an area named The Gates of Lodore. From there the gradient of the river increases as the imposing vermillion canyon walls covered with lush green foliage rise up around you.

Once in the 18 mile stretch of the Lodore Canyon one of the first places to explore is Winnies Grotto which is just below Winnies Rapid on river right. This short hike ascends through a steep narrow side canyon. At the upper terminus of the hike there is a small waterfall dropping into an impressive grotto that includes a throne made of rock.

In the Lodore Canyon section of the trip you will encounter several infamous rapids that were named and documented by John Wesley Powell during his exploratory trip down the Green River in 1869. These rapids include Upper and Lower Disaster Falls, Triplett Falls, and Hells Half Mile. Each of these rapids should be approached with caution and/or scouted prior to running if you are not familiar with the safest line to run.

Trip Planning

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Protecting Our Wild River Heritage

At Adrift Adventures we are especially dedicated to education and the preservation of our wild river heritage. This commitment is reflected in our philosophy and actions, and in the rivers on which we choose to operate. For example, a portion of our proceeds support various river conservation organizations such as American Rivers, the Utah Rivers Council and Friends of the River, in addition, we are actively involved in volunteer programs at several national parks. We support the organization Americans For National Parks in their mission for increasing protection of our national treasures.

We practice what we preach about responsible tourism by going to great lengths to minimize our impact on the often fragile environment, from packing out all our waste and recycling reusable items after the trip to fighting threats to the rivers. Every year the Adrift crew does a volunteer service project, such as our weed warrior project in 2001 and 2002.

Whitewater Rafting In Dinosaur National Monument

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Once everyone was awake, we all got ready to head into town to Don Hatch River Expeditions where we would be taking a white water rafting day trip on the Green River through Dinosaur National Monument. We were all excited as we parked the RV around 8:30 AM and headed to the headquarters where we had reserved spots on the Split Mountain Canyon Day Trip. Covering approximately 9 river miles, it sounded like the perfect trip for us with just the right amount of thrill for our mixed age group. Once there, the river guides introduced themselves, divided the group into boats, fitted us for life vests and explained both our itinerary and water safety. Only two boats were on the days trip with our family in one, and two smaller family groups in the other each with a river guide. It was great to have such a small group!

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Rafting Trips On The Yampa River

The rafting trips on the Yampa River are usually simpler floats often combined with camping. The western plateau scenery is perfect for a peaceful day of wilderness gazing from your peaceful boat ride.

Whitewater Rafting Difficulty: As a long, flowing waterway, the Yampa River is not difficult. For the most part, the river is filled with Class II III rapids, for relaxed whitewater rafting and tubing. In peak season, there is a section of challenging Class IV -V in the Cross Mountain Gorge, which is only suitable for experienced rafters.

Dinosaur National Monument: The multi-day trips out near Dinosaur usually meet up in Vernal, Utah, the largest town around. They experience a slew of Class III and IV rapids during their peak season from May through July.

Downtown Steamboat Springs: Short little half day floats happen around downtown Steamboat Springs from May to early June you catch some Class II and III rapids.

From Colorado to Utah, here are the most popular whitewater rafting sections of the Yampa River:

Green River Rafting Through Utahs Gates Of Lodore

Gates of Lodore Rafting on the Green River: Experience Utah rafting, legendary big waves whitewater, and one of Americas most spectacular, billion-year-old canyons through Dinosaur National Monument. Its like living in the Jurassic Era with fossils and petroglyphs galore at the Dinosaur National Monument visitor center. Our Gates of Lodore trips continue on the legacy of Adventure Bound River Expeditions, combined with the legendary customer service and expertise of Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep tours.

Gates of Lodore, a magnificent towering canyon, greets you at the start of the trip and winds into one of the most beautiful stretches of untouched river anywhere.

Experience thrilling class II and III rapids, with colorful names such as Hells-Half Mile, Disaster Falls, and SOB in a raft or challenge them in an inflatable kayak all spring, summer and fall due to the dam released water flow.

Nature also provides an abundance of wildlife on the Green River in Utah. Deer, bighorn sheep, beavers, waterfowl, eagles, trout, and hawks may be discovered along the way.

On our Gates of Lodore raft trip, discovery is each days only goal. Highlights of the friendly and fun Green River trip include rafting, exploration side hikes, big sandy beaches, relaxing camp time, tranquility around the crackling evening fire, and sleeping under the sparkling star-filled sky!

  • 1/2 down, 1/2 charged 60 days prior to trip.
  • 1/3 down with remaining balance charged in thirds by 60 days prior.
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    Moab Rafting And Jeep Packages

    Mix it up! Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Tours has been taking people to the Southwests hidden gems for 30 years. Our goal is to help others reconnect with nature, family and friends through adventure in these spectacular landscapes. Safety has always been our number one priority, and we only hire highly trained guides who exceed state requirements and have spent ample time getting to know each rivers unique attributes. Were here to create memories that last a lifetime, so start planning your next adventure with us!

    Suggested Packing List For A One

    White Water Rafting w/ Dinosaur River Expeditions – The Traveling Tacos – Dinosaur National Monument
    • Sunscreen/lip balm We were fine without lip balm, but sunscreen is essential.
    • Swimsuit and/or shorts and quick-dry top Avoid cotton because it does not protect from hypothermia. You may prefer rain gear early in the season when the water and the air are cooler.
    • Water shoes or sandals with ankle strap Chaco sandals are what the guides wear, but you just need something that will protect your feet and won’t fall off in the river. An old pair of athletic shoes will be fine. Flip flops will not.
    • Water bottle, preferably with clip We took water bottles, but didn’t need them as much as I expected.
    • Hat/visor, preferably with chin cord
    • Sunglasses with securing strap, like Chums Eyewear Retainers.

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    Whitewater In Dinosaur National Monument

    Renting an RV from Cruise America allowed us to comfortably tour the National Parks of Colorado. You can read our full review of Cruise America rental RVs here. You can also view our entire 3,200 mile Summer road trip itinerary to Colorado and Utah by clicking here.

    Once we left Rocky Mountain National Park, we had about a 4.5 hour drive to Vernal in Utah where we would camp for the next two nights at Utahs Red Fleet State Park. By the time we arrived in Vernal it was already dark and the deserted road to the park was absolutely creepy! Since we didnt exactly know where we were going and the road was not lit, we accidentally passed the park entrance and continued down the dark two lane road. Eventually we came upon a Danger sign warning of underground explosions overnight due to the presence of fracking in the region. Yikes! Carefully turning around , we eventually found the entrance sign. Parking in our reserved spot, we all went right to sleep.

    Vernal’s Only Locally Owned & Operated Outfitter

    Are you looking for an amazing whitewater rafting experience? Well, you found it! Dinosaur River Expeditions is family-owned and locally operated in Vernal, Utah. Our river guides are experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Our Utah whitewater rafting expeditions will take you along the breathtaking canyons of the Green River, through the Gates of Lodore, and along Colorado’s mighty Yampa River. Whichever river rafting trip you choose, you’ll experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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    Where We Are Located

    The Adrift Adventures office is located in the heart of Jensen, Utah and just a short paddle from Dinosaur National Monument. All Adrift trips meet at the Adrift Adventures office in Jensen, except for canoe, Cross Mtn., Gunnison, Alaska and international adventures. Were just a three hour drive from Salt Lake City or a six hour drive from Denver. See our map below to find out where were located in relation to some major western U.S. cities.

    A few miles west of Jensen, the Vernal Utah Airport is served by major airlines. Well arrange airport pickup and hotel drop-off for guests arriving by airlines, at no extra charge and with prior notice. Call us to assist with your transportation planning and vacation suggestions. Click here for a Detailed Map of the Vernal and Dinosaur National National Monument area.

    Yampa River Through Dinosaur National Monument In Colorado

    Colorado Whitewater Rafting Adventures

    Not only is the Yampa River the most highly sought out rafting trip, it also is the last of the wild ones! Experience Colorados only free-flowing river in the entire Colorado River system and paddle through Dinosaur National Monument, home of dinosaur fossils over 149 million years old. Our Yampa River trips continue on the legacy of Adventure Bound River Expeditions, combined with the legendary customer service and expertise of Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep tours.

    Discover the remote and untouched headwaters of the Colorado River system on the Yampa River in Colorado. As the snow melts from the Rocky Mountains, the whole Colorado Plateau is alive with whitewater. This world-famous river system compressed between towering canyon walls results in a fun, friendly, and invigorating Colorado Rafting adventure on the Yampa River.

    This untamed river takes us deep in the canyon where we travel through many layers of history. Dinosaurs once roamed here and their intriguing remains are visibly embedded in the rocks. Petroglyphs visibly share signs of earlier existence and cultures. Live history on hikes to Native American sites. And, as we move into more recent times, we will explore the traces left behind by homesteaders, moonshiners, and outlaws who found their refuge here in this stunning place.

    Enrich your life with a Yampa River Rafting trip! It has it all: Colorado whitewater, adventure, history, spectacular scenery, science, and fascinating geology.

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    Rafting 44 Unforgettable Miles Of Rapids On Utah’s Green River

    Past experience isnt necessary. Neither is prime athletic ability. All you need to charter 44 miles on the Green River through the Gates of Lodore and Dinosaur National Monument is a willingness to go, listen, and truly see. Oh, and if youre not comfortable planning and setting out on a self-guided expedition, we recommend going with a guide.

    With a handful of local guides in the area, such as Dinosaur River Expeditions , theres an opportunity for anyone and everyone to come and have an I-need-to-write-a-book-about-this experience. From rafting and kayaking to hiking and wildlife-viewing, a Utah rafting trip will open your eyes, whether young, old, small or tall, to the beauty and irreplaceable importance of the worlds wild places.

    On the trip, adventurers will paste more than a river rafting memory in their mental scrapbooks . Theyll set foot on history-enriched trails and exchange stories by firelight at tucked-away campsites. Hungry adventurers will help cook and taste ever-so-satisfying meals and be encouraged to soak in the quiet, yet paintbrush worthy scenic overlooks. Along the way, youll also be educated in the history of the river itself, see remnant of dinosaurs in Dinosaur National Monument, hear a guides personal connection to your surroundings, and learn how to leave no trace by respecting natures desired and needed permanence.

    Discover more pointers and locations for white water rafting in Utah.

    Utah Rafting With Adrift Dinosaur

    Adrift Dinosaur is the premier Utah Rafting outfitter in Dinosaur National Monument. Adrift offers a daily nine-mile Green River whitewater rafting trip through Split Mountain Gorge, as well as multi-day whitewater rafting trips on the Green and Yampa rivers. Embark on our 5-day Yampa River rafting adventure that covers 72 miles through Class III-IV rapids. Another option is our 4-day Green River raft trip that covers 44 miles of Class III-IV rapids through the legendary Gates of Lodore. Both trips begin in Colorado and end in Utah through Split Mountain Canyon. We have also cultivated some amazing relationships with musicians, athletes, influencers and chefs that take rafting and recreation to the next level on multi-day trips. We also offer specialty multi-day Stand Up Paddle Board trips, which are quickly becoming Utahs best SUP tours.

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    Yampa River Whitewater Rafting

    The last undammed tributary of the Colorado River System, the free-flowing Yampa River is a gem. Beginning in Deer Lodge Colorado, our Yampa River whitewater rafting trips take you for an amazing 72-mile journey. Along the way, youll experience astounding sandstone cliffs, thrilling Colorado whitewater, incredible campsites, and so much more. The Yampa River is a great family white water river rafting trip, group trip or perfect for the solo traveler.

    Your Yampa River trip in Dinosaur National Monument with Dinosaur River Expeditions includes fun rafting and inflatable kayaking through spectacular scenery and exciting Colorado whitewater. Our guides will lead hikes to some of the finest ancient Native American sites in Dinosaur National Monument, where youll see 700-year-old petroglyphs, early pioneer sites, and the most amazing vistas of western canyons found anywhere.

    Camping along the shore of Colorados Yampa River in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument is unbelievable the views alone will leave you speechless. Your rafting trip guides will prepare remarkable meals theyll leave no appetite unsatisfied. Dutch ovens will steam with fresh, nutritious, dining such as homemade Peach Cobbler and delicious Lasagna.

    Have A Mild Or A Wild Whitewater Rafting Adventure

    Yampa River Rafting In Dinosaur National Monument

    Youll paddle furiously. Youll float. Youll scream with excitement. And youll never forget an exhilarating, whitewater rapids thrill ride.

    In fact, the Green River is one of the countrys world-class river rafting destinations to experience the true enjoyment of nature at its best.

    Whether you choose a relaxing float or a heart-pounding adventure, your family has a choice of guides and outfitters to get you down the river in style. Shoot through Flaming Gorge for miles of smiles.

    The Green River winds through Flaming Gorge in Northeast Utah and continues through Dinosaur National Monument. It then flows further through east-central Utah and its deserts. Finally, it slides past the town of Green River and merges with the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park.

    Below Flaming Gorge dam is an easy whitewater rafting route thats also one of the worlds finest tailwater fisheries for Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat Trout, as well as fly fishing. But its not all easy floating.

    In fact, the span of the Green River between the Gates of Lodore and Split Mountain is home to extremely intense Class III and Class IV rapids. This includes some of the most incredible scenery found in the western United States. You can also find great camping and amazing hiking trails. Typically trips are booked between April and October. On all trips, life jackets and the necessary equipment are mandatory.

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