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Buried Treasure Fossils offers a fantastic collection of Cretaceous and Jurassic dinosaur fossils for sale from the US and Morocco. Fossil remains include well preserved teeth, bones, and claws, and are highly valued by collectors. These top quality specimens were all legally collected from private lands in the northwestern US and Morocco. All are authentic dinosaur fossils and legally collected from private land! US Dinosaurs – items are being added to the catalogs starting with Tyrannosaurus rex teeth, Nanotyrannus teeth, and many more species. All Moroccan dinosaur teeth catalogs are updated including Carcharodontosaurus teeth, Spinosaurus teeth, Raptor teeth, and Pterosaur teeth. Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.

Arent Dinosaur Fossils Really Rare How Are Some Dinosaur Fossils Sold So Cheaply

Some dinosaur fossils are extremely rare, while some fossils are fairly common. Complete dinosaur skeletons can occasionally fetch millions of dollars, because it is rare to find articulated dinosaurs and it costs a lot of money to collect and prepare a skeleton. On the other hand some dinosaur teeth can be fairly plentiful because dinosaurs shed their teeth frequently, teeth preserved well, and the cost to collect/prepare them is much less than bones. So, believe it or not, its possible to buy a real Spinosaurus tooth for as cheap as $20.

Why Fossils For Sale

I never bought or sold a fossil until I came late into the Solnhofen area. There it changed. You hope you find all these amazing fossils. But easier said than done. You always find something and if you live there and be able to go out every free day, you have a small collection after years. But in reality, Solnhofen fossils are scarce.

Even quarry workers, that break the Solnhofen Limestone every day by hand, dont make finds every day. In the Barrandium of the Czech Republic you might find a Trilobite big or small in a days work, if you already spent time to figure out for years, where to look. In France you can find mostly the small Ammonites. Therefore if you want to built a nice collection representing the finest specimen you might have to buy them besides digging. I always like to go and see where the fossils come from and learn about them. Here on I invite you to get started or stocked up with real, rare and authentic and quality fossils for sale.

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Authentic And Quality Fossils For Sale

Its my goal to offer real fossils for sale from different parts of the world and from some of the most sought after areas. It is my mission to provide collectors with a convenient way to acquire these authentic and quality fossils for sale.

Fossilcave is born out of passion for fossils. I was born and grew up in Germany. At the age of twelve I found my first fossils. They where some tiny Brachiopodes and a small Cephalopod from the Swedish Ordovician on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Growing up reading fossil books, I would go out and discover more and more fossils from different locations all over Europe. Most of these locations I visited frequently.

Today many of these locations are not accessible anymore. Quarries stopped producing, filled with water and grew back into nature or became protected areas. But there are always new quarries besides the still existing ones.

Dinosaur Fossils For Sale

1.82"  Spinosaurus Tooth

Amazing Relics features authentic dinosaur fossils from private collections that are meticulously restored with as little alteration to the fossils as possible. All of the dinosaur fossils for sale on Amazing Relics website are being sold for the first time and include authentic dinosaur bones, teeth, and claw fossils.

We carry some of the most sought after dinosaur fossils with little to no restoration, resulting in the most authentic and aesthetically pleasing dinosaur fossils on the private market. Shop for Authentic T. Rex fossils or other unique fossils that make great collectibles that will appreciate in value for years to come.

Legal Collection of Dinosaur Fossils

All of our dinosaur fossils are legally acquired from some of the top dinosaur quarries around the world including both Hell Creek Montana, the La Brea Tar Pits of California and the Kem Kem beds. We source our dinosaur fossils directly, allowing for unmatched accuracy and authenticity in our listings.

Dinosaur Fossil Authenticity Guarantee

Authenticity is a huge deal in the community of fossil collectors and traders. The goal here at Amazing Relics is to make it easier for the average person to purchase authentic dinosaur fossils without worrying about authenticity or description accuracy.

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Dinosaur & Reptile Fossils For Sale

Collectors of dinosaur fossils are a loyal and passionate bunch! Dinosaurs are unlike anything that survives today making them virtually, a mythical beast of the past. Because of their uniqueness and many of the mysteries that still remain unanswered in science, dinosaur fossils have a strong following with fossil collectors. Just as dragons were fascinating legends in older times, even today, we still hold on to those legends in our fascination with dinosaurs as being real-life dragons that actually, once did live!

Like sharks, dinosaurs were constantly replacing their teeth over their lifetime. Older teeth would be pushed out of the jaw as new teeth would grow and emerge. This process happened throughout the life of the dinosaur. Because of this and the fact that dinosaur teeth are the most durable of all dinosaur fossils, the teeth are the most common fossils they left behind. Each dinosaur that once lived produced hundreds of teeth but obviously, had only one skeleton. This makes dinosaur fossil bones much more scarce in comparison. Bone is also more difficult to preserve than a tooth so fossil bones are far less in numbers that fossil teeth. The same goes for fossil dinosaur claws.

We offer numerous AUTHENTIC dinosaur fossils for sale all prepared by us, in our on-site lab just like every major museum does. This is important because in doing so, we can ensure their authenticity and nature of all work performed in the process. Every dinosaur fossil we sell includes a

Is It Legal To Buy & Own Dinosaur Fossils

Yes, individuals can legally purchase and own dinosaur fossils provided they were legally collected and can be legally sold. For dinosaur fossils found within the United States this means they must have been collected from private land with the land owners permission. Other countries have their own laws pertaining to the collection and legal exportation of fossils. We follow and assure that our suppliers are following all applicable laws and regulations. We have an established network of field collectors and preparation labs which we buy dinosaur fossils from. This allows us to acquire high quality material directly from the source and establish provenance. We guarantee the authenticity of all of the fossils that we sell.

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The Only Real Specialist A Certified Paleontologist In Charge

Many turn their hobby into business, they have an online store or sell in eBay. While that can be commendable, it cant compare with a real expert, with years of academic formation, supervised field work experience, trained in the art of correct identification, detection of fakes, and a solid network of other accredited paleontologists to consult with.

The key facts are being able to guarantee:Proper Fossil ID Accurate Scientific Description Lifetime Warranty

We do that, and in addition we provide a state-of-the-art uniquely numbered, 24/7 online verifiable, hologram-secured Certificate of Authenticity with all the specimens. It is a lifetime warranty: if new discoveries are made that modify the classification of the specimen or there is any inaccuracy, we will re-issue the certificate. On top of that, a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case you simply change your mind: no questions asked.

How Often Do You Add More Dinosaur Fossils For Sale


We add new listings to the website on a daily basis. High demand material sell extremely fast so we recommend setting up a customizable email alert if there is something you are looking for. When and what material comes available depends mostly on the collection and preparation schedule of our suppliers. For example they are out in the field much of the summer, and typically dont get a lot of new material prepared during that time.

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Authentic Cretaceous And Jurassic Dinosaur Teeth For Sale

Dinosaur Fossils for Sale

If you’re shopping around for dinosaur fossils for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the online home of Buried Treasure Fossils. Here you can browse and buy an exceptional selection of bony antiquities.

What is a fossil?

It depends on who you ask. A collector may tell you that dinosaur fossils for sale are amazing artifacts from a prehistoric world. Paleontologists at Idaho State University explain more scientifically. There are two kinds of fossils as well as two ways that fossils are made. Body fossils are the mineralized remains of plants or animals that lived and died in the geologic past. Trace fossils such as dinosaur tracks are stony indicators that long-ago life was present at a particular place and time. Bodies and traces may be preserved with or without alteration. Non-alteration modes of preservation include mummification and freezing. Shells remains are also considered unaltered fossils. According to ISU, preservation modes that do alter remains include permineralization and carbonization. Fossils are clues that paleontologists use to learn about animals that have gone extinct. Fossil remains such as dinosaur bones, teeth, and tracks offer fantastic evidence of life on earth long before there were humans to write history. Everything that scientists know about dinosaurs comes from fossil records, explains the American Museum of Natural History.

Moroccan dinosaurs represented in our collection include:

  • Carcharodontosaurus

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