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Dinosaur exhibit coming to Saint Louis Zoo

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“Pretty cool displays. There’s like a giant sloth and some pigs and then a big scary mastodon skeleton that looks like something out of that Jurassic Park Dinosaur movie. Except mastodons are not dinosaurs. IF you went here you would know that, DUH!The trails are pretty easy and the scenery is nice so if you want to get out into nature this is a good place to go. It is also not far from the highway so it is also easy to get to. I learned a lot and I got some exercise so I will give this place 5 stars.”

Brand New Features This Year

  • A new, spikey dinosaur – the euoplocephalus
  • A massive area with new and old digging opportunities, including the Dino Dig. But be careful! There’s a dinosaur joining you in that space!
  • An exciting magnetic Dino Wall where guests can build dinosaurs!
  • More engaging educational activities!

Tickets to the attraction are not available in advance of your visit or online.

General Admission Ticket

  • A ticket to Dinoroarus is $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up, and children under age 2 can enter for free. General admission tickets may be purchased at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

Zoo Member Admission Tickets

  • Zoo members may use their member benefits for free admission to Dinoroarus. Members may pick up tickets to Dinoroarus at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

Adventure Pass

  • Dinoaroarus is included in the Adventure Pass. Guests who purchase the Adventure Pass may enter Dinoroarus at by showing their Adventure Pass wrist band. The passes can be purchased at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

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Saint Louis Zoo’s New Dinosaur Exhibit Transports Families To A Land Of Prehistoric Creatures

An engaging new exhibit at the Saint Louis Zoo takes visitors back in time more than 83 million years, not only to see dinosaurs in action and learn about how they lived but also to better understand how these insights impact animals and the environment today.

Dubbed Emerson Dinoraurus, the recently debuted exhibit features 16 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs that move, munch and, yes, roar to the delight of visitors young and old. Located on-site at the zoo, the experience includes prehistoric creatures like a life-size triceratops, an 18-foot-tall brachiosaurus, a 12-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus rex and many more each of which helps tell the story of life and its precarity on Earth.

But visitors shouldnt expect the experience to be populated with just extinct critters.

We were able to incorporate some of the existing live animals into the experience, says Michael Macek, the zoos director. We chose animals and fabricated most of the designs ourselves to talk about things like extinction, conservation and climate change.

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Gateway Arch National Park

The Gateway Arch National Park has a free museum and documentary movie for visitors.

The iconic Gateway Arch is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of St Louis, and its a national historic landmark.

Constructed from 1963-1065, the arch stands 630 feet tall and is 630 feet wide. Its designed to sway as much as 18 inches in 150 miles per hour winds, and it can withstand an earthquake and lightning strikes.

You can visit the park for free, where they have a free museum about St. Louiss role in westward expansion and a documentary movie about the building of the arch.

For a fee, you can also take the popular tram ride to the top of the arch. It takes four minutes to get to the top, and three minutes to travel to the bottom.

On a clear day, its a great way to get an amazing view of the city. You can see up to thirty miles in either direction, offering an unparalleled view of the Mississippi River, downtown St. Louis, and the surrounding area. But beware: On a hazy day, visibility can be zero.

The park is also home to the Old Courthouse, where Dred Scott sued for his freedom. When the Supreme Court decided in 1857 that no African-Americans were entitled to citizenship, it hastened the start of the Civil War.

Emerson Dinoroarus Exhibit Opens New Features At Saint Louis Zoo

ST. LOUIS â A popular dinosaur exhibit is now fully open at the Saint Louis Zoo.

The Emerson Dinoroarus exhibit reopened Friday after its soft launch last year. It features animatronic and stationary dinosaurs, as well as new additions, such as never-before-seen spiky dinosaur euoplocephalus, a dino dig, a dino playground, and enhanced educational offerings, an animal space with North American river otters, and more, according to a press release.

âThis engaging attraction for all ages features 14 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs â colorful, prehistoric creatures that move realistically, some roaring and spitting or placidly munching on the lush vegetation,â the press release states.

The exhibit has a variety of dinosaur species, including euoplocephalus, a life-size triceratops, 12-foot-tall tyrannosaurus rex, giant stork-like quetzalcoatlus, 18-foot-tall brachiosaurus, nest of duck-billed parasaurolophus babies and more.

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St Louis Science Center

The Saint Louis Science Center in Forest Park is always free.

The Saint Louis Science Center, also located in the Forest Park, is one of the nations only free nonprofit museums.

There are more than 700 interactive experiences, including the indoor-outdoor GROW agricultural pavilion and gallery, the famous James S. McDonnell Planetarium, a four-story OMNIMAX® Theater, and the popular Discovery Room.

General admission is always free, and there are additional ticketed experiences available to visitors.

Emerson Dinoroarus Opens New Features At Saint Louis Zoo

Emerson Dinoroarus , the highly popular and dynamic temporary exhibit at the Saint Louis Zoo, opens on Friday, April 8, bigger and better than before. The exhibit experienced a soft-opening on Friday, March 18, 2022, with some features unavailable until now. It runs through Monday, October 31, 2022.

New in 2022

In addition to the animatronic and stationary dinosaurs from last season, guests will encounter the following new experiences!

  • The never-before-seen spikey dinosaur euoplocephalus
  • The Dino Dig, a space with a magnetic Dino Wall and more digging opportunities
  • The Dino Play playground
  • Enhanced educational offerings

Admission to Dinoroarus

All tickets to Dinoroarus must be purchased in-person at the Zoo. Tickets may be purchased and picked up at Zoo entrances or any attraction ticket booth.

  • General Admission Ticket General admission tickets are $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up .
  • Zoo Member Admission Tickets Zoo members may use their member benefits for free admission to Dinoroarus.
  • Adventure Pass Dinoroarus is included in the Adventure Pass .

Zoo Reservations Required to Visit

All Zoo guests, including those who wish to experience Dinoroarus, must make a free, timed reservation online in advance to enter the Zoo. Visit stlzoo.org/zooreservations to make a reservation up to seven days prior to the date of visit. Zoo reservations do not include tickets to Dinoroarus.

The Dinoroarus Experience

Membership and More Information

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Emerson Dinoroarus Returns To The Saint Louis Zoo

By Paul LangdonThe pinnacle of prehistoric attractions is back at the Saint Louis Zoo! For the second year in a row, Emerson Dinoroarus presents visitors with incredible animatronic creatures that existed long before the age of humans, as well as living examples of these creatures modern descendants. And if you were lucky enough to experience Dinoroarus last year, theres plenty of new features for the family to enjoy in 2022.

We have a whole new dino dig area for the kids and adults to participate in, so more digging options to uncover fossils, a large magnetic puzzle wall to put together a dinosaur, and more information about the role dinosaurs played in the world. explains Edward Spevak, Ph.D., Curator of Invertebrates at the Saint Louis Zoo. Also, theres a new playground area. This is one thing which we were asked about last time. You know, kids have to blow off steam and that was something with the old childrens zoo.

Some returning favorites are the ever-popular tyrannosaurus rex, the duckbilled parasaurolophus with its adorable babies, and the ornithophobes worst nightmare quetzalcoatlus. And a new static addition to the attraction is euoplocephalus . This member of the ankylosaur family was an herbivore with an armored, spiky back and clubbed tail.

While dinosaurs are certainly fun for all ages, the history of these ancient birds paints an ominous warning for anyone that cares about the preservation of animal species.

Animals & Insects Education Outdoors & Nature

Emerson Dinoroarus at Saint Louis Zoo with The Legend
People interested

Emerson Dinoroarus, a dynamic temporary exhibit at the Saint Louis Zoo, is now open through Oct. 31. This engaging attraction for all ages features 14 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs – colorful, prehistoric creatures that move realistically, some roaring and spitting or placidly munching on the lush vegetation.

New in 2022, guests will enjoy the Dino Dig, a space with a magnetic wall and more digging opportunities, the Dino Playground and enhanced education offerings.

All tickets to Dinoroarus must be purchased in-person at the Zoo. Tickets may be purchased and picked up at Zoo entrances or any attraction ticket booth. General admission tickets are $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up . Zoo members may use their member benefits for free admission to Dinoroarus. Dinoroarus is included in the Adventure Pass .

for more information about the exhibit.

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Dinoroarus Returns To The Zoo

Open Daily Through Sunday, November 6, 2022

Colossal creatures and bumpy behemoths have returned to the Zoo! Throughout Dinoroarus, in this land before time, discover the amazing connections between dinosaurs and modern-day living animals while walking among 14 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs. Guests of all ages will learn about what scientists can gather from fossils, theories of the dinosaurs’ mass extinction and ways we all can support wildlife today! Information on ticketing can be found below tickets to this exhibit must be purchased in-person at the Zoo.

Baby Penguin Named Opal Born To Biological And Foster Parents

The attraction will feature 16 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs. The dinosaurs will represent a vast span of geological time including a life-size triceratops, a 12-foot-tall T-Rex, and an 18-foot-tall brachiosaurus. There will also be other ancient species as well as a fossil dig area.

You will also be able to learn the connection between dinosaurs and living animals today. You will be able to walk among modern-day dinosaurs like the domesticated guinea fowl. Other live animals in the exhibit include river otters, Tasmanian devils, fish, moon jellies, and more. Each of those animals has a unique connection to the time of the dinosaurs.

Admission to Dinoroarus is $5.95 per person ages 2 and up. Zoo members may use their member tickets.

All Zoo guests, including thosewho wish to experienceDinoroarus, must make a free, timed reservationonline in advanceto enter the Zoo.You can learn more about Dinoroarus here.

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New Dinosaur Exhibit Coming To St Louis Zoo

ST. LOUIS A new dinosaur exhibit for the entire family will be opening next month at the St. Louis Zoo. Its called Emerson Dinoroarus and will open on April 17 and run through October 31.

The seasonal exhibit over the next couple of years as the Zoo reimagines the area that was the former childrens zoo.

Monday morning, some of the dinosaurs arrived at the Zoo and were being moved to their new home.

World Chess Hall Of Fame

The worlds largest chess piece is located outside the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis.

The World Chess Hall of Fame is home to the Worlds Largest Chess Piece , certified by Guinness World Records in 2018.

Its on display in front of the museum, and across the street from the Saint Louis Chess Club.

The WLCP stands 20 feet tall, 9 feet, 2 inches wide, and weights 10,860 pounds. Its made of African sapele mahogany.

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Free Family Activities In St Louis Missouri

Perhaps best known for its iconic Gateway Arch and blues music scene, St. Louis is one of the biggest cities in the Midwest.

It has a rich history. This is where Lewis and Clark began their expedition in 1804, where the Supreme Court heard the pivotal Dred Scott case, and it was host to the Worlds Fair in 1904.

Today St. Louis offers an abundance of free museums and attractions for visitors, making it a prime candidate for your next family road trip.

Here are 15 free family activities in St. Louis, plus some bonus ideas for your itinerary.

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The species that populate the area were each carefully selected to help illustrate that similar animals lived during the various periods when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Some of the live creatures that visitors can see at the exhibit include North American river otters, Tasmanian devils, fish, sea stars, urchins and more not to mention modern bird species like the domesticated guinea fowl, which are expected to arrive later this summer to roam the exhibit.

We do make a lot of references in this particular exhibit to birds, Macek says. Birds are living dinosaurs theyre direct descendants of dinosaurs. We try to provide examples in many cases in this particular case, through birds.

This connection between then and now presents plenty of learning opportunities for children. Zoo interpreters can be found throughout the site to talk about evolution, extinction and climate change undeniably tough subjects that can be more than a little challenging for younger guests. With this in mind, lessons are applied to the animals that live today to bridge the divide between the past and present and, hopefully, to help shape a more sustainable future.

The ultimate goal between the exhibit and the future of the area is clear: Whether the animals on display are long-since extinct or endangered currently, the zoo wants to continue making connections between them and visiting families.

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Purina Farms Visitor Center

The Purina Farms Visitor Center is free and open to the public from April through October, Wednesday through Sunday. This family-friendly attraction is located just outside of St. Louis.

You can visit the Incredible Dog Arena, where you can see Purina Incredible Dog Team demonstrate their amazing skills, the Pet Center, where Purinas dogs and cats live, featuring a 20-foot, multi-level home for cats, and the Barn and Play area, which houses Purinas domestic farm animals.

What To Expect At The Saint Louis Zoo’s New Dinosaur Exhibit

Saint Louis Zoo welcomes dinosaurs for upcoming exhibit

“Emerson Dinoroarus” runs from this Saturday until October 31.

The Dilophosaurus that greets visitors at the entrance of the Saint Louis Zoos new Emerson Dinoroarus exhibit has a distinctive way of saying hello.

It spits.

Other animatronic creatures graze on the tropical vegetation, turn their heads to stare down passersby, or emit roars and screeches. And, while not every dinosaur is life-sized, severallike the 12-foot-tallTyrannosaurusrexwere imposing enough to make a big impression on young visitors previewing the exhibit before its official opening date on Saturday, April 17. “Emerson Dinoroarus” will be open through October 31.

Admission for children under 2 is free while general admission for those 2 and up is $5.95 per visitor. Zoo members get free admission and Dinoroarus admission is also included in the $14.95 Adventure Pass that grants admission to several attractions for one price.

Dinoroarus occupies the area that was formerly home to the Emerson Childrens Zoo and will return as a seasonal exhibit each spring for at least the next few years while the zoo plans a new permanent attraction for children and families. Zoo officials closed the Childrens Zoo at the end of October 2020.

When we decided to close the Childrens Zoo, it was very COVID-19related, says zoo director Michael Macek. It was such a high-contact sort of experience that we couldnt engage the children in the way we wanted.

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Jurassic World Live Tour

Jurassic World Live Tour, an exhilarating and unpredictable live, family entertainment experience that brings the wonder and thrills of Jurassic World to generations of fans is coming to Enterprise Center from December 16 – 18.

With unrivaled arena production quality, Jurassic World comes to life against a backdrop of captivating scenery where dinosaurs from the iconic franchise, including fan-favorite Velociraptor Blue and a Tyrannosaurus rex more than 40 feet in length, take center stage. The production features more than 24 film-accurate, life-sized dinosaurs, with scale, speed and ferocity, operated by animatronics and performers.

Jurassic Worlds unmistakable score combined with projection and practical scenery transforms the arena into the dense jungles of Isla Nublar, where real Gyrospheres roll through the valley and scientists work to unravel a corrupt plan and save anew dinosaur from a terrible fate. With pulse-pounding stunts and an original, authentic storyline, this show is guaranteed to make memories that will last another 65 million years.

St Louis Union Station

Walk around St. Louis Union Station for a touch of history with a modern twist.

The first train pulled into St. Louis Union Station on September 1, 1894, and over the next several years, it became one of the largest and busiest passenger rail terminals in the world.

Today, the stylish Grand Hall preserves elegant historic touches like the original terrazzo floor, green glazed terracotta bricks, the Allegorical Window , and impressive wooden carpentry.

But Union Station has kept up with modern times, installing an exciting 3D lights show set to music across the Grand Halls 65-foot vaulted ceiling. It happens every day at 5:00 p.m.

For a fee, you can ride the 200 foot St Louis Ferris Wheel, open year-round.

Union Station is also home to popular family attractions like the St. Louis Polar Express Train Ride and the St. Louis Aquarium, a 120,000 square-foot destination housing thousands of aquatic species.

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