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Jurassic Quest Is Coming Rochester Riverside Convention Center

ROCHESTER, N.Y. Its a new park full of Jurassic dinosaurs And presumably ones from other eras. Jurassic Quest, the largest traveling dinosaur exhibit in the Northeast is coming to Rochester, specifically the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, at 123 E. Main St. Rochester, NY 14604.

The quest comes to the 585 on January 28, and will stay in town for only three days just enough time to get a full weekend of dinosaurs in! Tickets can be purchased here.

Jurassic Quests says they have attractions for kids of all ages, including more than 80 life-like dinosaurs, dinosaur themed rides, live dinosaur shows, interactive science and art activities, the Triceratots soft play area for our littlest explorers, animal art tattoos, bounce houses and inflatable attractions.

The exhibit is filled with 16 trucks worth of realistic animatronic dinosaurs, displays, educational material, and even a new Ancient Oceans Exhibit that features a 50-foot long Megalodon shark. And yes, they do have a T-Rex. His name is Tyson.

As for the COVID-safe protocols, Jurassic Quest is mostly deferring to local guidelines, but strongly encourages participants to wear a mask, and all of their employees will as well.

Dinosaur Exhibit Was What Caught Our Eye

We wanted to spend a few hours doing something fun and educational! This was the perfect place. They also had the dinosaur exhibit which was a site to see. Great for all ages and you’ll learn something new visiting the museum


My 14 year old son and I were looking for something to do for a few hours waiting for my older son to finish his classes before leaving for break. I saw this and though it looked fun. It was a really neat museum. Large section on dinosaurs, large section on the underground railway, and history of slavery. Large Native American displays, and lots of science stuff kid of mixed in. A big area with music science, another with lights. There were a few things for smaller children crane and some activities for smaller children. It was an interesting mix of seemingly unrelated areas, but provided several hours of entertainment for my son and I. Things that were interesting to adults and children. We didn’t get to see the electricity show on the top floor, but other than that I think we hit most of the areas. We were there about 4 hours, which was a good attention span for a 14 year old.

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What Visitors Are Saying About Dino Safari

Its fun. The entire experience is for your child or adults that like dinosaurs. The whole experience lasted about an hour and couldve easily went longer.

Michelle – Atlanta

While geared for kids, adults with a child-like fascination with dinosaurs will find the exhibit appealing as well.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Great fun for the kids!! My grand babies loved it

Jerry, Washington DC

It is a must-see adventure! We all loved it! Thank you!

Candace, Washington, DC

I recommend taking your children they have a blast! Its educational and fun!

Vilma, Washington, DC

Fantabulous kids really enjoyed and were super excited really appreciate the effort during this COVID time!!

Sudharshan – Atlanta

Being cooped up has been so hard on my kids this was such a cool opportunity to get out safelyit really couldnt have been any more fantastic. The process was painlessAll in all, well worth it!

Danielle – Raleigh

I took my 2 grandchildren to this, twice. One is 5 and the other is 2, and they enjoyed it and demanded to go back. Nona and I had fun experiencing it with them. have fun, have more fun, and make a memory!!!

Bret- Atlanta

I think the absolute best part was that the 2 year old and the 65 year old loved it. Even the 12 year old was impressed.

Sandi – Raleigh

Loved loved it! Loved the excitement my 4 year old granddaughter gave!! She knows over 50 dinosaurs names !! she was so excited!! Recommend! YES!

Darlene – RaleighSandy – AtlantaBriana – Atlanta

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs: The Exhibit

Calling All Dinosaur Lovers

This exhibit highlights the sauropods, a species of dinosaur that grew to be, well, huge. HUGE. But the paleontologists behind this exhibit have chosen to focus not just on size but on the biology of these titans as well. How did they grow so fast and so very big? How did they support that long neck? How did their heart, their lungs, their digestive system work to support such an enormous creature? The exhibit answers all of these questions and more.

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs is, ironically, a small exhibit, spanning three rooms. It offers opportunities to touch and interact, and it demonstrates in many clever ways the difference in scale between the sauropods and any living thing that walks the earth today.

Now, I was traveling with a toddler and two preschoolers. They are all dinosaur enthusiasts, to say the least, but much of the biology was lost on them. I’m not sure they are even capable of understanding the significance of the difference in scale between the eggs of a modern day bird versus a sauropod . But that is okay: There was plenty of WOW when they walked in and saw the Argentinosaurus head at ceiling height above them.

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Hours Admission And Directions

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AdventureZone has closed to make room for new explorations. Stay tuned for our newest exhibit, Wonders of Water, opening this Fall 2022! Thank you for your patience.

Seniors and college students with ID: $17Ages 3 18: $16Regional Teachers* : FREEASTC Members: FREEMuseums for All Pass**: $3Veterans: $15

*Free admission applies to teachers working in Monroe, Yates, Ontario, Livingston, Genesee, Orleans, or Wyoming counties.**Learn more about the Museums for All Initiative, which provides reduced admission prices for those with a SNAP/EBT card. Details below.

Museum & Science Center and Planetarium Combined Admission

Adults: $24

Seniors and college students with ID: $22Ages 3 18: $21

Group Museum & Science Center Admission

Per Person: $10

Group rates available but you must reserve prior to your visit. This ticket is for Museum & Science Center general admission only. You must have 10 or more people in your party to be considered a group. Additional charge may apply for special exhibitions or programs.

Monday: Closed

TuesdaySaturday: 9am5pm

RMSC Uncorked & On Tap: Saturday, March 5 | Closing at 1pm

September 12 – September 23 | CLOSED

Special Event Closure: November 10, 2022 | Closing at 3pm

New Year’s Day: Saturday, January 1 | 11am5pm

Monday, January 17 | 9am-5pm

President’s Day: Monday, February 21 | 9am-5pm

Good Friday: Friday, April 15 | 9am5pm

Easter Sunday: Sunday, April 17 | 11am-5pm

Reasons To Visit Expedition: Dinosaur At Rmsc

Do you love to learn? The Rochester Museum & Science Center’s Expedition: Dinosaur has something to offer those of all ages. Follow the history of dinos, from the Bone Wars to modern paleontology and meet some friendly specimens along the way! The dinosaurs on exhibit can move, roar, and even swing their tails.

Read below for just a few of the things that make this exhibit a must-visit, and keep an eye on @visitrochester for a special giveaway coming soon!

Photo: Rochester Museum & Science Center / @jackiephotographyroc

1. Step into the shoes of a paleontologist and find out what it was like to be one of the first scientists to discover dinosaurs. Get a hands-on experience by digging at an excavation site, performing fossil removal surgery, and observing real microscopic specimens from the Mesozoic era.

2. All of the moving parts make this exhibit extremely interactive. You can control the dinosaurs make them shake their heads, wag their tails, and even watch them breathe!

Photo: Rochester Museum & Science Center / @jackiephotographyroc

3. This exhibit is a great learning opportunity. Get the full scope of the field of paleontologyfrom its cultural history, to modern day techniques, and beyond! (gives ideas of what fossil and dino bone hunting looked like in the early 20th century, see how techniques have evolved, and see where this technology is going in the future.

Photo: Rochester Museum & Science Center / @jackiephotographyroc

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Here Are The Weekend Hours For Jurassic Quest:

  • Friday, January 28, 2022 9am-8pm
  • Saturday, January 29, 2022 9am-8pm
  • Sunday, January 30, 2022 9am-6pm
  • Kids with Unlimited Rides : $36

Also prominently featured at the exhibit is Park Ranger Marty, a six year veteran of Jurassic Quest, who discussed the exhibit over a Zoom with his beloved dino-partner, Cammie the Camarasaurus, a creature that grew over 50 tons large Who miraculously came back from extinction and shrunk down to lap dinosaur size, so she could gnaw at Park Range Martys beard.

Ive loved dinosaurs since I was a little kid, Marty said. And so when Jurassic Quest herded through my neighborhood, I joined up with them. Ive always loved dinosaurs, and Ive always wanted to teach about dinosaurs. So this is a perfect opportunity. And Ive always wanted to have my beard eaten by dinosaurs apparently.

While pretty much every kid falls in love with dinosaurs and paleontology at some point, Park Ranger Marty wants to point out that theres something for those who are only young at heart.

your kids, you at one point in your life, were a dinosaur fan, Marty said. And those kids, youre going to see it through their eyes again And theres so much new stuff about dinosaurs you might not have known when you were a kid.

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Expedition: Dinosaur Opening At Rmsc

“Jurassic Quest” opens at Highmark Stadium

The Rochester Museum & Science Center is gearing up for Expedition: Dinosaur. The immersive exhibition, which explores the wonders of the world in the time of the dinosaurs, is scheduled to open on Friday, November 5.

The exhibition, produced by Stage 9 Exhibits, allows visitors to travel through time and walk among the giants of the Mesozoic Era. It brings dinosaurs to life through robotic replica dinosaurs that will leave guests in awe as they journey through galleries filled with sound installations and special effects.

RMSC is thrilled to be featuring Expedition: Dinosaur because dinosaurs have the unique power to engage everyone from age two to 102. Everyone can find something that interests them, said Hillary Olson, President and CEO of the RMSC. You can discover what and how these fascinating creatures ate, explore where and how they lived, learn how their legacy lives on in todays birds, and more. We cant wait to welcome visitors into this immersive exhibition and see what sparks their curiosity.

Expedition: Dinosaur will be open to the public in the Riedman Gallery and adjacent gallery spaces on the third floor of the RMSC Museum through spring 2022. The new exhibition features a number of hands-on interactives, including puzzles that challenge guests to identify dinosaur species and reassemble Pangea from our contemporary continents. Visitors can also become paleontologists using excavation tools and robotics to find and understand fossils.

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An Interactive Exhibit With Giant Dinosaurs Is In New York For A Limited Time

No matter your age, its tough not to be fascinated by dinosaurs. These creatures that lived so long ago captivate children and adults alike. Since this species went extinct millions of years ago, you probably think theres nowhere to see dinosaurs in New York but there actually is, for a limited time only! Rochesters wonderful Museum and Science Center has an exhibit for the next few months called Expedition: Dinosaur. The display features life-sized models of dinosaurs that roar and move just like real animals would. Its a blast for kids and entertaining for adults as well.

Expedition: Dinosaur will be on display at the museum only until May 1, 2022, so make plans to go!

For more information about Expedition: Dinosaur and all the other neat exhibits at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, check out the museums website.


Overlooking The Picturesque Genesee River At 99 Court St Dinosaur Bbq Rochester Is Located In The Heart Of Rochester In The Former Lehigh Valley Railroad Station Built In 1905

We opened in 1998 this is the second Dinosaur Bar-B-Que location. We offer different options for catering events, pick up, delivery, drop serve, and full service, including the Triple P Pig Roast. We also have an upstairs at the Dino for your private events. It accommodates 40-50 people and has a full bar along with internet access and iPod dock. Reservations are available on our website through our open table site.

We love our Dino Dogs! Make sure to bring your four-legged friends to join you for dinner at any of our outdoor seating areas. We provide water bowls lots of good smells! You can even swag out your pup with our bandanas. Dont forget to tag us on Instagram @dinosaur_bbq or for a chance to be featured. Bone Appetit!

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Rochester Museum And Science Center

The Rochester Museum & Science Center is a museum in Rochester, New York, dedicated to community education in science, technology and local history. The museum also operates the Strasenburgh Planetarium, located next to the museum, and the Cumming Nature Center, a 900-acre nature preserve near Naples, New York. The museum resides at 657 East Ave. and has a collection of 1.2 million artifacts.

Take A Prehistoric Journey

GeeklyCon 2021

Run with the reptiles and immerse yourself in the Mesozoic era as you explore Expedition: Dinosaur!

This new exhibit brings dinosaurs to life through roaring, moving robotic replicas that will leave you in awe. As you journey through galleries filled with thrilling sounds and special effects, youll find a wide range of hands-on, interactive experiences and brain teasing puzzles that will challenge every dino-fanatic. You can even become a paleontologist, complete with excavation tools to help you explore the landscape of the prehistoric world and discover intriguing facts about the 19th century Bone Wars.

Make sure to snap a photo with the climbable T-Rex to make your own massive memories before you leave its sure to be a rip roaring great time!

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Memenchasaurus Inside And Out

And when these three small children turned the corner and saw the Memenchasaurus, they were blown away. The Memenchasaurus is the centerpiece of the exhibit, not technically the biggest dino ever, but she takes up most of the room in this exhibit. She is a full scale model with the whole left side exposed to receive images from a projection screen suggesting what her insides might have looked like. Seats are arranged so that visitors can take in the show. We didnt stop for thisthis preschool power trio of mine doesn’t stop for muchand it seemed tailored for older children and adults. So we headed out of the room and straight for the dig. I mean, to Paradise.

Wegmans Super Kids Market

At The Strongs Wegmans Super Kids Market exhibit, kids run the store! Cruise the aisles and fill a grocery cart with colorful products that look amazingly real. Visit the toddler organic farm, Market

Spend an afternoon or an entire weekend among The Strong museums two floors of interactive exhibits!


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Tips For Enjoying The World’s Largest Dinosaurs At The American Museum Of Natural History

    • Get ’em pumped up in advance. No, I don’t mean the Memenchasaurus heart . I mean help your kids understand what they’re going to see, and get them excited about it. The night before we went into the exhibit we staged a little “Bring your Favorite Dino to Dinner” night. The type of dinosaur each child brought to the table decided what food he or she started with: salad for the herbivores, chicken for the meat eaters! We finished with dino cupcakes easy to make . and, you know, theyre cupcakes!
    • So my children were primed and ready for the following day’s special festivities

    • Get there early! At the end of the school year, field trips abound as they do, I’m certain, in the summer. Try and beat the busloads of school- and camp kids. The museum opens at 10am according to one of the museum volunteers, the first tour through the exhibit at 10:30 is the quietest.
    • Stay toward the back of the line. We went through the exhibit in a swarm, but it emptied out in about 15 min, when everyone was on line or in the dig. Had we been at the end of the entrance line, we would have had the luxury of lingering a bit longer on each segment.
    • Have your children wear bright clothes, possibly matching colors. The Sauropod exhibit is dimly lit, and bright clothes help you spot a kid in the crowd.
    • Pack lunch. The museum cafeteria has a wide range of options, many of them healthful, but the museum prices are Manhattan prices.

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