Dinosaur Books For Pre K

Dinosaur Kisses By David Ezra Stein

We Are the Dinosaurs | Kids Stories Read Aloud

This one is for the preschooler who has more in common with a newly-hatched T-Rex still discovering its feet. You know the kid Im talking about: the one who STOMPS! and WHOMPS! and does everything with so much enthusiasm!! However, they simply cannot master the delicate nature of a kiss. Yes, I was that kid and this book is perfect for kids just like me. It is all about a gorgeous little dinosaur who wants to try a kisswithout whomping, chomping, or stomping the other dino first! It is the sweetest and most innocent little dinosaur book! You will want to go around kissing everything afterwardor at least whomping, chomping, and stomping!!

Activity: You can make it with the dinosaurs kissing your books! Or you could make it with the dinosaurs WHOMPING the books. It is completely up to you. Okay, it is up to you AND your preschooler. These are, after all, dinosaur books for preschoolers .

Harry And The Dinosaurs And The Bucketful Of Stories Written By Ian Whybrow And Illustrated By Adrian Reynolds

This is NOT to be mistaken with the TV seriesThere is no jumping into a bucket or psychedelic rainbow rides. Instead, we have a sweet story about Harry, a preschooler who lives with his mum, sister, and Nan. When Harry discovers some old dinosaur toys hidden away in a dusty box in the attic, we have our first introduction to the magic of this book. The dinosaurs dont start talking to him straight away as my preschooler points out, Thats not how magic works, Mum. Harry has to earn their magic. They dont start talking to him until AFTER he cleans and fixes and takes care of them. Thats the real magic, Mum. Dont you know about dinosaur magic?

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There is a whole series of books but if youre looking for the best place to start, pick up Harry and the Dinosaurs and the Bucketful of Stories. There is also More Adventures with Harry and the Dinosaurs, with another fave five stories to read. And then there are a whole bunch of individual books, like Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleep-Over. Oh, and then there is a great little chapter book for when your preschooler moves on to primary school and thinks they arent allowed to be dinosaur-fans anymore but secretly they are still in love with dinosaurs and always jump at the opportunity to read to their little sisterOh, cmon! We all have kids like this, right? If so, then you need to buy Harry and the Dinosaurs Roar to the Rescue!

Books For Kids That Love Dinosaurs

Do you know a little person who is passionate about all things prehistoric? Help them learn their theropods from their sauropods with a fun dinosaur fact book or just let them stomp along with their favourite dino-loving characters.

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dinosaur by Rhiannon Fielding & Chris Chatterton

Theres a Rumble in this prehistoric jungle and this time its a little dinosaur who just cant seem to fall asleep! And who can blame Rumble? Therere erupting volcanos, a wild jungle to be explored and all other kinds of creatures to be seen. But after a while, all that adventuring does become quite tiring This gentle tale has been written specially to calm little ones down before bedtime.

Recommended reading age: 2-6 years old

Peppa Pig: George and the Dinosaur

Peppa Pigs younger brother George is obsessed with dinosaurs! And his friends Richard Rabbit and Edmond Elephant share his love. The trio are always hunting for fossils and bones although a sandpit is not the ideal place to hunt for prehistoric beasts But then George and his friends are taken on a fossil-hunting trip to the beach, and lo and behold George unearths an entire dinosaur!

Recommended reading age: 2-6 years old

The Dinos on the Bus by Peter Millett & Tony Neal

Recommended reading age: 2-6 years old

The Ladybird Big Book of Dead Things by Ned Hartley & Binny Talib

Recommended reading age: 6-10 years old

Ladybird Audio Adventures: Dinosaur Times

Recommended reading age: 4-7 years old

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Dinosaur Unit Ideas For Kindergarten And First Grade

Kids love dinosaurs! Everything about a dinosaur unit screams FUN. From making and studying fossils to erupting a volcano and discussing extinction theories, to reading about and comparing/ contrasting dinosaurs. I love using themed units across all content areas. It gives students a chance to connect and build upon learning throughout the day and weeks.

Here are some ideas for activities you can use in your kindergarten or first grade dinosaur unit! Make sure to scroll down for your dino-mite freebie too!

Dinosaur Literacy And Math Printables

15 of Our Favorite Dinosaur Books for Preschool

Each of these printable activities will immerse your kids in everything dinosaur. All while they also practice some number and word skills.

Dinosaur Beginning Sound Scavenger Hunt from Fantastic Fun and Learning Oh my word, adding dinosaur eggs takes this beginning sound dinosaur printable to the next level!

Dinosaur emergent reader from Fun-A-Day Reinforce colors and their names with this interactive printable emergent reader. There is a colorful version and a black-and-white version for the kids to color in themselves!

Dinosaur Picture-Word Cards by PreKinders There are so many ways to use these awesome dinosaur vocabulary cards! And I love that there are 2 sets for different levels one with longer words, and one with shorter words.

Pre-Writing Dinosaur Printable from Powerful Mothering Dinosaurs help kids build those pre-writing skills. These free printables work the hand muscles and strengthen hand-eye coordination.

Dinosaur Sequence Puzzle from No Time For Flashcards Such a cute and simple puzzle printable. Use at home or in the classroom to help your littles practice their number skills.

Dinosaur Counting Activity with Math Links from Books and Giggles An adorable hands-on dinosaur counting printable with options for those who arent quite ready for counting yet.

Dinosaur Play Dough Mats Free Printable from Fun-A-Day Use play dough to practice pre-writing skills and strengthen those fingers while learning about a variety of dinosaurs.

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First Dinosaur Encyclopedia By Dk First Reference

This book is part of the well-loved DK reference series. While not a read-aloud-style book, it has nearly 140 pages full of facts, stats, and gorgeous pictures. Its great for a child to explore independently or for the teacher to use a few pages during circle time.

Extending the Learning: Many cities have natural history museums with dinosaur fossils. Take a field trip if possible, and if not, take a virtual trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and explore from the classroom!

Dinosaur Activities To Do Alongside Reading These Books

What I love most about reading these books with our toddlers and preschoolers is being able to use them to springboard to doing some fun activities and crafts together. You can find all of our favourite easy, simple and fun dinosaur activities and crafts here!

Cerys Parker

Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you’ll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.

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Dinosaur A To Z By Roger Priddy

Besides 26+ pages of fascinating dinosaur info, this is a fantastic mentor text for writing informational alphabet books. It introduces one dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet. It also has informational text features like labels, size comparisons, pronunciation guides, and bolded text sprinkled throughout.

In this title, dinosaurs are organized by size, prompting plenty of great conversations about comparisons. This is the perfect series for introducing informational text features, too.

Dinosaur Bones By Bob Barner

Kids Book Read Aloud: NEVER LET A DINOSAUR SCRIBBLE by Diane Alber

A team of paleontologists are exploring an ancient riverbed. Suddenly they find themselves face to face with two enormous dinosaur skeletons! The discovery is even more amazing because both prehistoric creatures died at exactly the same time millions of years ago. But how did that happen?

Dinosaur Bones will delight young dinosaur enthusiasts with fun facts and a Dinometer in an engaging format that will help them connect science to everyday life.

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Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster By Matthew Mcelligott

Dr. Cosmic is not the average teacher! Students must make their way through a realistic dinosaur exhibit to find the class pet, Oscar the dinosaur.

This exciting graphic novel series opener stars Ronnie, a reluctant science student. She goes on an enlightening journey back in time with her retired paleontologist neighbor, Ms. Lernin.

The Most Fantastic Dinosaur Books For Preschool

Many preschoolers are enamored with all things dinosaurs, and it’s easy to see why! With fearsome roars and awe-worthy features like sharp teeth, long necks, and enormous wings, dinosaurs are often a gateway to introducing your child to fun and exciting STEM subjects like science.

If your preschool-aged child loves dinosaurs, this list of expert-chosen titles will entertain them while developing their key early reading skills. Use their favorite dino characters or introduce them to new ones to build a strong foundation for reading comprehension, reading stamina, and sight words. With bright illustrations, loveable characters, and easy-to-follow narratives, these dinosaur books are essential for your little reader’s library.

Encourage a love of reading with help from our guide, which includes book recommendations by interest, tips for getting your child to read for fun, and much more.

Shop the best books about dinosaurs for preschoolers below! You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store, where you will get free shipping on book-only orders over $25.

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How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight By Jane Yolen

This book explaining how dinos say goodnight is one of my favorite dinosaur books for preschoolers. Asking questions like, does a dinosaur slam his tail and pout? in response to the question of how dinosaurs say goodnight, its helped us with bedtime tantrums.

Its actually a series and has a version about friends, birthdays, Christmas, etc

Fun Dinosaur Books For Kids

Silly dinosaur books

Are dinosaurs a big hit with your children or students? This year I notice even more than usual, that during free play the dinosaur toys are chosen and well-loved! If kids develop a strong interest in something, I love taking it even further with great picture books and read alouds! These dinosaur books for kids are great for young researchers looking for dino facts, as well as children just interested in dinosaurs in general!

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+ Dinosaurs Books For Free

To continue expanding the topic options in our virtual library, we have created a collection of dinosaur books in PDF format. This in order to continue learning about these fascinating primitive reptiles that have stolen the attention of many for many years.

Prehistory is a very long period of time, in which dinosaurs starred a part. How they became extinct is not entirely proven, but it is believed to have been the crash of a meteorite into the Earth. With our compendium of books on dinosaurs you will be able to study this topic much more in depth.

The word dinosaur comes from the Greek deinos and sauros which means terrible lizard. Dinosaurs were reptiles that inhabited the Earth between the Upper Triassic period and the end of the Cretaceous period . Even so, they were not the first, as they were preceded by archosaurs.

Their origin was discovered from the finding of their fossils in excavations, and their direct ancestors were the thecodonts. In this sense, dinosaurs share a family with birds, flying reptiles and crocodiles.

They are divided into two groups: the saurischians and the ornithischians. The criterion for the division was the constitution of their hips. The former is similar to lizards and the latter to birds.

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs By Byron Barton

Bright illustrations and simple text make this book a favorite of early readers! The main text of the book is comprised of simple descriptions of dinosaurs. For the preschool dino experts , there is an illustrated list of popular dinosaurs with their names and pronunciations in the back of the book.

Extending the Learning: Make a volcano! Fill a cup halfway with water. Add 5 Tbsp baking soda and a squirt of dish soap. Red food coloring is a great addition as well. Then, slowly add 1 cup of white vinegar and watch it erupt in the classroom!

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The Dinosaur Expert By Margaret Mcnamara

Superstar teacher Mr. Tiffin is back! This time hes taking his class to the natural history museum. Budding paleontologist Kimmy feels dismayed by the male-dominated examples at the museum. When Mr. Tiffin points out a profile of Dr. Brandoni de Gasparini, her outlook changes. Back matter includes information about notable female paleontologists.

Dinosaurs On The Go Series By Penny Dale

DINOSAURS: all you need to know | Educational Videos for Kids

This series merges dinosaurs and other high-interest topics. Think farm vehicles, space exploration, construction, emergency rescue vehicles, pirate treasure, and more. We love them for working on print concepts and phonological awareness. Theyre also perfect for practice making inferences using pictures.

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Roaring Good Dinosaur Books For Preschoolers

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These dinosaur books for preschoolers are perfect if youve got a little dino lover in your house. From dinosaur stories to tell at bedtime to fun picture books to read to . The whole family will love these picks!

While Ryan might have seemingly hundreds of truck books, my other little guy is all about dinosaurs.

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You Can Be A Paleontologist By Scott D Sampson Phd

This book has a lovely question-and-answer style, making it great for circle time reading and individual exploration! Written by Dr. Scott Sampson, the host of a popular PBS television show, Dinosaur Train, the realistic photos and insets, along with the preschool-friendly text, captivates students and adults alike. A glossary in the back is excellent for more inquisitive learners.

Extending the Learning: Students can pretend to be paleontologists in the playground! Equip students with paintbrushes and shovels and let them explore in the dirt or sandbox to see what treasures they can uncover.

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Dinosaur Printable Emergent Reader

Are you looking for printable emergent readers for your dinosaur preschool theme? The predictable words in this book are designed to support your beginning readers. Use this book to reinforce concepts of print such as words are separated by spaces, left to right and top to bottom, written words match spoken words, common sight words, and more. This easy to assemble printable reader is offered in both black and white and color in the Dinosaur Literacy Packet.

Boy Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs Written By Kathleen V Kudlinski And Illustrated By Sdschindler

The Dinosaur Book Guide

And then there is the preschooler is knows more about dinosaurs than anyone else in your social circle. This is not helped by Granny Mac gifting them a book she pulled from a garage sale, dating back to the 1970s and referring to Brontosaurus. For those who are not four years old or a paleontologist or the parent of either of those, Brontosaurus is now believed to be an Apatosaurus mistakenly classified as a new species. It was the most famous dinosaur of all timeand not real. *sigh* See, paleontology is still a science there will be errors and we need to learn from them. Sometimes preschoolers need to be reminded of this, rather than seeing adults as useless idiots who fall into the valleys of ignorance. Thanks to Kudlinski and Schindler, we may have a chance of redeeming some pride in our parenting. I mean, at least we dont think of dinosaurs as magical dragons anymore, right? And this is why we have dinosaur books for preschoolers to read to their parents.

Activity: Build a potted dinosaur garden, with plants from the time of dinosaurs! Its a lot easier than you think. Youre looking for ferns and cycads . Small baby plants are best for a kids garden, and a lot more affordable. If you are after more direct instructions, check out my personal project with my four-year-old.

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Informational Books About Dinosaurs

Roar: A Dinosaur Tour by Michael Paul is a basic introduction to dinosaurs and some of their characteristics.

Dinosaur ABC by Priddy is chock full of dinosaur facts in manageable bites. The book also has an interesting feature that visually compares each prehistoric creature to the size of a human.

Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner can easily be adjusted depending on the attention span of your audience. Read the top section for a simple story about dinosaurs or delve into the supporting text for more information about their bones from their jaws to their tales.

Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton takes us into the job of a paleontologist.

Even preschoolers like touch and feel books and they will get to know all about dinosaurs in Touch and Explore Dinosaurs by Stephanie Babin.

Jerry Pallotta is famous for his alphabet books and he just happens to have one about dinosaurs. The Dinosaur Alphabet Book is full of information about dinosaurs. Learn all about the sizes of different dinosaurs as they are compared to animals and objects preschoolers will recognize. For example, a Stegosaurus weighed as much as three cows.

And, dont miss our Dinosaur Books for Toddlers too.

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