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  • construction paper or cardstock

The Set Up

One of the best parts about this dinosaur fine motor activity for toddlers is that there is very minimal prep work involved. Just prepare the paint on a tray, grab a paintbrush, and set up a washing station for later in the activity.This activity is play-based, easy to set up, and uses materials that you likely have already. So its a win-win-win!

Easy And Fun Dinosaur Activities For Preschoolers And Toddlers

by | Apr 16, 2021

There is just something about dinosaurs that appeals to children of all ages, but especially to preschoolers and toddlers. If your kids are anything like mine, you may often be scouring the internet for ideas, and while your kiddos may not be quite ready to study paleontology- they are certainly ready for some easy dinosaur activities!

I scoured the internet for you, to find the best of the best dinosaur activities for preschoolers, and with all of the choices, there is sure to be one that your budding paleontologist will love!

Whether youre looking for a quick and easy activity or one thats a little more in-depth, youll find plenty of ideas from dinosaur printables, dinosaur coloring pages, and dinosaur arts and crafts that are perfect for the youngest of artists. Just scroll down to see what dinosaur activities Ive gathered up for you!

Dinosaur Activities For Sensory Play

Excavation dinosaurs in different substances is such fantastic sensory play and weve shared a few over the years the first is some dinosaur bones and fossils in sand.

Have you used Kinetic Sand this Dinosaur Dig activity includes a recipe for your own to make and play with. We love the Tuff Spot that is used as there is just so many different uses for it.

This taste safe dinosaur sensory bin is perfect for toddlers that put everything in their mouths. They will love the vibrant colours and have fun with the kitchen utensils as well.

The kinetic sand in the Tuff spot was some sensory play on a grand scale but it doesnt have to be this small sensory tub based on the book Dinosaur Dig and using dinosaur skeletons is a lot of fun as well.

This dinosaur sensory tub combines different materials for some small world play as well as a sensory experience and again forms part of the storybook summer series and features a beautiful book too.

Use the Water Table to create your Dinosaur Small World and use simple nature materials in the play with the toy dinosaurs.

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Small World Dinosaur Play

A set of plastic dinosaurs will also offer your little ones the opportunity for dramatic play, just on a smaller scale. Perfect for rainy days indoors or move into the undergrowth outside to create a dino world with real vegetation. A fun dinosaur activity that engages and entertains for quite some time, this is a favorite of my preschooler and toddler if their dinosaurs are missing Im sure to find them outside in the garden somewhere!

Encourage Dinosaur Dramatic Play

Dinosaur Craft Ideas For 2 Year Olds

Toddlers and preschoolers love nothing better than getting into character so pretending to be a dinosaur is an activity in itself. Lots of the dinosaur crafts above provide the opportunity for dramatic play, once the craft is complete, but a dinosaur costume or two is sure to go down well too.

How about this fierce T Rex costume or maybe this friendly Stegosaurus one? This type of creative play helps build communication and is just plain fun for little kids.

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Edible Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

This activity is a great sensory exploration that kids can literally dig their hands into. What I love about this activity is that it it can easily be adjusted based on your childs interests or age level. Plus it doubles as a dessert! Win/win!

You can use your childs handprints for this adorable dinosaur activity for toddlers. Your kids will love tracing their hands and decorating their dinosaur creation. Have fun choosing different colors and styles.

Read Some Dinosaur Books

Books play an important role not just in classrooms, but also at home. They stimulate imagination, provide visual images and help diversify vocab and communication skills, laying the foundation for reading skills later in life.

To get you started, here are some best-selling dinosaur books for toddlers and preschoolers. If you have a dinosaur-obsessed youngster in your life, you cant go wrong with any of these!

5. We Love Dinosaurs

This book showcases the different types of dinosaurs tall and small, fast and slow and everything in between. Through gentle rhymes and colorful watercolor illustrations, this is a great introduction for your preschoolers to learn about the world of dinosaurs.

I consider these five books to be a must-have for your dinosaur collection. They all pose a perfect balance between education and entertainment each in their own unique way. Im confident that your little preschoolers will enjoy them Happy reading!

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Dinosaur Activities For Kids To Try

Shared by

Im sharing a round up of dinosaur activities for kids as part of the HOPE FOR HOPE. This blog hop was set up to honor a very special little girl. Her name is Savannah Hope, Heather of Crayon Box Chronicles daughter. While Ive never met the family, Heather is a blogging bud of mine. Ive been invested in Savannah Hopes story since Heather announced her pregnancy. Savannah was born on June 10, 2014 and has been fighting for her life ever since . I decided to focus on dinosaurs for more part of the HOP FOR HOPE because of all the fun dinosaur ideas found over at Crayon Box Chronicles.

5. Dinosaur Sensory Bin from Fantastic Fun and Learning

6. A Dinosaur Garden from Fun at Home with Kids

14. Ice Cream Excavation with Chocolate Dinosaur Fossils from LalyMom

15. Dinosaur Alphabet Match Up from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Im always looking for more dinosaur activities for kids to get into! If youre looking for more themed ideas, check out Fun-A-Days early childhood themes page!

Dont forget to check out the HOP FOR HOPEfor even more kids activities.

For more information about Savannah Hopes progress, please visit the . If youre interested in donating, please stop by the Prayers for Savannah Hope Fund. No matter what, THANK YOU for any kind thoughts you can send Savannah Hopes way!

Awesome Dinosaur Activities For Kids

Dinosaur Kids Games – Education Video for Children, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Do you have a little dinosaur lover at home? If so, theyll love these awesome dinosaur activities for kids!

Whether its printable dinosaur worksheets, sensory bins, crafts, or just some cool science experiments, weve got you covered.

And, of course, its not just for boys.

Girls will have a blast doing any and all of these activities too!

These dinosaur activities work for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary-aged students.

Read on below to see all the fun activities for kids you can plan for your family .

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Dinosaur Art Activities For Preschoolers

Here are some fun and easy art activities for preschoolers to enjoy, toddlers too. Crafting helps develop fine motor skills and encourages creativity throw in the dino element and these fun dinosaur arts and crafts will also encourage imaginative play any craft that doubles as a toy to be enjoyed for days to come is a double win!

Fun Dinosaur Activities For Preschoolers

Do you have a child who loves dinosaurs, but you arent sure what to add to your dinosaur activity time? Are you looking for new preschool activities with a dinosaur theme? We have spent some time enjoying fun dinosaur activities to learn more about the dinosaurs including real dinosaur footprints near our house. Check out our hands-on science, math, and literacy activities all with a dinosaur theme!

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Dinosaur Fine Motor Activities

Triceratops Nest: Dinosaur Dig. With this fun dinosaur activity your preschooler will dig for triceratops using their hands or tools such as a paint brush. This activity uses cloud dough so also doubles as a sensory activity.

Save the Dinosaurs by Our Hawaii Test Kitchen. This is a super simple fine motor activity. Simply tape some small dinosaur toys to a tray and invite your preschooler to save the dinosaurs by peeling off the tape.

Craft Stick Bridges for Dinosaurs by Hands On As We Grow. With a few craft items invite your preschooler to build some bridges for their dinosaur toys. This is a great fine motor activity as well as a simple STEM project.

Dinosaur Fine Motor Hunt by Best Toys 4 Toddlers. With this activity your preschooler will search the sand using a paint brush for the hidden dinosaurs. This is a fun activity to practice fine motor skills and for sensory play.

Dinosaur Fine Motor Activity by Powerful Mothering. Invite your preschooler to wrap up or save the dinosaurs with this simple fine motor activity. Youll need some plastic dinosaur toys and small rubber bands.

Dinosaur Literacy & Language Activities For Preschoolers

Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers

Learning about dinosaurs provides plenty of opportunities to enhance the literacy and language skills of young kids. If your toddler or preschooler is starting on letter recognition, D is for dinosaur is a must! Simply discussing and talking about dinosaurs will help increase their vocab and improve communication and the activities below provide some ideas on how to do this.

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Making Your Easy Dinosaur Craft

Both girls were excited to see the dinosaur shape sitting out on our craft table, and they started painting right away.

Once their dinosaurs were dry I set out the googly eyes, sequins, and glitter glue for the girls to begin decorating their dinosaurs.

Squeezing the glue bottle and pinching those little sequins and googly eyes are both terrific ways for toddlers to strengthen fine motor skills.

Tinker was especially proud of her finished dinosaur.

Lovey decided the dinosaurs needed a sparkly home to live in, so she decided that will be her next project. I love to see her coming up with her own creative ideas!

Below are some of our favorite dinosaur books.

More Dinosaur Fun on Fantastic Fun and Learning

Whats In The Printable Pdf File

The dinosaur matching game features six different dinosaurs: a blue ankylosaurus, a red tyrannosaurus, a green spinosaurus, a purple archaeopteryx, a gray apatosaurus, and a yellow compsognathus.

Ive included three different versions of matching cards: One with the color names, one with the dinosaur names, and one with both the color names and the dinosaur names.

Youll probably want to stick to one set of cards for younger toddlers, but you can definitely mix and match once your kids are up for it. N didnt really see a difference between the different sets.

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Free Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages With Names

These free printable dinosaur coloring pages with names are perfect for your dino-loving little one. There are nine popular dinos with two different poses for each one for plenty of coloring fun! You can choose the names in bubble letters for coloring or in a dotted font for handwriting practice. Whichever you choose- your little one is sure to love this dinosaur activity for preschoolers!

/ Activity 5 Make A Dinosaur Dig

Dinosaur Journal Project Share for my 2-year Old Nephew, Altered Notebook Ideas


This is a brilliant sensory activity and is very simple to set up. All you need is kinetic sand and plastic dinosaur skeletons. Bury the dinosaur bones, then invite your preschooler to uncover them using only the bristles and handle of a paintbrush or toothbrush.

After the bones have been excavated, you can work with your young scientist to identify the dinosaur.

Kids can also experiment with creating impression fossils with the toy dinosaur bones. For a more advanced fine motor workout, give your child a pair of tongs for removing the dinosaur bones from the sand.

Here are some other ideas for play with them once you have found the bones

  • Count the dinosaur bones.
  • Sort the bones by size, shape, or colour
  • Re-bury them and hunt again!

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Do You Know A Kid Who Loves Dinosaurs

Did you know that Dinosaurs are the second most popular interest in pre-schoolers across the world? Well who can blame them? We all love a good ROAR!!!!

If you want to know why kids love Dinosaurs so much then read here

But if you just want to keep your Dinosaur obsessed kid busy for a while then check out these brilliant Dinosaur activities.

Dinosaur Washing Fine Motor Activity

February 22, 2022 by Lauren Vaughan

The dinosaur lovers in your life will love this paint, wash, and play activity that also works fine motor skills. This dinosaur activity for toddlers is perfect for anyone who loves to play with water AND paint! Check it out, and then dont miss the rest of our dinosaur activities!

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Dinosaur Gross Motor Activities

Dinosaur Stomp: A Prehistoric Kindergarten Homeschool Project. Make some coffee can stilts and invite your preschooler to stomp around the yard just like a dinosaur. Its a classic childhood craft project and great for gross motor skills.

Dinosaur Gross Motor Movement Ideas by Pink Oatmeal. Print off these dinosaur themed gross motor movement cards and use them to take a brain break and get the wiggles out. They are the perfect addition to any dinosaur preschool unit plan.

Dinosaur Toss by Mess for Less. Practice tossing and skipping with your preschooler by playing this dinosaur toss game in the backyard! Youll need some rocks, sidewalk chalk and blue painters tape.

Dinosaur Stomp Song by Lets Play Kids Music. Listen to these dinosaur songs for kids while you stomp around the room like dinosaurs. This is a great way to incorporate music and movement into your homeschool or classroom.

Stomping Dinosaur Gross Motor Dice by 3 Dinosaurs. Print out these dinosaur gross motor dice and play a round of Stomping Dinosaurs with your preschoolers. Its a fun way to practice gross motor skills as well as following directions.

Dinosaur Art & Crafts Activities

Dinosaur activities for toddlers 2 and 3 year olds easy fun

5 Minute Dinosaur Crafts for Kids: Bobbling Dinosaur Hat. Preschoolers will love making and wearing this fun dinosaur hat! All you need is some paint, paper plates and construction paper.

Stamped Dinosaur Art with Duplo by Stay at Home Educator. Stamped Duplo bricks make the perfect texture for some dinosaur art! For this craft youll need some paint, Duplo bricks and the printable black line dinosaur templates.

Dinosaur Process Art Project at Rainy Day Mum. Painting with plastic toy dinosaurs is a great open-ended, process art project for preschoolers. Youll need some toy dinosaurs, paint and paper.

Dinosaur Handprint Art by Simple Everyday Mom. This adorable dinosaur handprint art can be used to decorate a childs bedroom or the classroom. Youll need some paint and a white canvas to make this keepsake art project.

Tape Resist Dinosaur Bone Painting by Pink Stripy Socks. After showing your preschooler some dinosaur fossils, make these tape resist dinosaur bone paintings. Youll need the printable dinosaur outlines, tape and paint.

So there you have it, 25 dinosaur activities for preschoolers incorporating fine motor skills, gross motor skills, math, literacy, art and more! I hope these hand-on dinosaur activities have inspired you to have fun learning about dinosaurs with your young scholars!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Developing Fine Motor Skills

What are some fine motor activities for toddlers?

There are a number of excellent activities for developing fine motor skills, such as using tongs to transfer foam blocks or adding beads to a pipe cleaner. Building block towers, peeling stickers, scribbling with a crayon, and even feeding themselves are all ways that children practice strengthening their hand muscles. Remember, always be mindful and aware of choking hazards when using small items with young children.

How can I improve my toddlers fine motor skills?

Invite your toddler to help you turn the pages of a book as you read or place loose cereal on the table for him/her to pick up with their pincer grasp. Utilize playdough to naturally strengthen the arches of the hands and invite toddlers to roll, shape, pinch, and squeeze the playdough as they enjoy

What are fine motor skills a two-year-old should be able to do?

Some fine motor skills a two-year-old should be able to do include: build block towers consisting of up to 9 blocks, scribble with art materials, use a fork to feed independently, string large beads, draw circles and lines, and put on some clothing items with adult support. These are just some of the fine motor skills that a two year will be developing. Check out other toddler and preschool milestones for a more comprehensive and detailed list.

Dinosaur Toy For 3 Year Old

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