Best Dinosaur Museum In California

Dinosaur Museum In The Us Dinosaur Discovery Site At Johnson Farm St George Utah

Dinosaurs arrive in San Diego for Natural History Museum exhibit in 1986

Dinosaur Discovery Site is a must see attraction and it is one of the best dinosaur museums for kids. It features real dinosaur tracks , bones, and fossils. It is amazing how many tracks have been preserved and what they can tell you about the life of dinosaurs. There are running tracks, sitting tracks and even baby tracks . Young paleontologists can participate in a site-wide scavenger hunt to discover prehistoric life and get a prize at the end.

One room in the museum is devoted to a very unique exhibit: origami dinosaurs. One of the museum employees hobby is making origami and he is quite a pro. His creations are amazing to look at but in addition to just observing, you can try creating an origami creature yourself. Instructions are provided.

After exploring the museum, kids can run off steam at a dinosaur themed playground.

St. George, Utah is easy to visit from Las Vegas, which is only about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive away. For more things to do with family in Las Vegas, please check out my article 10 Best Road Trips from Las Vegas.

Deep History Coast Norfolk Uk

Great Britain was once an abundant oasis for dinosaurs and it’s thought that more than 100 different species once roamed the isle. Offering a piece of history dating back millions of years, the Deep History Coast in Norfolk is the perfect place to go hunting for fossils. Cromer Museum houses a fantastic fossil collection, but those wanting to get their hands dirty can head to the beaches at West Runton and Sheringham to see what can be unearthed from their rockpools.

University Of California Museum Of Paleontology At Berkeley

If you live in Northern California or youre plan on visiting, you might want to plan around the University of California Museum Of Paleontology at Berkeleys annual Cal Day in April. This is the largest collection of paleontology artifacts amongst university museums worldwide. The collection includes dinosaur bones and skulls, and a full-sized T-Rex skeleton. If an April trip is not in the cards, the universitys Valley Life Sciences Building is home to many fossils, skulls, as well as the T-Rex skeleton, and is free.

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Universal Orlando Resort Florida Usa

Universal Orlando Resort in Florida takes dinosaurs very seriously, housing an array of dino-related activities. While Universal’s Islands of Adventure boasts the Raptor Encounter, where you can get up close with this fearful predator, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center is packed with incredible exhibits for the whole family. Visitors can marvel at T. rex fossils and see dinosaur eggs in the nursery, where a baby Velociraptor might just hatch before your eyes…

Museum Of The Rockies Montana

Cabazon Dinosaurs  Cabazon, California

Montana is that place up north in the west where ranches abound and incredible fossils of dinosaurs are found. The Museum of the Rockies is a reflection of all the incredible finds from the area and around the country, all curated in one incredible dinosaur museum.

Step foot into their Siebel Dinosaur Complex and explore dinosaur exhibits like Dinosaurs Under The Big Sky and Landforms/Lifeforms. From those displays, youll meet an impressive T. rex sculpture named Big Mike and an Allosaurus named Big Al. Theres a lot to do and a lot of dinosaurs to meet in this dinosaur attraction!

  • Tickets: starts at $14.50 , $9.50
  • Operating Hours: 9 AM 4 PM, Daily
  • Location: 600 W. Kagy Blvd. Bozeman, MT 59717
  • Phone Number: 404-994-2251

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Natural History Museum: Paris France

The Natural History Museum has 14 sites around France, with 4 situated in Paris. The museum is the third-largest collection of specimens in the world, with about 62 million in reserve.

There are many dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals to be found at the Natural History Museum, and the vast array of animals represented will be sure to satisfy the most curious paleontologist-in-training!

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American Museum Of Natural History New York Usa

No trip to New York City would be complete without a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. Founded in 1869, the impressive institution boasts one of the greatest fossil collections in the world. The museum runs self-guided tours of its renowned dinosaur exhibits, which include a 122-foot-long titanosaur and the nearly complete T. rex skeleton, recovered from Big Dry Creek in Montana in 1908. T. rex: The Ultimate Predator is also running until March 2021.

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Arizona Museum Of Natural History Arizona

Go on an adventure in paleontology in Phoenixs sole natural history museum, the Arizona Museum of Natural History. This must-see dinosaur museums Dinosaur Mountain lets guests experience a realistic Mesozoic Era set-up with animatronic dinosaurs who are the stars of the show. It even has a waterfall and live-action flash flood effects every 30 minutes for a realistic dinosaur world experience!

Another one of its dinosaur exhibits is the Dinosaur Hall where fossils of a variety of dinosaurs like theropods and sauropods will grace you with their presence. You and your family will have fun in Arizona when you visit their museum of natural history.

  • Tickets: starts at $6.50 , $3.50
  • Operating Hours: 10 AM 4 PM, Thursday to Saturday 12 NN 4 PM Sunday
  • Location: 53 N. Macdonald, Mesa, AZ 85201
  • Phone Number: 408-644-2230

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Universals Islands Of Adventure

San Diego Natural History Museum paleontologist celebrates Dinosaur Day

There may not be any dinosaur fossils at Universal Orlandos Islands of Adventure, but there is an entire land dedicated to the film that probably got you hooked on dinos in the first place. The Jurassic Park area of the theme park is made to feel like the real thing with rides, food, and the iconic Jurassic Park gates. If youre more of a Jurassic World person, you can stay in a Jurassic World suite at Loews Royal Pacific Resort and sleep in a replica gyrosphere bed.

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Crystal Palace Dinosaurs London Uk

An important part of Victorian history, the dinosaur sculptures in Crystal Palace Park have been in situ since 1854. The large-scale installations were created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, a natural history sculptor, and it’s reputed that Queen Victoria visited the site numerous times. Despite only a handful of more than 30 statues being technically accurate, this fun-filled and historic park represents the world’s first ever attempt to model these incredible extinct creatures.

University Of California Valley Life Sciences Building

The UC Museum of Paleontology is primarily a research museum and so its collections are only open to the public during their annual open house on Cal Day. But you can visit the T. rex, Pteranodon, and triceratops skeletons for free any time the Valley Life Sciences Building is open. Building hours change during holidays and summer, but generally follow the hours of the Bioscience & Natural Resources Library. Try making a half-day out of it and explore all that the Cal campus has to offer.Price: Free

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Badlands Dinosaur Museum Dickinson Museum Center North Dakota

The Badlands Dinosaur Museum houses an impressive collection of fossils and minerals that will surely pique your curiosity. Impressive skeletons of the stegosaurus, allosaurus, and triceratops are among the many youll get to see in their dinosaur exhibit.

If youre looking for a T. rex, theyve got that too! Fossil replicas of a T. rexs skull and legs are up on display. You can also check out the museums latest dinosaur discoveries at their preparation lab so you can stay in the know.

Other activities like an augmented reality sandbox and a family area are available in the museum that will surely make for a productive day when you visit this dinosaur museum.

  • Tickets: starts at $6
  • Operating Hours: 9 AM 5 PM, Monday to Saturday
  • Location: 188 Museum Drive East Dickinson, ND 58601
  • Phone Number: 701-456-6225

Cabazon Dinosaurs: The Biggest Dinosaur In The World


The famous Cabazon Dinosaurs are something that almost everyone has seen in one way or the other. They have been featured in everything from music videos to Pee Wees Big Adventure, and if you live in Southern California, there isnt much chance that you havent driven by them at least once on the way to Palm Springs or Arizona. According to the dinosaurs website, over 12 million people drive by them every year. If you havent stopped, then next time you go by, you should.


  • Free to visit, $13 to enter the dino park and climb up the T Rex .
  • You can see the dinosaurs from the freeway while driving past Cabazon.


The history of the dinosaurs is as follows:

The dinosaurs were built over 30 years ago. The apatosaurus took eleven years to build and is one of the biggest dinosaurs in the world. The belly of the dinosaur hosts an awesome store with something for everyone. The T-Rex, affectionately known as Mr. Rex, took seven years to build, and you can climb right up into its head if you feel so inclined.

The dinosaurs are free to admire, but it does cost if you want to go in the T Rex . The apatosaurs has a full gift shop inside his belly, which is fun for kids to explore and doesnt cost anything to enter. There is everything from old cavemen to toys inside.

The Dinosaur Museum

As you proceed, you will see the T-Rex in the distance, which is your ultimate goal.

Here is a video of my time exploring the Cabazon Dinosaurs.

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Cretaceous Park Sucre Bolivia

Known for its snow-capped mountains and glasslike lakes, Bolivia boasts a distinctive terrain that spans the Andes Mountains. In 1994 an incredible discovery was made by miners working in a quarry on the outskirts of Sucre. The Cal Orcko limestone quarry wall was almost a mile long and featured over 5,000 footprints from over 150 different species of dinosaurs, including the world’s only prints of a baby T. rex. Today, the fossils reside inside Cretaceous Park, which is open for guided tours.

Cal Academy Of Sciences

The iconic T Rex at the entrance of the Cal Academy is an excellent way to start your day off at this beloved bay area museum. There are also tons of other types of fossils and skeletons in the Naturalist Center on the second floor to further excite your little paleontologist.Price: Age 2 and under are FREE Youth -$27.75 Adult -$35.50Location: 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118Hours: MondaySaturday: 9:30 am5 pm Sunday: 11 am5 pm

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Final Tips For Visiting

  • If you are visiting with young kids you may want to take your own stroller as you will not be able to rent them at the moment.
  • Go early in the day as it gets busy. In the summer months it can also get very hot so it may be better to do the Badlands Interpretive Trail first to avoid the midday heat.
  • Discounts make sure to check here to see if you are eligible for discounted or free entry.

Additional Tips For Visiting Dinosaur Museums And Attractions In The Us

Cabazon Dinosaurs | Museum Park with Model Dinosaurs in Southern California

For my California travel friends, here is a map for a great road trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles showing dinosaur attractions in California that I described in this article (click on the image below to go to the actual Google Map with details:

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Isle Of Wight England Uk

Nicknamed the Dinosaur Island, the Isle of Wight is one of the richest areas for dino discoveries in all of Europe. In fact, evidence of over 25 species has been found here. Positioned off the south coast of Britain, dinosaur bones and relics are regularly discovered along the islands 57-mile shore and there are plenty of places to see them, including Compton and Brook beaches. The Dinosaur Isle Museum takes care of the areas geological finds and runs regular expert-led fossil hunts advance booking is advised.

Denver Museum Of Nature And Science Denver Colorado

best dinosaur museum

Denver Museum of Nature and Science is one of the top dinosaur museums in the United States. The museum has a vast collection of fossils and artifacts from all over the world, and its a great place to learn about the history of dinosaurs. The museum is also home to one of the worlds largest indoor exhibits, which features more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs.

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Where To Find Dinosaurs In The East Bay

Does it feel like youre always digging for dinosaurs? If you have a dino-crazy kiddo, youll want to check out our list of places to find everything from dinosaur-themed playgrounds to full-size fossils and skeletons. Keep this list in your back pocket when you need to inspire motivation to leave the house for your next expedition.

Best Places To See Dinosaurs And Fossils In Orange County

Top 5 Dinosaur Attractions in Southern California

Starting at Sheep Hills Parks, go on a fossil hunting adventure with your kids. Then take a 45-minute easy walk through the green hills where families can hunt for marine fossils .

The Transportation Corridor Agencies Irvine and San Clemente

The Toll Roads offices in Irvine and San Clemente house some of the more spectacular fossils found during construction of the toll roads throughout Orange County.

The City of Laguna Hills Community Center Laguna Hills

The City of Laguna Hills Community Center and Sports Complex were built on one of the richest fossil sites in the United States. The community center offers 3 programs for the public.

Free audio tours of its extensive fossil display.

Bowers Museum Kidseum Santa Ana

At the Bowers Kidseum, children can explore several interactive, hands-on exhibits focused on world cultures and art. There are many opportunities to create art, do an archeological fossil dig, time travel through space and more. Kidseum is geared towards preschool and elementary school-aged children.

Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center Newport Beach

Concourse Park Lake Forest

Dino Days at the Nature Park Lake Forest, CA

The Cooper Center Fullerton

The Childrens Museum of La Habra La Habra

Foothill Ranch Kaiser Permanante Foothill Ranch

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Berkeleys Specimen Affectionately Named Osborn Is About 90% Complete

The Cretaceous periods most famous predator is just across the bay at UC Berkeley in the Valley Life Sciences Building. It has proudly stood on the buildings ground floor since 1995, when a team of professors, sculptors, and undergraduate researchers carefully constructed it piece by piece.

According to the University of California Museum of Paleontology, rancher Kathy Wankel discovered the T. rex skeleton in 1988 on the shores of Fort Peck Lake in Montana.

Tyrannosaurus rex existed between 65 and 85 million years ago, so its very difficult to find a fossil thats not missing a large amount of bones. The 15-20 other skeletons around the country range from 10-80% complete, but UC Berkeleys T. rex specimen is about 90% complete, only missing a few bones from the tail.

Matt Smith of Livingston, Montana created casts of the fossils, which were then shipped to the university in a 12-foot wooden crate. The UC Berkeley research team painstakingly washed, painted, cut, drilled and mounted them to create the skeleton, which stands at about 15 feet tall and 40 feet long. The original fossils are still in Montana at the Museum of the Rockies.

The university team consulted with expert sculptors from Industrial Light and Magic to achieve its active pose, and its supported by a steel armature in the event of an earthquake.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Wales Uk

Well worth a visit for the sheer beauty of the landscape, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales is also home to its fair share of fossils. Proving that bigger isnt always better, this strip of British coastline boasts thousands of tiny graptolites frozen in its ancient rocks, many of which can be found on Abereiddy Bay beach. These minute creatures actually predate dinosaurs and existed over 400 million years ago. The perfect place to head for a spot of fossil hunting, the area’s spectacular coastal path is not to be missed.

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Dinosaur Attraction Dinosaur Tracks Tuba City Arizona

A huge number of early Jurassic dinosaur tracks can be found In between HW-89 and Tuba City, AZ off HW 160. They are located roughly 5 miles East of HW-89 when you are driving towards Tuba City. Typically there is a Navajo Nation representative at the parking lot who will show you the tracks for a small fee. If there is no one there you can find the tracks yourself they are located right behind the parking lot, on the left side.

There are very many different tracks here: standing dino, walking dino, mom and a baby dino it is really fun to find them all!

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